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Short Stories

Visiting Neopets - The Vessel

The construction was massive, but would the trip be enjoyable for the Neopets and Neopians?

by x_mystichorse_x
Jungle the Inventor

"She was the youngest in her family, but that didn’t mean she was too small, or young to do the things her siblings did."

by rkbear
Omen and Oracle

"Whatever she had been dreaming, it hadn’t been a very nice dream."

by heautontimouromenos
A Holly, Jolly Snowman

"Legend-a Woodland Uni-was well bundled up against the cold, but he still felt the chill against his pale bark."

by 77thbigby
The Collector's Scales

This is my first submission to the Times, I hope you like it.

by werelupe_king23
Kads on Kads on Kads

"Alieniey the Alien Aisha was feeling...well...quite alien."

by candylandtheonomy
Hannah and the Lantern's Glow

I'm back! After what feels like ages! Hope you like my story, I feel like I've gone a tad rusty!

by medit92
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"A Holly, Jolly Snowman" by 77thbigby
Legend-a Woodland Uni-was well bundled up against the cold, but he still felt the chill against his pale bark. It had been a long trip from Meridell to Terror Mountain, but Lofty had assured him it would be worth it. Thankfully, Lofty-a Baby Yurble-was waiting for him at the airport.

Other Stories


The Secrets of "Mid Tier" UC Trading
So many Neopians have been lost in regards to trying to obtain their dream pets! I'd love to share my experiences: Pt 2!

by faelyne


The Bird's Bids: Neopia Central's Cuisine
"My name is Urbanum. I am a stately and cultured Blue Lenny living in central Neopia."

by jjensen688


La rivière empoisonnée - Partie 2
The compelling conclusion!

by petitehirondelline


The Knight’s Club - Part 2
The penultimate chapter!

by ferretboy85


Bet On It!
"Man, I wish I could understand Food Club!"

by butterflybandage


Bad Idea, Dude: Recon
Don't be suspicious.

by fluffy_bumbkin

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