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Trick-or-Treat: An Acquired Taste

by lunafaeire


It's Halloween! As Neopians scurry around Haunted Woods going door-to-door asking for treats, let us take a closer look at ten spooky foods that leave us wondering: "What is even in this!?"

It is a known fact that Haunted Woods is famous for many things including (but not limited to!) the Brain Tree, the Esophagor, and the Spooky Food Shop. On any given day, the Spooky Food Shop has its shelves filled to the brim with a variety of pretty spooky treats. But even "spooky" has different levels.

Take the mildly spooky Mummified Ice Cream, for example. This belongs to the first level on the spookiness scale. It's just a regular old ice cream wrapped in mummification bandage - not overly spooky, even a young baby Xweetok can handle this (and that's saying something because baby Xweetoks are pretty wimpy!). Then we have something just slightly spookier that belongs to the second level on the spookiness scale - the Deviled Steak. The only thing that makes this spookier is the fact that it is such a rare steak that it's still alive and can fly away by simply flapping its wings. From here, we get to the third level of spookiness. These are the food with body parts used as an ingredient. If you fancy an eyeball, the Spooky Shop offers a good variety for the picky eater. Pickled eyeballs, Chilled Eyeball Custard, Mashed Eye Potato, Jellied Eyeballs, and Slime Sundae (topped with a crunchy eyeball). The only thing you need to get past is the eyeball staring right at you as you devour your spooky treat.

Those were some spooky examples, but did you know that there is a FOURTH level on the spookiness scale? This article will focus on ten spooky treats that belong to this category and is introduced in no particular order.


Spyder Eggs: This spooky food consists of eggs and live Petpet Spyders. The spooky thing about this delicacy is the actual Spyders that is used in the dish. You might want to make sure Fido the zombie spyder hasn't "run away" from home... What makes Neopians want to even try this dish is the fact that it is a gourmet food item whipped up by a Neopia-Famous Chef (no names mentioned!).

Jelly Finger: This is another gourmet food item that is often eaten as a dessert. It may not look like much, because you're probably thinking: "It's just a jelly finger. They used a mould to form the shape and it's probably raspberry flavoured, anyway!" - WRONG. Although the Jelly Finger is a pretty delicious treat, traces of Spoppy hairs have been found within the Jelly Finger. Why would an artificial finger made of jelly contain hair from a Petpet? Well, I'm pretty sure you know the answer but you just don't want to admit it. So let's just "pretend" that it IS just a regular dessert - nothing to worry about.

Snorkle Snout: This dish isn't a gourmet food and is frankly not the best tasting item in Neopia. (Let's just say, a certain Snorkle needed to blow his nose - badly!) I'm sure you're hoping there isn't a snoutless Snorkle running amuck in the Haunted Woods at this very moment that you are sitting in your Neohome reading this article. No, don't worry. The rest of the Snorkle is doing just fine...

Snorkle Pudding: There we go! The Haunted Woods is known for not letting ANY food go to waste. You want to eat the snout? You can eat the rest of the Snorkle as well... Here, have some Snorkle Pudding. The Snorkle Pudding is a classier Snorkle dish and is known as another gourmet food item. Bon appétit!

Baked Intesteen: This spooky food is often found on the shelves of the Spooky Food Shop. This is because it is one nasty looking dish and no one buys this as a first choice. Firstly, this is a WHOLE Intesteen on a stick (if you found Fido hiding in the corner of your neohome earlier, you may want to check for your other Petpet, Colon the Intesteen. Just sayin'). And secondly, the "treat" comes with an eyeball as well. Where this eyeball came from, nobody knows...

Bloopcream: This is apparently a licorice flavoured ice cream - or that's what the Spooky Shop Shopkeeper says. I don't think "regular" licorice flavoured ice cream is gourmet material. Because it is a rarity 100 delicacy, I'm pretty sure this is just another Petpet turned into a dessert. Good thing you don't own a Bloop, so you have nothing to worry about. Maybe.

Elephante Trunk Stew: So far, we have only covered food items that contain Petpets. Here's a change for you - Elephante Trunk Stew. There's nothing subtle about this one... It's literally a bunch of Elephante trunks in a stew. If you're an Elephante... I suggest staying away from the Haunted Woods.

Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza: Like the Snorkle Snout and Snorkle Pudding situation, these Blumaroo Tails were leftover from the Blumaroo steaks. What did I tell you, the chef doesn't like to waste food! Again, the only reason why anyone would want to have this for a meal is the mere fact of it being a gourmet food item. And just like in the case for Elephantes, if you're a Blumaroo, I suggest avoiding the Haunted Woods.

Wing of Korbat: Another rare gourmet food item... Courtesy of the humble creature that is the Korbat. Although the shopkeeper is honest enough to say that this delicacy is not for everyone (the wings have a leathery texture that leaves an unpleasant feeling in your mouth), I can't promise you (if you're a Korbat) that he will be honest enough to leave you alone as you stroll the Haunted Woods. So just like your Elephante and Blumaroo counterparts, if you're a Korbat, do yourself a favour and stay clear of the Haunted Woods (and especially the Spooky Food Shop).

Droolik Surprise: Poor Droolik... Although Drooliks have wings, they are cannot fly, nor can they move very fast. This gourmet dish was made possible because of those very traits of the Droolik. The Spooky Food Shop Shopkeeper says "Your reaction to 'Droolik Surprise' is the 'surprise' part,". But I personally think that the "surprise" refers to how the Droolik felt when it was ambushed and made into this dish. But hey, maybe that's just me.


So there you have it - ten deliciously spooky treats (or tricks) that you may not have known about. Which one of these spine-tingling dishes will YOU be devouring this Halloween?

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