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Hello TNT, I really adore the recently released Tyrannian Petoot. Unfortunately, when I'm trying to paint mine, it doesn't show up as an option in the Petpet Puddle. Apparently, the original Petoot needs to be added there for the Tyrannian Petoot to be available (the Faerie Tootum still has the same issue). Could you please add that? Thank you! ~~shaielchan
Thank you so much for letting us know! We went ahead and made sure the original Petoot and Tootum were added to the Petpet Puddle, so hopefully you should be able to paint your Petoot! If you are still running into issues though, please do let us know (: ~~Aesop

Hi! I was wondering how PPL winners are chosen. Is it completely random, or is there some sort of pattern? For example, no Grey petpet has won since PPL 634. Before that it seemed like a Grey petpet won at least once every 100 rounds. (My pet's Grey Spardel is crying! ...though that's not abnormal.) Thanks! ~~ssj3gotenks18
Hello! The PPL is completely randomized. There are hundreds of Petpets that must be protected at all costs, and Grey Petpets are no exception to that mission. Give your gloomy lil Spardel a great big hug in the meantime for us! ~Mac

Will it ever be possible to create more than one gallery? I want to collect Usuki dolls but my gallery is full of plushies! ~~kallistni
We’re still in the early stages, but we are looking into a ‘Plushie Cabinet’ to help hold all of those wonderful plushies which can help clear some room for galleries. ~~Sunpotato

Hey TNT! Thanks for all the hard work and updates recently :) One of the new releases, the Defenders Comic Book, was said to restock in the Booktastic Book Store, but it adds to the count of my pet's regular Book Trophy. Could you please make it a Booktastic Book like the Daily News said? :) ~~Anonymous
Oh no! In all of the hustle and bustle of Comic-Con, it seems the Defenders Comic Book was incorrectly shipped out to the wrong retailer. We've corrected this error and directed all of the new copies to Kreludor! ~~Aesop

Hi, I think we all knew that eventually the format for the Mystery Pic would need to change .. that change seemed to occur sometime in the beginning of this year .. unfortunately, it hasn't been a very positive one .. the MP used to be pretty consistent in that the answer was usually based on a shopkeeper banner of a certain size .. but now, the MP is extremely random and difficult to a point where I, someone who would get the MP gold trophy week after week, cannot figure it out after hours of searching the site .. I used to look forward to this puzzle every Thursday, but now I just don't even try since the possible answers are just too vast .. is there any chance you could narrow down the window of possible MP answers to a certain category like it was before ? It doesn't have to be shopkeepers again, it could be something else ~~Anonymous
Hi! I really appreciate the constructive criticism. It seems like there is a good middle ground between being trickier than just shopkeepers, but easier than what it’s been the past few months. Stone and I can work together with you all to make it better, so thank you for your patience while we work on that over the next few rounds! ~~Mac

Hello, it looks like the adorably grumpy Darigan Cirrus hasn't yet been activated. Can you fix that? I would so love to have a squishy cloud plant friend! ~~earthlingdreamz
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! Our favorite grumpy little cloud has been activated and is now hovering around the petpet puddle, waiting to meet some new friends! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! I've recently become very passionate about my gallery and would love to win the gallery spotlight. Should I resubmit my gallery entry each week or do you look through previous submissions when deciding the winner? I want to make sure my chances are as high as possible! ~~Anonymous
We receive a lot of gallery submissions. We ask that you don’t spam the submissions with the same entry more than once, but you can always reach out to me or Stone if you want to ensure your gallery made it into the queue! ~~Mac

Hi TNT! I'm just curious about something: I noticed nobody has won Pet Spotlight since 2019. Are there plans to continue the Pet Spotlight, or has it been retired? ~~u_jennie_u
Yes, the Pet Spotlight has been retired. However, Mac has been looking into reviving a retired spotlightcontest in the near future. It's all just a matter of scheduling and choosing which one will be coming back. The most requested spotlights/contests seem to be the Random Contest, Lenny Conundrum, Site Spotlight, and Pet Spotlight. If you think one of these spotlights, or an entirely different one, should return to the site please let us know! Your input will be invaluable as we move forward (: ~~Aesop


Hi TNT lovelies! I'm the one who asked the question about Royal Vandas, and I have to say, YOU WERE CORRECT! I LOVE them! My character pet can finally achieve their dream of being one now! Now I just have to decide which gender... Thank you so so much! ~~kitavery

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