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The Lost Desert Exploration

by matjake44_3


LOST DESERT - The Lost Desert is an amazing place, though not for snow-painted Neopets and Ice Boris, but otherwise you’ll just get a spot of sunburn. Don’t forget the sunscreen! So me and my friend… um… *thinks up a name* Bobby, set out to explore the wonders of the Lost Desert. Lost Desert? Hmm… not very lost now is it?


Shopping. A highlight for most people and Acaras and vain Neopets. *pokes passing Uni* But there are different- er- varieties of shops here, strange and exotic! Let’s go see, Bobby.

Bobby: Ugh.

Battle Supplies

Rare and exotic Battledome weapons from all over Sakhmet. Rare eh? Yes I haven’t seen much Cobrall Daggers around *sarcasm* And the owner is a bit creepy. Those swishing scarves make him look suspicious. And they’re swishing, THERE’S NO WIND IN HERE!

Bobby: Look. There. Ugh.

*notices fan* Oh. Anyway, some items here are very useful in the Battledome. Good Luck Ankh, they can give you good luck? Obviously. I wonder what the hand painted scarab does. *throws it at owner* *hits owner* Where’d he go? Oh well, let’s continue. That fan is cold (despite the Desert outside)

Food Stall

Lovely foods from the Lost Desert! Well, we see that don’t we, Bobby?

Bobby: Ugh.

Yes. Anyway, great food in this shop, just waiting to be tasted. *tastes Sand Orange* Hmm. Tastes like sand. Sphinx Links? Poor Sphinx, he’s already had his nose blown off. Anyway, this stall is owned by a weirdo Grarrl wearing a short sari-dress thing. Hmm… *runs* He looks hungry. I guess why else would he open a Food Stall?

Petpet Stall

Desert Friends to make your Neopet smile! Aww cute! An Ettaphant! *tries to buy* Too slow. Aww! ? Next time I’ll order over the Internet. Anyway, this lovely shop is owned by a lovely Peophin called Peopatra. Well, you can’t really tell, because she looks like a painting more than anything. But anyway, she still sells cute petpets like Khnums, Anubi, Grackles, Scarabs, Ettaphants, Lyinss, Selkets… well lot’s of petpets from the Lost Desert.

Nearby n00b: Oh, I thought they were from Terror Mountain!

Hmm. Anyway. Bye Peopatra!


Well, she’s a painting what’d you expect?

Sutek’s Scrolls

The Wisdom of the Ancients is contained upon these scrolls! They look more like books to me. But they are very interesting stories. Well, that’s what my pets tell me because I can’t read them :P. Anyway, owned by- some guy, don’t know his name. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen a breed of pet like that. *backs away* Hehe… I’ll just get takeaway…

Osiri’s Pottery

The finest pottery and Earthenware in the land! According to my research, *puts on fake glasses to look intelligent* she is absolutely right! Her pottery skills are amazing!

Osiri: I don’t make them, I just work here.

Bobby: Ugh.

Oh. These Lost Desert people really need an attitude check. Anyways, whoever makes them is very very skilled indeed.

Osiri: Why thank you!

But you just said that you didn’t make them!

Osiri: I don’t make them.

So why’d you say thank you???

Osiri: Because you complimented me.


Osiri: I make the money, but not the pottery. Gee, I thought it was obvious!

O_o Moving on…

Emergency Supplies

Here we are! The newest shop in the Lost Desert. The Cybunny who owns this shop helped Hannah on her quest to save the Boris on Terror Mountain. Let’s go have a tour of the shop.

Cybunny: Sorry, no tours allowed. Only purchases.

Oooook. *leaves*

Sorry I had to leave so early, but this shop isn’t very interesting and we have to move on ?


Ahh! The games, Neopoint makers and lots of fun, the best cure for insomnia! Lost Desert has a wide variety of games, based in the Lost Desert. Uhh… Yeah.

Sutek’s Tomb

Legend has it that there was an ancient Geb named Sutek. He was stronger, fitter, and cleverer than the other Gebs, and was praised by all for his courage and wisdom.

When he died, they built him a tomb that was the same shape as him (known as a Gebmid). It had four triangular sides, and a square base. There are now many Gebmids around the Lost Desert, but Sutek's was the first.

This is one of my favorite games on Neopets! On the square base of Sutek’s Gebmid is a board of different symbols, read the instructions because this isn’t was this article is for :P. To get the avatar you need at least 2000 points, but to get a trophy, that’s a completely different story! Here’s some helpful codes you can type in.

Pyramibread- Shows a possible combo.

Scarabaeus- Extra 30 seconds (once per game)

Plzsutekcanihavemoretime- Extra 30 seconds (once per game)

There are also other strange things you’ll see.

Ankh- Get this tile to the bottom and destroy the whole row horizontally, and vertically.

Scarab- Get this tile to the bottom and destroy the row vertically.

Head- Get this tile to the bottom and clear the whole board and get 500 points.

Have fun!


Evil bugs are attacking Neopian Protection Zone 6b, and we need your help! Get inside your specially-designed Wocky Tank and blast those bugs!!!

