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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"The remnants of their fire burned lower, reduced to glowing red embers in the middle of charred wood. A waning Kreludor shared its dark stage with multitudes of stars."

A Comprehensive Guide to Elder-Care

Caring for any Neopets is a huge responsibility. They must be fed, played with, dressed, and cared for. Diligent pet owners must keep up with their Neopets' health needs and socialisation, all while making sure to keep their pets entertained and cognitively stimulated. Of course, a lot has been written about the additional needs of Baby Neopets as they do require special attention in regard to their safety and diet. However, many Neopians are left wondering, "What about my elderly pet?" Elderly Neopets have needs that are very different from most others, but there is no guide to refer to when it comes to these needs.

5 Neopian Foods You Can Make At Home

Hi, my name is Bun! Have you ever seen a Neopian food and wondered, hmm, I bet I can make that for cheaper? Well, I'm going to show you how! Below are five recipes for some common, tasty Neopian foods that will save you some NP by making them at home. How to make: Pumpkin Pancakes. Instructions: 1. Mix together Kau Kau Farm Milk, Pumpkin Baby Food, and Treasure Map Negg in a large bowl. 2. Combine Wheat Flour, Bag of Sugar, and Space Spice in a separate bowl. Add to the first bowl and stir. 3. Lightly oil your Frying Pan and heat on a medium-high setting...

Interviewing the Chairmain with Way Too Long a Title

After the dust settled in the wake of the most recent Altador Cup and all of the purple and black confetti had been swept away, I managed to steal some time and sit down with a member of the Altador Cup Committee. I had proposed the idea to meet with a member of the committee to celebrate the completion of Altador Cup XVII, with 17 questions regarding the Cup. Typically an enigmatic organisation, a Red Kyrii most fans of the Cup would recognise all too well, graciously agreed to answer my questions.

Other Stories
"Baelia's Detective Agency" by pikapi20
It was a grey day in Faerie City, the greyest I had seen since the fall of the kingdom to the lands of Neopia below. As I walked the cobbled streets of our magical capital, low-lying cloud and mist could be found around every corner. My Light Faerie neighbours would not be best pleased with the turn of the weather. Breathing in this damp morning air on the way to my office on the outskirts of the citadel, I could sense there was something else in the atmosphere. Something almost electric. Sadly, my intuition would be proven right. A conspiracy was afoot in the land of the Faeries. And it would take up most of my day.

"White River Crossing" by parody_ham
Rohane clutched his aching side. It wasn’t much farther now. Soon, he would find an inn in White River City, rest, and buy the potions that he sorely needed. On the edge of his vision, he saw a bright glimmer. Could that be the city? But why was the light swirling and fading? He lifted his legs as if they were made of stone. With how bruised they were from Zombom’s barrage of magical blasts they might as well have been. “Next time,” the words came out as a wheeze, “I’m bringing more healing potions.” Perhaps that collision with the cave wall shattered more than his spare sword. He stumbled a few steps, barely catching himself in time.

"Life as a Pea Chia" by redpirate21
Plumpy the Pea Chia lived on a small garden and farm house located in the kingdom of Brightvale. Sally, owner of the estate, had two other Neopets, Lance the Spotted Gelert and Gust the White Pteri. However, Plumpy was, without a doubt, her favorite. Life was good here, or so he thought. The neighbors and visitors to Sally’s estate had nothing but nice things to say about little Plumpy. By now, he had gotten used to it. Little Plumpy is Sally’s pride and joy. Plumpy didn’t remember much from his life before. He wasn’t always a Pea Chia. He was born a plain Green Skeith with a rather unremarkable upbringing.

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