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Five Great Celebration Ideas

by cuchatenador


Happy birthday Neopets!

     Welcome, dear Neopian Times reader. As you may know, we’re celebrating Neopets turning another year older. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘birthday’ is celebrating! I love a good party, and I love any excuse to plan one (seriously, anything will do. Occasions like birthdays or anniversaries are obvious ones, but you don’t need a big reason to organize a good time with people you love, after all. Impromptu, just-because celebrations are amazing too).

     Now I, for one, was getting a little tired of the same ol’ dinner party routine. You know, inviting guests, cooking a big dinner, blowing out candles style. Maybe making a reservation at Kelp if I was feeling fancy. So, I decided I would start mixing it up a little, and let me tell you, it was the best decision! There’s nothing wrong with classic gatherings of course, but there’s so much you can do with a little imagination, and the results are a lot of fun.

     So, without further ado, here are some celebration ideas that hopefully you will like, or at least take some inspiration from:

     1. Throw a picnic

     One of my favourite types of get-togethers, picnics are very versatile and quite easy to plan. Basically, all you need is a couple of blankets and some food.

     Firstly, check the weather forecast in advance and pick a place where it’ll be nice and sunny (Faerieland, Altador and Tyrannia are usually safe bets. Also, obviously, Moltara is hot year-round, but you won’t get much sun there. You do you though). If you live in a very cold place and these lands are too far away, backyard or even indoors picnics are nice too!

     Now to the fun part: the food. This is where we can get the most creative. You could choose all the food yourself, or have each guest bring something delicious to share, be it hot or cold dishes, beverages or desserts. Personally, I like being in charge of the main courses and ask guests to bring some sweet and savoury snacks.

     Food that is easily portable and you can eat with your hands is usually best: sandwiches, cheese or veggie plates, bread and dips are all good options. Of course, you could also bring a big pot of soup or stew to share - I won’t judge.

     2. Have an adventure

     Adventures are very fun to plan, and regardless of your love of risk, there’s something for everyone.

     Are you a fan of adrenaline? Do you laugh at the prospect of danger? Organize a group visit to Geraptiku’s ruins. You could get arrows fired at you, or you could discover some ancient treasures on its famous deserted tomb! Both options seem to be equally thrilling to some brave neopians. Other ideas for the fearless are visiting the lair of the beast in Tyrannia or gooing diving in the old Maraquan ruins. (*Disclaimer: under no circumstances will the writer of this article or the Neopian Times be held responsible for any damages caused by actually following on these ideas. Adventure at your own risk).

     There are also plenty of safer choices for the more sensible neopians. You could book a glass bottom boat group tour on Kiko Lake, where a guide will take you over some of the most beautiful sights of the place. Likewise, a Tiki tour is a great way of getting to know Mystery Island. You could even visit the Virtupets Space Station for an out-of-this-world experience!

     3. Go coffee tasting

     Now this is a fun one. I used to be part of a coffee guild when I was younger, and we would go to different coffee shops to try all the different options they would offer. Nowadays, the variety is insane! Hot or cold coffee, lattes, bubble tea and of course, borovan. Did you know that the Coffee Cave on Roo Island even has a cheesy coffee? (It’s not good, I won’t lie, but it’s a thing).

     Are you a tea lover instead? I’ve got you covered. Shenkuu’s got the best tea shops in all of Neopia, in my opinion. There are hundreds of different blends, with various spices, flowers and fruits to be discovered, each one more comforting and delicious than the last.

     I think it’s a very fun way to try new things. If you bring some pen and paper you can even organize a contest, judging each beverage on whatever categories you can think of and pick a winner!

     4. Spend the day on Roo Island

     King Roo sure knows how to keep his subjects happy, as this land is almost exclusively dedicated to fun and recreation. I can think of few things that sound better than spending a day playing games, to be honest.

     Game to your heart’s content, take part in the storytelling or poetry contests, enjoy a ride on the Merry Go Round, get some springy things. You could even challenge the king himself in a Dice-A-Roo tournament! Also, don’t forget to visit the souvenirs shop at the end of your visit.

     Alternatively, you could instead go to the Deserted Fairground on the Haunted Woods for a more… spooky affair.

     5. Give back

     If you’re passionate about helping neopians who are less fortunate, a wonderful plan is asking your friends and family to spend the day volunteering with you. It’s hard work sometimes, but very rewarding. I promise you will end the day tired, but with a full heart.

     As to what you can do to give back, the Soup Faerie is always looking for helping hands at her kitchen. You could ask the Water Faerie if she needs some assistance healing injured neopets at the Healing Springs. Also, you could help some Kadoaties at the Kadoatery.

     Another good idea is asking that any neopoints intended for your birthday present be donated to the Money Tree instead.

     Whatever you choose to do, though, make sure it’s something you will for sure enjoy planning and taking part in. It’s no use planning something that you won’t like! Whether you prefer something more chill or going all out, the important thing is to have a good time and spend some time with your loved ones. Don’t stress it!

     I hope you have a wonderful celebration, whatever the occasion. Now go party, and have fun!

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