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A Guide to the Rubbish Dump, from a dedicated dumper

by pesticide


Ever find yourself sitting and staring at the Rubbish Dump, frustrated at the lack of that shiny new avatar, or any valuable items? Well, I have just the guide for you. In my Rubbish Dump guide, I will go over the tactics I use to get those more elusive items, and hopefully as a result, the Rubbish Dump avatar. I will also share my experience and observations to give you some insight on what you can expect in terms of time spent and item drops.

     Let's begin!:

      To start, you will need a decent machine. I would not recommend refreshing at the Rubbish Dump on your phone. Second, you will need a lot of patience. That, or you can wait for Rubbish Dump Day. This is an unofficial day where players gather to help clear the Rubbish Dump. This will give you better odds at seeing some good items. However, there will also be more competition. Rubbish Dump Day happens on the first Saturday of each month.

     My experience:

      I spent about 2-3 hours at the dump about 3-4 days a week for the past month. Below are the items I have managed to acquire during this time. The codestone count is an estimate, but all the other item counts are exact. I will not be counting any items worth under 10knp as I purposefully try to skip them to give avatar seekers a chance. If you are just going for the avatar, your best bet is to go for the bottled faeries. They tend to sit slightly longer than the more valuable items. I tend to see about 3-5 of them over an hour of refreshing.

     Blue Paint Brush x4 - Valued at 35k each

     Silver Paint Brush x4 - Valued at 130k each

     Darigan Paint Brush x1 - Valued at 1.5mil each

     Dung Catapult x3 - Valued at 950k each

     Turmac x3 - Valued at 950k each

     Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy x1 - Valued at 150k each

     Eo Codestone x10 - Valued at 12k each

     Approx value: 8,130,000 NP

     Approx time spent: 40 hours over a month

     An analysis of the Rubbish Dump:

      Currently the most valuable drop from the Rubbish Dump is the Darigan Paint Brush valued at approx 1.5 million NP. Since the update, which raised drop rates and made the avatar more easily obtainable, the values of other rare items have dropped significantly. I suspect their values will keep dropping unless the drop rates are changed, or new items are cycled in. In fact, they are dropping so quickly, I suspect that their values will be lower than what I have recorded by the time this article is posted. This is a potential concern in the future for those who intend to make profit from the Rubbish Dump.

     Tactics Used:

      Whether you are going for the avatar, or that Darigan PB, The Rubbish Dump is a monotonous task that requires patience, muscle memory, and the ability to sit and stare at the same spot for an extended period of time. I would recommend tapping F5 every half second or so while keeping your eyes focused on the bottom right item on the screen. DO NOT HOLD F5! You risk getting your account frozen if you do so. Make sure to keep your mouse hovered over that spot so you can jump when that Turmac pops up. I personally spam click when I see a good item because it seems for me that my first click will not register sometimes. This will always result in a popup telling me that I did not get the item, but then it shows up in my inventory when I go to check. It will take practice, and the item drops are totally random. I missed my first few valuable items and it stunk, no pun intended. Then one day, I got two dung catapults within five minutes of each other, and sold them for 950k NP each. After some practice, I have about a 75% success rate with the valuable items I see.

     Something to note: Some people like to refresh at rollover because the Rubbish Dump will clear. There are also intermittent partial clears throughout the day. When this happens, you will notice large numbers of items leaving the Rubbish Dump as you are refreshing. If a person is manually clearing the Rubbish Dump you will generally see one item leaving at a time.

     Another thing to note: I personally like to have a show playing in the background, so I have something to keep my mind occupied while I'm refreshing. Sometimes I will also intermittently restock to change things up and keep myself from getting bored. Some days are slower than others in terms of clears. On the slow days, I just take a break and do something else.

      Important things to know about the Rubbish Dump:

     1. Your ten-item limit from the Money Tree and the Second Hand Shoppe is shared with the Rubbish Dump. This means if you grab ten items from the Money Tree, you will not be able to get anything from the Rubbish Dump for that day. You will have to wait till the next day to try your luck.

     2. Some rare items are not eligible for the avatar. Paint Brushes, Bottled Faeries, Hidden Tower items, Petpets, and the Apple Core are the only items eligible for the avatar. Codestones, potions, books, and foods, are not.

      In conclusion:

     I hope this guide grants you confidence in your Rubbish Dump adventures, whatever they may be. I have personally had a lot of fun challenging myself in nabbing some fancy items. However, I will admit, it can be a tedious task, and I don't see myself doing it forever. I really hope that new items are cycled in someday to shake things up and help keep the current items from deflating too much. Finally, rest your wrists! Tapping F5 can put a lot of strain on your wrists, so be sure to take a break if need be. Cheers, and good luck!

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