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Continued Series

Agent of the Sway: Departure - Part Five

"They have to reach Terror Mountain in one piece. Just... Try to do it without us getting shot down, yes?"

by herdygerdy
Children of the Lonely Stars: Part Nine

"Heave-and-ho and turn the wheel,

Hull of iron and sails of steel,

Shining bright in the frozen night,

On to find the morning!"

by saphira_27

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Part Six

"Yeah. Let's see if there are any hidden panels or something. There's a reason Hanso gets out so easily."

by dogz_rock_98
Worth Searching For: Part Five

"Wake up," Isengrim said, gently shaking her shoulder. "It is time for the feast in your honour."

by cosmicfire918
The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Five

"Know them?" he said. "One of them is like a sister to me, and the other is the bravest shop assistant I have ever met."

by 2_andromeda_8
The Lonely Stranger: Part Five

Virtupets Space Station. It was as busy as ever.

by aircraftcarriers
Full Moon: Part Four

"I think it's related to the spell's potency," Aber interjected. "When it gets to zero-"

"We either get vaporised or released," Galadorith snapped...

by xxskyisfallingxx

The Obsidian Sword: An Unusual Quest - Part Three

She gives a tinkling laugh. "I forget your mortal eyes aren't as strong as ours. Just a moment."

by lizzy_beth_750551
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Missing - Part Four

"How about we go down this way?" the alien Aisha asked.

Jane and I looked down the stairwell. We were unsure if we should go down there. It seemed pretty dark.

by chasing_stars44

The Necromancer: Part Three

"Well, Commissioner," Assander began coolly, "I take it you will be investigating this case personally. It seems a little over the heads of the detectives..."

by jokerhahaazzz
One Shred of Light: Part Two

"I don't know what to say, really," Fiona replied. "It just happened, without warning or provocation."

by kristykimmy
Costume Wars: Part Two

"Where'd they go?" Hannah sighed in defeat as the three came to rest in front of three poorly dressed and poorly posed mannequins. "They couldn't have gone very far!"

by melina322
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Last Minute Style

Happy Halloween! The night of fright is finally upon us. By the time this edition of the Neopian Times finds its way into the majority of paws it's likely most Neopets will be dressed for their Halloween festivities. These Neopets may have spent weeks searching out and saving up for the perfect outfit. They've waited anxiously for this night for a long time and well prepared. This article is not for those Neopets; this article is for Neopians who want to engage in Halloween activities but haven't had the time...

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The Way Out
"Soph?" The voice was right outside the door, too. "Are you in there? You can come out now, it's gone."

She didn't move an inch. A few heartbeats' silent wait, then the doors were wrenched open.

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New Holiday Proposals!
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Random Oddness - Halloween
Immoral, but it works.

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Who cares about a party?

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