I don’t really enjoy this game much, but if you like old-fashioned games you will! It’s very similar to the 1976 arcade game Galaga. But there are a few extras. For one, there’s protection walls in front of you. And special bonuses come down to help you. Here they are:

Turquoise: Smaller Tank

Green: Bigger Tank

Dark Blue: Faster Tank

Yellow: Slower Tank

Orange: High-Powered tank

Pink: Extra Shield

Brown: Rebuild Walls

You’ll probably enjoy this game a lot more than me. Have fun!

Fruit Machine

Roll Up... Roll Up, its the one and only Neopets Fruit Machine. Every day you can get one free spin, if the first two fruits match you win a prize. If all three fruits match you win a really big prize!

Simple. Spin the wheel, and win prizes! Although you rarely win anything good, this daily is highly recommended. *goes to spin* Stupid Aisha, you just had to get a Tchea Fruit, not a Bagguss, is it that hard??? Anyway, you are able to win good Battledome items, Neopoints and even paint brushes! Good luck!

Brucey B Slots

Now, since I’m under 13 I can’t access this game, but I do know it’s a slot game. But be prepared to lose quite a few Neopoints when you play this, it’s gambling. Good luck, you may win millions!


In this game you play Brucey B. Tap the keys to pull your opponent into the river!!! Can you defeat the mysterious Jetsam and collect all the passwords? Good luck!

I like this game, but it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!! *calms down* Bobby, can I please have an inhaler. Thanks. *inhales* This game is very straining of your poor little fingers. Read the instructions and you’ll get the gist of it. Stupid Jetsam, who the heck is he? Have fun!!! *glares at Jetsam*


Remove all of the cards from the Pyramid and you can win big!!!

This is a little different to the original game of Pyramids. Actually, a lot different. In fact, the only similarities are that it’s got the same name and the cards are in the shape of a Pyramid! The object of this game is to clear the Pyramid. That is the cards. This game I quite complicated, but once you read and understand the rules, you can easily get good at it.

To get the Bonus Trophy- Clear the Pyramid twice in a row. Quite difficult. Good luck!!! (cost 50 Neopoints to play)

Sakhmet Solitaire

Now you can play the classic Solitaire card game and win rare items and NP while doing so!

Just like the description says! It’s exactly like the original, so I won’t need to explain how to play. Unless, of course, you don’t know how to play Solitaire. Just read the rules, it’s quite simple to understand. Just note, red on black and black on red.

How to get the Bonus trophy: Fill all the Ace Piles twice in a row. Good luck! (Costs 50 Neopoints to play)


Some of the games on Neopets can be played against another person who is online on the Neopets site. These are called Multiplayer games. Geos is one of them. I don’t really understand this game, so you should read the rules and work it out for yourself.


Umm… Other things that aren’t Games or Shops O_o

Paint Brush Stall

If you can get your hands on a rare Desert Paintbrush, you can paint your Neopet with one of these great new outfits :)

I personally think that the Desert Paint Brush is one of the best Paint Brushes in Neopia. My favorite Desert Neopet is defiantly the Pteri. It’s so cute ? But Desert Paint Brushes are very expensive and you are unable to buy them on the Shop Wizard (unless someone doesn’t check the price and puts it for 199,999 Neopoints) 400k last time I checked. So good luck finding one! You can also get Desert Pets from the Lab Ray.

Coltzan’s Shrine

Standing at the peak of a sand dune you see a tall monolith covered with strange hieroglyphics.

This is my favorite feature. Come here every 12 hours and you’ll get something. But if you come before the 12 hours, it starts again. Battledomers are happy with this Shrine because you can gain loads of Levels, Defence, Attack etc. Here’s a little secret. Go to the shrine EXACTLY 55 seconds past the HOUR and you’ll get a dubloon. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Sakhmet Palace

Usurper is now over, thanks for playing!

This was a logic puzzle a few years back, just like the Guildmaster’s Dinner was going to be before it was canceled. You had to work out who ate what, who did what thing with bad manners, how many courses who ate, and who murdered King Coltzan. The first 10 people to get it correct would get 2 million Neopoints each. The first 100 would get a magical artifact from the Lost Desert.

Brucey B’s War Tent

If you have no idea what is going on here... you should read the story of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin!!!

Brucey B! Pfft! What a show-off! This place was to enrol in the Lost desert War a few years back. Just like the Hannah and the Ice Caves War and the Meridell War.

Colouring Pages

Pages to colour in ^_^

Lost Desert Scratch Card Kiosk

The newest feature to the Lost Desert! You know about the Scratchcard Kiosks right? Right!

Bobby: Huh?

*sigh* *explains to Bobby*

Bobby: Ugh.

These ones are the cheapest, 500 Neopoints. You can buy one every 6 hours just like all the others. Some prizes:

500 Neopoints

Hand Painted Scarab


Sand Snowball

There are more, but that’s all I know.


A helpful calculator

I left this one for last because it’s a bit silly :P And you all know what a calculator does right? Right!

Bobby: Huh?

*sigh**explains to Bobby*

Bobby: Ugh.

Well, this is trainee reporter, matjake44_3, signing out! Goodbye!

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