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A Flash Funeral

RIP Chet! Collab with Spotsilver

by andypopo
April themed Wordsearch!

Can you find the hidden word in this wordsearch?

by zed16
The One With The Loyal Customer

The mysterious labber... Collab with friends_rock2135

by roxanna203
Chet Wuz Disrespectful!

Who in Neopia...

by elipsis4k
Dinner with the Scarlets: Gone in a Flash

With a certain Flash gone, a Jubjub must take their place.

by june_scarlet
Chet Flash's True Form

Now with 50% more morphing potions, nostalgic Neopian Times references, and lazy drawing!

by ryanruff13
Chet Flash wuz here... a Long, Long, Time Ago

Just how old is he? collab with Roxi2rox and Superkathiee

by goosesticks
Knowing when to sing...

Aaaaaaah! collab with sergente__hartmann

by _kankuro
Shoyru Time Crossword!

Time to learn all about shoyrus!

by eleganza_lights
Find the Unhappy Negg!

Not a comic, but a puzzle! Can you find the unhappy Negg?

by x_girlii
A Foolproof Comedy

Unlock new and exclusive content this April! collab with silakbo

by sunbathr
Fabled - April Fool's

Don't even trust your petpets this April Fool's!

by dylan_the_ninja
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Chet Fae Wuz Here

If one picks up a copy of the Neopian Times or the Faerieland Gazette, one might notice that periodically, the paper prints a cryptic message that simply says “Chet Flash wuz here.” Despite the phrase appearing so frequently, asking about Chet Flash around Faerieland usually gets you a blank stare. The faeries all seem to wonder if Chet Flash is another faerie that likes to hide. And then all sorts of strange rumours start to crop up. Knowing the rumours, we decided to send our Faerieland correspondent to Faerie City to investigate. His first stop was the Faerieland Library. Surely there would be a book that might give a hint, right? Here is what he found.

Other Stories


Alice and Topsi's Neggcellent Adventure
Alice the Shoyru comes across a startling sight while searching for neggs.

by rielcz


Usuki Singing Stars #53: Alan's Short Story (collab)
Dedicated to Al. Whenever your story comes out, I'll be the first to love it!

by downrightdude


Chet Flash Wuz Here and left.
Chet Flash decides to leave his job to explore!

by clovertheperidot


The Chet Files
As of now, none of the details are agreed upon. But what we do know for sure is that he “wuz here.”

by parody_ham


A Hero's Journey: Rivalry
Reynold smiled as he opened the round gold locket in his gauntleted hand and gazed fondly at the miniature paintings of three white Blumaroos within...

by precious_katuch14


The Flash Drive
A flashtastrophe rocks Neopia!

by liouchan

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