Chet Flash wuz here Circulation: 196,662,418 Issue: 932 | 2nd day of Eating, Y23
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New Series

A Hero's Journey: Rivalry

Reynold smiled as he opened the round gold locket in his gauntleted hand and gazed fondly at the miniature paintings of three white Blumaroos within...

by precious_katuch14
The Flash Drive

A flashtastrophe rocks Neopia!

by liouchan
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"Chet Flash Wuz Here, Twumbo, April Fools!" by bubbles150
“What should we do for April Fools Day this year, Mumbo? Last year we mixed Kauvara’s potions though she wasn’t exactly happy about that! This year I want us to do something different and memorable” Twumbo asked as he lay on his Chainmail Meridell Bed and played with an Altador Paddleball. “Why not turn the Healing Spring Faerie’s water into jelly?” Mumbo asked, imagining the Healing Springs Faerie’s reaction after finding out that her Healing Spring’s Water had turned into jelly. “That’s tempting but it’s already been done, at least I think so. Hm, we need a better idea, Mumbo” Twumbo said as he continued playing with his Altador Paddleball. Mumbo jumped onto the Chainmail Meridell Bed and sat with Twumbo. He thought hard wondering what he and Twumbo could do. “What about the Fountain Faerie’s water then?” Mumbo suggested. Twumbo shook his head. “No, I don’t think that will work” he said.

Other Stories


The Disappearance of Chet Flash: A Gamer’s Revenge
Passionate gamer Nadaba is determined to get the games back up and running after Dr. Sloth shuts them off!

by _brainchild_


Alice and Topsi's Neggcellent Adventure
Alice the Shoyru comes across a startling sight while searching for neggs.

by rielcz


Laughable Items Galore!
Let’s take a gander at some of the weirdest items TNT has graciously gifted us over the years!

by thebiscuitbunch


Chet Flash Wuz Here and left.
Chet Flash decides to leave his job to explore!

by clovertheperidot


The One With The Loyal Customer
The mysterious labber... Collab with friends_rock2135

by roxanna203


A Flash Funeral
RIP Chet! Collab with Spotsilver

by andypopo

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