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The NeoQuest II Guide To Fighting Multiple Opponents

by precious_katuch14


NEOQUEST II - Taking down single baddies is easy, right? Especially when it’s one against four. But what if you’re facing four against four, four against three or something extreme like two against one, it’s going to be quite a challenge, especially if you’re a beginner and/or on the verge of panic right now. So now, this article will tackle some of the harder types of monster battles you may encounter in NQII, that require more than just common sense and a good eye.

To make it easier, let's start with...


While it is not common to be in this scenario, it might happen, For example, during the early parts of the game, or when Mipsy has been knocked out. If it's the former, there's not much you can do, so keep hacking at the one with the lowest hp and watch your health.

However, you don't necessarily have to take a healing potion every five seconds. Just make sure it's in the green area at all times. This is where your gold comes in - stock up on healing stuff because it's easier to die when fighting alone.

So, once you've plastered one enemy, it becomes a basic one vs. one fight.

When it's the case that Mipsy or Rohane has been knocked out, then it's a little different. You may decide to flee the battle, or continue fighting. Again, target the enemy with the lowest hp. If it's Rohane that's been knocked out, keep a close eye on Mipsy's hp, as it is lower than Rohane and she can fall fairly easily. Rohane should be able to stand his own unless both enemies are at green health though.

Although in this case, it's better to try and flee, and resurrect the unconscious party member, either by resting in an inn or through a resurrection potion. But if one character falls in a fight and his/her experience points are very close to reaching a new level, you can choose to continue the battle, as long as you know that the one who fell has contributed enough to the fight AND you're certain that you can survive. This will add to his/her experience, and if it's enough to take the party member to a new level, the fallen character will be resurrected for free.

All right, now we move onto the next section...


This usually happens in the Caves of Terror. In these cases, take down the most dangerous one, or the one with the lowest hp. In the Caves of Terror, the most dangerous are the Frozen Skeletons, who can hit both members for 28 damage each. As such, knock them out first. After that, it's just another go at the next most dangerous monster or the one with the lower hp. For example, you're facing two frozen skeletons and a rock Grarrl. Plaster one frozen skeleton, then the other, unless the rock Grarrl has taken a good amount of damage.

This can also happen anytime in Terror Mountain or in the Lost Desert while you don't have Velm in your party, when one member is knocked out. If Mipsy's the one out cold, attack normally with Talinia and Rohane, as they have more HP than Mipsy and can stand the battle without her help (no offense, of course). When Talinia has fallen, do the same, and remember to watch Mipsy's HP very closely, as a few good hits can bring her down as well. And in the rare occasion that Rohane has been taken out, watch your last two party members, as they don't have as much HP as he does.

In these parts of the game, it's almost next to impossible to survive a fight with only one party member, no matter who s/he is. Refer to our pointers on resurrection in the previous part.

Next we look at...


This usually starts occurring late Terror Mountain, when you haven't received Velm. This can be a bit troublesome, as you have no reliable source of healing then. Keep a very close eye on Mipsy, as she is very liable to be killed. Use Talinia's Multiple Targets and Mipsy's Group Direct Damage (if you have that skill; otherwise, just stick with the Direct Damage) to soften up the enemy groups, and then knock off the ones with the lowest hp. Again, use potions when needed.

When you get Velm, the chances of having a party member fall are significantly decreased. And at this time, you've wised up about the game and surely have a bunch of Resurrection potions around. If you don't, start stocking up at least 4-7 for emergencies once your party slowly starts building up. Even if you have a healer in your party, there is still the remote possibility of having a character eliminated - especially Mipsy, when she faces enemies that can stun or cast Obliterate (maxed Direct Damage that can hit for up to 100). Not that we don't trust Velm's healing ability; we should always be prepared for the worst.

And now, we finally come to the screanio that takes place a lot later in the game...


At this stage, this shouldn't be a problem. Start by having Mipsy and Velm putting up Group Haste and Group Shielding to significantly raise your advantage. After that, shoot your opponent down with Rohane, Mipsy and Talinia attacking, and Velm healing or occasionally puling off a Celestial Hammer if you invested in it. The only time this is a challenge should be against the Four Faeries in the Haunted Woods; where they are much tougher. You may also choose to pick enemies off one by one; in this case, you may use Velm's Mesmerization to stall the enemies.

If Mipsy has some skill points on Damage Shield, you may choose to put them up as well, to further decrease your opponents' HP. It doesn't hurt to pray for Talinia's Shockwave to work, or for Rohane to stun an enemy with a slash. It's like mesmerization, only shorter and cannot be deactivated by hitting or healing the stunned enemy. Whenever some monsters aren't moving or doing anything, you stand a better chance of eliminating them without fear of retaliation.

As for the fighting strategy, take out the opponents that are capable of healing, hasting the group, putting up group or damage shields or can deal a large amount of damage (ex. Some enemies have the Obliterate skill, which gives them the liberty to strike you for up to 100) first. For example, when facing the Four Faeries in the Haunted Woods, you can focus first on either the Fire Faerie (capable of Obliterate-ing a party member) or the Water Faerie (heals). Don't worry; as you go through the later parts of the game, you'll learn quickly which enemies to strike first.

Technically, it's much better to focus on one enemy at a time when fighting multiple monsters, rather than spreading your attacks out, so the battles don't take too long.

Essentially, it's basically a pick-and-hit strategy, with Velm healing and putting up shields as necessary, and Mipsy hasting the group if needed. You shouldn't lose any battles like this, unless something goes horribly wrong or the Four Faeries (or the enemies you may fight) are too tough. You have to look before you click, and always check on your party's health.

Sadly, that's all the time we have, so now it's time to say goodbye.


Until our next NQII Article! Mwahaha! *cough*

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