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Restocking at Kayla's Potion Shop in Y24

by flufflepuff


Ah, restocking. A classic way to earn Neopoints. Buy low, sell high, that's all there is to it, right?

     There are a few excellent restocking guides that point you in a million different directions to show you where and how to start. One such place is deep in the heart of Meridell, where I like to restock personally. Kayla's Potion Shop has largely remained the same even after a 4-5 year hiatus, though there were some changes, which I will discuss in a moment.

     Shop #73, according to the URL, is a good shop for beginners and advanced restockers alike. Regardless of skill, her items have a use. Don't get me wrong, that Bottle of Sand Colored Sand from the Tiki Tack shop may be worth a pretty Neopoint, but it can't be eaten, read, or worn, and is probably only good to sell to a sand/beach collector.

     Items that boost Battledome stats, on the other hand, are useful, especially when there's an upcoming plot, or when there's news of something else happening. For instance, the value of most of the following items has increased at the announcement of unconverted pets returning in the future. Why? People like names, and people like strong pets. Oftentimes, one can trade a nicely named pet for a slightly less nicely named pet with incredible stats. These items are the ticket to get there faster, or, in some cases, cheaper.

     In case you're coming back after being away for a long time, I've got some news for you. Around Neopets's birthday in Y16, there was a change to how shops stocked, including Kayla's: items randomly cleared themselves. One no longer had to meticulously buy junk/cheap items to free up space and possibly restock an item. Given time, the entire stock would disappear, and new items would eventually appear in their place.

     This was a welcome change because it saved Neopoints and stat-boosting items appeared more often. However, this also devalued some once-profitable items. A higher supply with a stagnant demand drove prices down, which is why an update to restocking at Kayla's Potion Shop is so necessary in Y24!

     I'll explain what each item does as I go along, as well as how much they stock for. I'll also tell you about items to avoid, as well as traps. Some items look alike, but with this guide, you'll be able to tell the difference and not fall for any of them!

      Must-haves/most common/tend to restock in multiples!


     Cooling Balm of the Warrior

     This cooling balm raises defence from 0-2, and restocks at around 4,000 NP


     Bubbling Fungus

     This fungus has dropped in value since the Giant Space Fungus also drops it, but it is still quite useful. Drinking it will yield a change in strength from -3 to +5! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. This restocks at around 3,500 NP.


     Bomberry Elixir

     This item may hurt your Neopet if it doesn't drink this explosive drink fast enough! Nothing a trip to the Healing Springs can't fix. Drinking it will yield a change in defence from 0-1. It restocks around 200 NP, so be mindful and practice 3-digit combinations, like 212, 189, et cetera.


     Jar of Forest Earth

     Great for rolling the dice, or rolling around in the dirt with potential benefit. It yields a change in strength from 0-6, so it's less risky than the Bubbling Fungus to use. The jar restocks at around 1,200 NP.


     Essence of Drackonack

     Every bit counts! This essence yields a change in strength from 0-2. It restocks at around 2,500 NP.

      Less common, but still grab this


     Mano Root Elixir

     Well this is a most handy elixir. It can boost defence from 0-3, and restocks at around 8,000 NP.

      R90+, grab these!


     Energising Elixir – increases HP from 0-2

     What a refreshing elixir! This increases health from 0-2, which is great if your pet is already a BD rat and has maxed out attack and defence at 750. The Energising Elixir restocks for around 12,000 NP.


     Bullseye Potion

     Despite being named "Bullseye Potion", this potion is really hit or miss. It yields a strength change from -3 to +3, and restocks for around 10,000 NP.


     Illusens Forest Essence

     I pray that items that utilise agility will work in the Battledome again. Until then, stock up on these. It can boost speed from 0-3, and restocks around 15,000 NP.


     Meridellian Potion of Defence

     Only for the finest knights! This can boost defence from 0-3, and restocks for around 10,000 NP.


     Strength Serum

     Strong and guaranteed at least +1 strength! This serum can boost strength from 1(!)-4, and restocks for around 15,000 NP.


     Elixir of Levelling

     Exactly what it says on the tin, er, glass bottle. It can yield a boost in level from 0-2, and restocks for around 10,000 NP.


     Potion of Doldrums

     If you're unlucky with this one, you'll be very sad indeed...this potion can yield a change in defence from 0-3, and restocks for around 30,000 NP.


