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Random Oddness: Instant Friends

They don't just fall out of the sky.. OR DO THEY

by mistyqee
Four Wonders: Gross Food

Alien Aishas are supposed to love them...right?

by vanillanillawafer
Eat your vegetables!

Or maybe... don't?

by keruza

I wonder what it's like up there...

by twillieblossom
Something has happened!

Friendly reminder: Collect your daily prize from The Snowager while he is "sleeping" during the Month of Celebration!

by wiited
The Apple Of My Eye

I'm going to be rich!

by emmakrakoka
Elementary, my deer Watson

Even the best sleighed plans go astray.

by t0tor0
Trading Presents

One's coal is another's treasure? Collab with kagome_276

by pau_meow
Holiday frustrations part 1

Tied up for the holidays...

by youi234
A Shopping Spree Gone Awry

Best typed plans don't always work out... Collabo with koolkat_963_

by anz95
Just BIG Enough~

Can you see the hidden message? Collab with industrial

by praline01
NT Normal Issues x NT Special Issues

What's the difference? Collab with juan_victor

by sppyder2
Secrets of Professional Battledomers

Step 1: Building a Reliable Weapon Set Collab with 108050

by np_faeries
Idea Crisis

Inspired by a true story. Collab with black_kisa.

by flaiyper
Holiday Away

Khielli goes away for the holidays

by d0odleb3rry
Toy Shopping

A Lupe is a Chia's best friend…or not! Collab with varshajoseph

by _kankuro
Snow Rest for the Wicked

Don't forget your dailies this holiday season! Collab with rawbeee & ghatna

by sunbathr
The Season of Eating

I love Christmas! The food is wonderful! Collab with fullinventory and crazy_allstar.

by squin
Having an ice day

Happy Holidays! Collab with fishmas and silakbo

by acara_575
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"The Unique Month of Celebrating" by akezis
There are few things quite as pleasant as the smell of freshly baked cookies that just came out of the oven. The only other aroma that can compete with it, is that of pastries being prepared during the best time of the year: the Month of Celebrating. Despite the cold weather and the snow that indicates that winter is here and in full force, there's a special warmth added to the atmosphere, because of all the good feelings that accompany the making of these snacks. The process of putting together in a bowl eggs, sugar, butter and other ingredients, mixing them and scooping the batter into a baking sheet to be taken to the oven becomes a mandatory task at this time of the year. Though that word might...

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Another Hero's Journey: Present
“It’s foolproof! It’s the perfect Day of Giving present!”

by precious_katuch14


Ruby takes a trip to Meridell for Christmas!
It was an early Monday morning, two weeks before Christmas and the post had arrived!

by zed16


December Activities Around Neopia
Everybody has their own December traditions! Collab with imbitter

by ramotswe


An Advent Calendar of Holiday Pranks
For the holiday season, I have thought of 31 holiday-themed pranks to play on your fellow Neopians, one for each day of the Month of Celebrating!

by _brainchild_


For the Love of the Game
The thrilling conclusion to For the Love of the Game!

by 77thbigby


The Gnorbu and the Crystal Woods
52 Bika Lane was a beacon to the villagers of Happy Valley. And to some, it was a beacon of an entirely different sort...

by josephinefarine

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