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Which Neopian Omelette Are You Most Like?

by skittlesrock10292


Which Omelette are YOU?

     Have you ever pondered life and asked yourself the all-important question, “Which Neopets Omelette am I most like?”

     Well if you have, you are in the right place! After years of exhausting research, taste tests, group studies, graphs, and charts, I have come up with the perfect personality quiz to determine which eggy, delicious breakfast treat you are most like. Neopia is filled with a vast variety of omelettes that have different flavours, ingredients and personalities, just like all of us users on Neopets! So buckle up, grab a pen and paper, and let's find out which scrumptious (or in some cases not so scrumptious) omelette we are!

     The directions are simple. For each question, write down if you answered A, B, C, D, or E. At the end, we will tally up which letter you answered most and find out which omelette best describes your personality!

     Question 1

     Which of these best describes you and your pet’s daily schedule?

     A: We follow a pretty tight routine. We wake up at 7 am on the dot every day, and exercise before we have a healthy breakfast. Then it's time for work, and then home by 5. We have dinner at 6, watch our favourite show until 8, and bed by 830. We like to keep to this schedule daily, usually have the same meals every week, and we don’t like to change things up without very advance notice.

     B: We follow a pretty loose schedule that consists of working, eating, exercising, and relaxing. Sometimes things change, but for the most part, I try to stick to a regular routine.

     C: We get everything done that we need to that day, but in what order is unimportant. I like to change things up pretty frequently so life doesn't become mundane and boring. If I feel like going to the beach spontaneously, I do it.

     D: Routine BORES me and my Neopet. I take care of everything that needs to be done, but I make sure to add variety to life. I try to make each day memorable, and doing the same thing every day makes life go by too quick.

     E: Wherever the wind blows, my Neopet and I follow. Schedule is not a part of your vocabulary, and you do what you want, when you want. You follow your instincts, not the clock.

     2. Which of these flash games do you enjoy most?

     A: Maths Nightmare

     B: Typing Terror

     C: Meerca Chase

     D: Faerie Bubbles

     E: Brucey B Slots

     3. Which Neoboard do you frequent most?

     A: The Official Neopets Team Message Board

     B: Help

     C: Avatar Chat

     D: Site Events

     E: Newbies

     4. Which NeoBoard smiley do you use most

     A: :)

     B: :D

     C: *yarr*

     D: *angrynegg*

     E: *dung*

     5. Out of this list of dailies, which is your favourite?

     A: The Giant Jelly

     B: Fruit Machine

     C: Deserted Tomb

     D: Apple Bobbing

     E: Lab Ray

     6. What is your favourite leisurely activity to do with your Neopet?

     A: Relaxing in your Neohome

     B: Going for a walk

     C: Visiting the beach

     D: Surfing

     E: Rock climbing

     7. What is your style choice when customizing your Neopet?

     A: I like a classic, simple look. Maybe a plain red tee, khakis, and some nice sneakers.

     B: I like suits, dresses, or matching shirt and pants. Nothing crazy but I like some colour.

     C: I think about my pets personality and really express that in clothing. Maybe a fun wig, a colourful background, and if I'm feeling crazy maybe a set of wings.

     D: I like to go CRAZY with my pet's clothes! The more eccentric the better. When people read my Neoboard posts I want them to be drawn to my pet! Crazy colours, loud statement pieces, and the more moving aspects the better.

     E: I close my eyes and point to pieces of clothing, and that's what they get. I like the surprise!

     Now tally up which answers you have more of and find your corresponding omelette!

     If you answered mostly A…

     You are a Plain Omelette!

     Some would say this is the most boring type of omelette, but rather I like to think of this omelette as classic! You enjoy the simple things in life, take nothing for granted, and enjoy routine and patterns in life. Friends might call you very level headed, stable, and old fashioned. These types of omelette people make really great friends. Although they might not be huge risk-takers, they stay true to who they are, and are very honest people.

     Some other omelettes you might enjoy include Cheese Omelette, Sausage Omelette, and Bacon Omelette.

     If you answered mostly B…

     You are a BBQ Sauce Omelette!

     You're definitely not a plain or just cheese omelette, you have a little bit extra to you! You are well balanced in life, you are not overly eccentric but no one would refer to you as boring either! You are rational and like to have fun. Friends would say you have amazing decision-making skills, and you are known for your smarts. You are the friend in the group who books the restaurant reservation, buys the movie tickets, and gets everyone there on time. You sometimes are afraid to be yourself, but you challenge yourself often to step out of your comfort zone.

     Other omelettes you might enjoy include Bacon and Broccoli Omelette, Green Pepper Omelette, and Tomato Omelette.

     If you answered mostly C…

     You are a Pizza Omelette!

     I like to think of the pizza omelette as something that sounds weird at first, but once you think about it, you realize it might not be such a bad idea! Like this omelette you possess many different ingredients; you are charming, light up the room, and are great at making friends. People like you! You sometimes may doubt yourself, but you are just perfect the way you are. Pizza omelettes almost always have a great sense of humour, and like to push boundaries. Keep being yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Who doesn't love pizza!?

     Some other omelettes you might enjoy include Potato Omelette Sandwich, and Spinach Feta Omelette.

     If you answered mostly D…

     You are a Marshmallow Omelette!

     The one word that comes to mind with this omelette is, sweet! You love the little surprises life throws at you, and you face them headfirst. Unpredictability is your last name, even though it can get you in trouble sometimes. You do not care about fitting in or being a part of the crowd. You march to the beat of your own egg. You may sometimes have trouble with authority figures, but you are very protective of your loved ones. You would do anything for your pet, and friends would describe you as loyal and stubborn. Adventures and exploring are some of your favourite activities.

     Other omelettes you might enjoy include Strawberry Omelette, and Chocolate Omelette.

     If you answered mostly E…

     You are a Little Fishy Omelette!

     You love being different! There are not many others like you, and you wouldn't have it any other way. No one has heard of your favourite band, and people always compliment you on your choice of clothing. You usually generally have either really good luck or really bad luck. Friends might describe you as wild, and they love hanging out with you because you always come up with the best things to do, and it always creates fun memories. One of your favourite activities in Neopia is the lab ray because you love the uncertainty of it! You love the lab-rays of life. You may at times be misunderstood, but people always remember you.

     Other omelettes you might enjoy include Seaweed Omelette, and Ugga Melon Omelette.

     There you have it folks! All of us here in Neopia are so unique and full of all different types of personalities and I hope you had fun comparing yourself to an omelette! Where else in the world can you do that besides in the Neopian Times? I hope I have helped you learn something about yourself, and just remember this is just an egg-themed quiz, don't get cracked up about it!


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