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Hey there Neopian Timers! Don't forget that the Pirates vs Ninjas Collab Edition of the Neopian Times is scheduled to be published on January 21st. So please make sure to have all of your stealthy and swashbuckling entries submitted by January 17th! Looking forward to seeing what amazing submissions you all come up with this time! ~~Aesop

Hi! So happy for the new pet slots, thank you so much for this! However, I was wondering if it was normal that the Neopets doesnt appear in alphabetic order like the others? I just created a pet with a name starting with F and it now appears in first place on my profile... ~~fujimii
Hey there! Because of the newly added pet slots, pets aren’t sorted alphabetically anymore. We are working on an update to the Quick Ref page though that will allow you to order pets whichever way you want! ~~Gutterfoot

Hi! Do you have a timeframe for the quick reference page and the petpages to be updated? Is that part of the site conversion plans? Thanks! ~~omarchi_10
A wonderful question that we have brought up internally as a team as well! We have just completed the designs for the latest update to the quick ref pages with some functionality updates. We are just starting to talk about the development work as a team and will announce the timing once we have a better idea of creating the best experience. Stay tuned and thank you for the question! ~~Yarner

I did not want to write. However my Orange Grundo, OrangenaToo made me. He is number 69 on the book reading list. He wants to read them all. However 78 of the 354 books he needs to read he finds boring. They are mostly cheaper books too. You have no idea about how much it bugs him that he cannot get a trophy because of the number of letters in his name. This is archaic and unfair. Could you please end this awful tradition and allow all pets to be properly educated? OrangenaToo thanks you in advance. ~~nashie363comesback

TNT! For the love of all things Sloth, PLEASE remove the boring book and disgusting food feature! It's impossible to win any book award or gourmet club award now with no work around by changing the language on the newer items. Please remove this feature so new users can have a chance to win! Please please please with a cherry on top? :) Thanks :D ~~kaylaxbeth
We have definitely share your concerns with the boring book and disgusting food features! It does make it incredibly difficult for new players or pets with a certain amount of letters in their name to gain trophies. Besides, being brave enough to try new things that may seem rather offputting at first is one of the ways we all learn and grow! We will check in with the team about removing this feature once we are back from break! ~~Aesop

Hey TNT! Something I've noticed as my account becomes increasingly full of Vandagyres is that there isn't an option for a Vandagyre shopkeeper/gallery keeper. Would it be possible to add at least one Vandagyre option in the future? :D (Please remove my username) ~~Anonymous
This is a wonderful suggestion! Since we had our first ever Vandagyre athlete in this year's Altador Cup, I'd say it's high time Vandagyres get more representation all around Neopia! We will certainly add this to our list! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! Since the maps got updated to HTML5, the Shop of Offers no longer exists in Neopia Central. However, it would be a shame if our favourite slorg is no longer available to visit! Could you guys please add a slorg rock for us to visit him? It could look something like this: Something Has Happened! "You peer under a small rock on the patch of land where the Shop of Offers used to be. To your surprise, you see the Very Rich Slorg having a meal with his family. He thanks you for visiting and invites you to join their meal, but you politely decline. He offers you 50 Neopoints as a gift, a reminder of what used to be there." ~~aliceo96
This seems completely doable! Having a visible link to the Rich Slorg within a Neopia Central map wouldn’t be difficult to implement. Since we’re converting the maps, Now is the time to make sure that we can capture issues like these- especially since this specific issue seems like a long-forgotten oversight. The exact look of how we implement this still needs to be figured out, but rest assured, the Rich Slorg will make its daring return soon! ~~Clammyhand

Hi, TNT! I was browsing Jellyneo for items for my gallery and I came across six unreleased cookie items: four baked Nimmo cookies, a chocolate Sloth biscuit and a Space Faerie sandwich cookie. Could we ever see these items get released? ~~Anonymous Another superb suggestion! We will do a bit of digging and see if we can find all of the needed assets for these unreleased cookie items. With any luck, we can release them as a fun surprise! ~~Aesop

Are we allowed to enter the Gallery Spotlight multiple times, similar to winning the Userlookup Spotlight? I only ask because some people like changing up their galleries and would like to enter at a chance of winning again. If this isn’t currently possible, could this be green-lit? ~~viviiiann
You are certainly allowed to enter the Gallery Spotlight multiple times. That being said, you won't be able to win the Gallery Spotlight week after week, as we try to give chances to as many different Neopians as possible! ~~Aesop

Ivory Knit Cardigan is super cute! But why is it zoned as shirt/dress? Aren't cardigans usually zoned as jacket? My pet is still chilly with the breeze... (please remove my username) ~~Anonymous
Hello! Glad to hear you like the cardigan! That was totally my bad for the zoning issue (smh). This cardigan is now zoned as Jacket, so have fun layering away! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hey TNT, I saw you just released two magical blue Grundo items in the advent calendar. Is there a chance to change the name of both items into 'TDMBGPOP Scarf Plushie' and 'TDMBGPOP Ornament'? ~~flaiyper
Great idea! Those items have both now been renamed to be uniform with the other TDMBGPOP items!

I was absolutely delighted with the Advent Calendar animation where that poor little Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie (of Prosperity) received that scarf. Just seeing that smile made my whole day. Sadly, when I visited him later, no scarf. Maybe someone took it, mean as that would be. He lost the smile too. I can imagine the smile would have gone before too long anyway, he is still stuck there, but surely we can give him the scarf permanently? Little fellow has done so much for so many Neopains, I say he deserves it. Plus, continuity and such. ~~sirflopsy
Some of the Advent Calendar’s comic pages hold a very special place in my heart, and it’s awesome to see people react and connect to the pages as well! I remember in a previous version of this comic, we were adjusting the expressions of the Grundo in each panel, and having the plushie cleaned and smiling in the last panel felt the best to us. Even a Discarded Magical Blue Grundo needs some holiday cheer!

I think the idea of seeing the scarf and a (slightly) happier Grundo is something that we can definitely do! Although, we were thinking to preserve the Discarded Grundo’s legacy, perhaps it’s more of a seasonal winter change! Where in the winter time…. a friendly Neopian returns the scarf to warm our favourite Plushie.

This is something that I think we can possibly do…..pretty soon! (After the holiday break!) ~~Clammyhand

Arrrr matey’s, me pawkeets gettin restless and we’ve got a thousand doubloon coin burnin a hole in our pocket! In the past seedy smugglers would have rare items for sale at the smugglers cove for neopians to purchase, however it has been about 7 years since an item was released this way. The old smugglers cove items continue to be some of the most desired items in all of neopia. Could we have any insight if there are plans for the smugglers to get more merchandise in the future? I mean the smugglers prison sentence must be almost up by now! ~~grey_dragons
Aye matey, those hornswoggling hearties ought to be back out sailing the briny deep any day now! We have started discussions with the team about re-releasing more of the existing Smuggler's Cove items sometime in the near future. And perhaps later down the road, we can also start adding in some newer items as well! ~~Aesop


OH MY FYORA the Kell Wocky Outfit has SHADES!! I absolutely adore them! Whether or not it has anything to do with Story 901 that rielcz started, I'm not sure, but I kind of like to think that it does. Either way, it was a spectacular touch! Thank you so much for including them!! ~~flufflepuff

Not a question, but I want to thank all of you guys for doing a terrific job with the site!! A special shoutout to Alice!!! She has been most helpful for me and I want everyone to know she's the best!!!!! ~~dog_do_go_to_heaven

Hey guys! I've been loving this year's Advent Calendar animations. Super cute! Happy holidays to you all! :) ~~mirriseverin

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