Enter the Snowflake's lair... Circulation: 196,905,205 Issue: 951 | 24th day of Celebrating, Y23
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An Advent Calendar of Holiday Pranks

For the holiday season, I have thought of 31 holiday-themed pranks to play on your fellow Neopians, one for each day of the Month of Celebrating!

by _brainchild_
December Activities Around Neopia

Everybody has their own December traditions! Collab with imbitter

by ramotswe
Unleashing the Holiday Spirit – A Guide

The month of Celebrating is finally at hand, which means it’s time to gobble up the last of our turkey leftovers, throw away those rotting pumpkins, and prepare ourselves for the Day of Giving!

by camimclain
Top 10 Borovan Drinks for Borovan Day!

To properly honour this holiday, here is a humble attempt at listing the top 10 best flavours of borovan in celebration of its' 20th anniversary.

by mellody_sou_10
The Advent Calendar Through the Years

Have you ever found yourself wondering, what are some of the best gifts the Advent Calendar has given out in its long and esteemed history?

by spikegalactic2000
Neopian Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide is here to help melt that shopping stress away so that you can enjoy the holiday season… and the smile that you will put on your Neofriends faces with these great gifts!

by neogirl67890682
Notable Neopians of Terror Mountain

We are entering the winter season in Neopia, but on Terror Mountain, it’s winter all year long!

by yellowflower7
Winter Customisation on a Budget

In this article, I will go over some affordable NP alternatives to NC items that your pets might want this holiday season!

by swordlilly
Holiday Cheer in the Citadel

In the Darigan Citadel, there is holiday cheer, just as there would be throughout the rest of Neopia... Collab with 4mandy4

by parody_ham
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"The Unique Month of Celebrating" by akezis
There are few things quite as pleasant as the smell of freshly baked cookies that just came out of the oven. The only other aroma that can compete with it, is that of pastries being prepared during the best time of the year: the Month of Celebrating. Despite the cold weather and the snow that indicates that winter is here and in full force, there's a special warmth added to the atmosphere, because of all the good feelings that accompany the making of these snacks. The process of putting together in a bowl eggs, sugar, butter and other ingredients, mixing them and scooping the batter into a baking sheet to be taken to the oven becomes a mandatory task at this time of the year. Though that word might...

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A Day in the Life of Taelia
How well do you know Taelia? Collab with katie_f_1998

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The Gnorbu and the Crystal Woods
52 Bika Lane was a beacon to the villagers of Happy Valley. And to some, it was a beacon of an entirely different sort...

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Rosalina and the Way-Weird Beast
Rosalina must deal with the consequences of breaking her promise to Wilbur...

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Idea Crisis
Inspired by a true story. Collab with black_kisa.

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Snow Rest for the Wicked
Don't forget your dailies this holiday season! Collab with rawbeee & ghatna

by sunbathr

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