     Twisted Potion of Strength

     Don't get it twisted, this potion will do it for you! A twist of fate can yield a change in strength from 0-3. This restocks for around 10,000 NP.


     Kaylas Super Special Potion

     You'll feel proud after restocking this one, it even looks super special! This potion can boost level AND defence from 0-1, and restocks at around 80,000 NP.


     Potato Potion

     This is as brown and as plain as a potato. But wait! It turns your pet into a brown Kiko if they drink it. This restocks for around 10,000 NP.

      Maybe save these for Half Price Day, the 3rd of every month


     Sparkle Potion - +intelligence 0-3

     Oh joy. Sparkly. This is bait unless it's Half Price Day. The Sparkle Potion can boost intelligence from 0-3, and restocks for around 4,000 NP on a regular day.


     Turnip Tonic

     If you're sick of your Strawberry Wocky and want a basic colour, this is the tonic for you! It restocks for around 5,000 NP on a regular day.


     Powder of Everlasting Wit - +intel 0-3

     It wouldn't be the wittiest thing to do, buying this on a day that isn't Half Price Day. It can boost intelligence from 0-3, and restocks for an estimated 19,000 NP on a regular day.


     Essence of Mortog

     This one is tricky, as it's almost a trap, but it's still a strength boosting item, as it may cause a strength change from 0-4. On a normal day, it restocks for close to a whopping 50,000 NP!


     Therapeutic Swamp Water

     Ah yes, the most calming swamp water that you sadly can't write about on the Neoboards. It can yield a change in level AND defence from 0-1, and restocks for around 90,000 NP. You might actually consider this bait, simply because it stocks for so much. Its value is a little volatile, so patience is required if you want to make a profit.

      Looks useful but isn't:


     Kaylas Silver Brew

     Heals 50% of your pet's hit points outside of the Battledome. Great if your pet has thousands upon thousands of hit points, but just stick to the Healing Springs and save your NP.


     Kaylas Golden Brew

     Heals 100% of your pet's hit points outside of the Battledome. Again, Healing Springs. Restocks for 10,000 NP, and the only reason I tell you this is that, for some reason, there's profit to be made with this item at the time of this article.


     Leminty Elixir of Healing

     Literally Kaylas Golden Brew in a different bottle. And with less effectiveness. She must be getting desperate for cash...



     The description says it boosts health, some say it boosts happiness, I bought four of these, and they did nothing. Don't waste your time on this.



     Powder of Everlasting Wit

     This is hard to sell!



     This is beyond useless and hard to sell! I guess all of Kayla's creations can't be winners.


     Elixir of Levelling – Sparkling Sky Potion – Bottled Holiday Spirit – Bottled Good Will – Twisted Potion of Strength

     Ignore all but the first and last.


     Illusens Bottled Magic – Illusens Forest Essence

     Be careful with this one! Illusens Bottled Magic isn't worth much at all, so keep an eye out for that little vine and green arrow-like shape on Illusens Forest Essence. That's the one you want.

     Sniddberry Dew – Mortog Serum – Bomberry Elixir

     Purple is the purely profitable potion!


     Essence of Drackonack – Kaylas Home Remedy – Marrow Tonic Water

     These glass jars are good for Kayla since there are some WACKY shapes that she sells so it's probably cost-effective for her, but out of these three, you're going to want the Jhudora colours.

      You may have noticed, at least, I hope you've noticed, that a great many of these items have a mere chance of doing nothing at all. So why buy from Kayla or restock from Kayla if there's a chance?

     Simply because there is a chance.

     If that chance fails, and your pet is unaffected, or decreases in stats, it's nothing that a few days of Trudy's Surprise or Food Club can't fix. And if it succeeds, and, with enough of any of these items, it's bound to succeed, then...

     Why, you've just saved your bank from the pain of Cool Neggs, Altador Strength Potions, Armoured Neggs/BBQ Porkwiches, Kauvara's Potions, Power Neggs, Sneggs, Super Neggs, those retired mushrooms no one seems to have anyways (Unless the poetry contest or mystery pic re-releases them, hmmm?)...

     Need I go on?

     Plus, flipping a coin can be fun. As a matter of fact, I think I see Snargan eyeing you for a game of Double or Nothing, just down the castle hall...

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