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Chet Flash Wuz Here and left.

by clovertheperidot


Have you tried playing games but they won't work because they need Flash? Or has a picture never loaded for you? Well, that is because Chet Flash is leaving Neopia! He is not a Neopet and he has none. Nobody has seen him and nobody knows who he truly is, all we know is he is the one who runs Flash. He is leaving because he wants to explore and he is giving his job to his sister, Harriet Tara Maria Lala 5 or HTML5 for short.


     Chet sighed as he typed some code into the computer, just another day of work. Chet wanted to explore, not be stuck at a computer. His sister needed a job and he didn't want his. What he wanted was to explore.


     I was bored and tired of this job. All I did was type code all day long, it used to be fun but it wasn't any more. 'Html5 wants a job, what if I gave my job to her? Then I could leave and explore. She is capable of it. But what if-' I pushed that 'What if' thought away. I got up and groaned, when I stretched I glanced outside and decided to go to the porch. When I went out I could see the sun setting, "Wow.." I said out loud and marvelled at the beautiful sight in front of me. 'I can never tire of this sight.' I thought as I watched the last days of sun disappear behind the mountains. My mom yelled for me, "Chet!!Dinner is ready!!" I went into the living room to see my mom and sister sitting down and eating already. I sat down and began to eat the scrumptious dinner mom made, "Mmm!! I love this!!" My sister yelled. "Don't talk with your mouth full hon." My mom told my sister, I decided it was time to tell them.

     Me: Mom..

     Mom: What Chet?

     Me: I..I want to quit my job and leave..

     Mom: Y..You what??!! But you're so good at it!!

     Me: I know it's just...I want to explore! I don't want to be stuck at a desk job forever!!!!! And Html5 can have my job!

     Html5:Really?! But what if I can't do it???

     Me: You can! Your good at i-

     Mom: Young man you are staying here with us and doing your job!!!!


     Html5: Mom! Why can't Chet pursue his dream!!?? He just wants to explore!!

     Mom: That's it!! We will finish dinner and we will forget you ever thought of leaving!!

     I ran to my room crying. I just wanted to explore!!

     I heard mom knock on the door but I didn't answer it, I just went to sleep.


     I opened my eyes to a sunny day, I smiled at the sunset for a sec before frowning again. I remembered last night. I dressed and skipped breakfast, I left for my stupid job. I could hardly do it, it just felt boring and stupid and like a prison. I tried to finish the rest of the wheels but I couldn't, same with the games and a lot of other stuff. Tomorrow was Saturday, maybe I can feel better then. I did all the coding for Saturday and Sunday and tiredly dragged myself home.


     (Chets' sisters POV)

     I didn't understand! Why couldn't Chet explore?? I would do fine at his job!! He hasn't eaten in days and he can hardly do his job.. maybe I can talk to him...


     (Chet again)

     Html5 came into my room and started to talk to me, it was the middle of the night and I was doing homework.

     Html5: Chet?

     Me: what sis?...

     Html5: I was thinking that you could explore.

     Me: How?

     Html5: You can leave....just get ready,NOW.

     Me: ..okay!

     I got dressed and my sis helped me pack all my stuff. I was legally allowed to own a flying car thing from Kreludor, so I grabbed my keys and got in it. Good thing I had filled it with gas and had extra containers in the back. My sis waved goodbye and I told her that I'd text my job and tell them. TNT was fine with it, they understood my need to live. They let my sister get started in the morning after I left.


     My mom neo-mailed me on my neo-phone and was worried sick.

     My mom, Firefox: Where are you!! Where is your sister??

     Me: I am in the next land over and my sister is at her new job.

     mom: What? You mean you left?? Your sister has your job??

     Me: Look, mom, I have to live! I can't be stuck in a prison-like job forever!! And besides, Html5 is good for Neopia! She is younger and can fix things better!!

     Mom:..fine Chet, careful, okay?

     Me: No worries mom, my friend is with me too.

     Mom: Which one? Did their parents say yes?

     Me: Their parents said yes and it's Ally.

     Mom: You mean your girlfriend? ;)

     Me: Mom!!

     Mom: Okay Okay I'll stop. Make sure she's okay too.

     Me: Well be fine mom! Bye!

     Mom: Bye Chet!! Text me daily!!


     That took a long time to write! I actually tracked him down to ask him to help me with this!! No, I won't describe him.

     Now are you wondering, "Why does Chet want to leave?" Or "How is Html5 better than Chet at his job now?"

     I'll answer those next.


      Reasons Chet Wanted To Leave.

     1. Freedom

     He felt like his job was a prison, he was like a bird in a cage. He wanted to fly away and explore!

     2. He was bored

     His job was a desk coding job, it gets boring after a long time!

     3. It was getting harder

     His job got harder as TNT asked him to make more things, combine that with boredom and a need for freedom and you got a person who wants to leave their job!!


      Reasons Why Html5 Was Better At His Job.

     1. She was younger

     She had more stuff to offer them.

     2. She knew more

     She knew what people wanted today, and was returned to give them it.

     3. She wants to help her brother

     She would do anything for her loved ones! That includes taking over their jobs!


      Authors note

     So,was that good? I hope you liked it! It was hard to make as hardly anyone has seen Chet Flash before! He was very kind and him and his friend helped me write this! No, he is not offended by how his sister is younger than him and is better at his job than him.

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