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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Before your daughter met me, she was on a great path. She was doing well enough in school to get into a good university, a good university for writing. Her stories put her at the top of her class. This would have led to her being published, doing book tours, and making millions of neopoints to dig you and your husband out of this neighbourhood. You couldn't give up control though, you couldn't open your mind to this possibility. It was never about what she wanted, it was about what you wanted. You wanted to be able to say your daughter was a doctor. An author, psht, that didn't have the right level of class for you. And so you forced that out of her. And all the pressure you put on her lead her right to me. I gave her what she needed to make you happy, but to do so I had to take away from her what makes her happy. So I took away her ability to write.

They do what!? Hobbies of our Yooyuball stars

The Altador Cup has now well and truly ended. Although the players of the Altador Cup spend a lot of the off-season training to stay in shape for the next tournament, they still have some time left to take part in their own hobbies and interests. Ebo interviewed three players from popular teams of the 2020 Altador Cup to find out and discuss some of their interests outside of Yooyuball. Ditan Colb of Kiko Lake After a surprising win this year, not many people would be quick to call Ditan chicken. Many Neopians assume Ditan would be ready to party 70’s style. However, after a big tournament, his priorities lay with his littlest fans. To wind down, Ditan enjoys his hobby farm. He is surprisingly dedicated to raising his Peadackle. ‘Out of all the many things, why Peadackle?’ Asked Ebo. ‘They’re surprisingly friendly, and good company’ Responded Ditan, as one of his favourite Peadackle prunes his singular hair.

Which Neopian Omelette Are You Most Like?

Which Omelette are YOU? Have you ever pondered life and asked yourself the all-important question, “Which Neopets Omelette am I most like?” Well if you have, you are in the right place! After years of exhausting research, taste tests, group studies, graphs, and charts, I have come up with the perfect personality quiz to determine which eggy, delicious breakfast treat you are most like. Neopia is filled with a vast variety of omelettes that have different flavours, ingredients and personalities, just like all of us users on Neopets! So buckle up, grab a pen and paper, and let's find out which scrumptious (or in some cases not so scrumptious) omelette we are! The directions are simple. For each question, write down if you answered A, B, C, D, or E. At the end, we will tally up which letter you answered most and find out which omelette best describes your personality!

Grave Danger: How to Train Your Petpet

It’s the sixth time this week you’ve sent your pet’s petpet off to the Catacombs below Neovia, in search of treasure. You’ve heard of all the amazing riches to be found down there: rare paint brushes, books, and morphing potions worth millions of neopoints. The current most sought after paint brush, the Maraquan Paint Brush, can net you 6 million neopoints on the Trading Post alone, and it’s just waiting down there for you to find! You just need your petpet to find these treasures, bring them back, and you’ll be an instant multimillionaire. You cackle to yourself, just thinking of all the things you could buy with those millions of neopoints.

Other Stories
"A Dance With Destiny" by mecha_fang
It was a pleasant summer morning in Meridell. As the sun rose over the horizon, the servants of Meridell Castle were busy as Springabees; as it was the first anniversary of Meridell’s defeat of Lord Darigan, King Skarl decreed a banquet be held to celebrate. Or rather, a larger-than-usual banquet; King Skarl was prone to declaring spontaneous banquets for a variety of occasions, but this date in particular called for a proper celebration. As the vast halls of the castle bustled with servants cleaning up the castle for the sake of appearances – after all, a banquet like this would be attended by royalty from other lands in Neopia – a middle-aged green Quiggle in a rather posh yet old-fashioned suit hopped down the hall, stopping every now and then to issue orders to the servants. His name was Hopkins, and he was King Skarl’s majordomo. After offering some pointers on dusting to a rather clumsy Elephante, he hopped down a bit further and ended up colliding with a White Lupe, knocking the young knight over.

"Another Hero's Journey: Fatherhood" by precious_katuch14
“Can I remove my blindfold now?” Andrea asked. The short green Kacheek and the burly brown Lupe on either side of her traded a look with the white Kyrii in the middle of the room. The white Kyrii nodded and gave them a thumbs-up with one hand; in the other, he clutched a broom. “Go ahead,” Devin, the Kacheek, urged her as he grinned from ear to ear. The red Kyrii reached up to pull the large kerchief away from her eyes, and gasped. She had never seen this room so beautifully furnished and organized. The closet and cupboards, as well as the table and toy chest under the window, were polished and clean. Though the cradle was devoid of bedding, blankets and pillows, it had been repainted in sky blue and cream. The rocking chair near the cradle was new, as was the model Whinny next to the toy chest. The walls were wallpapered in a serene periwinkle, and here and there were other items that completed the room – a lamp, a chest of drawers painted in Meridell colours, a small scarlet cushion...

"New Beginnings" by nick_and_nickette
Many years ago... Close your eyes, baby mine, May your dreams give you joy One day, you shall shine And I'll be proud of you, my boy... It had been almost two tears since that melody last reached his ears. Two years since he last saw his mother. Two years since he last hugged her, last played with her. Two years since he had been in this dreadful place. The young blue Ixi was not older than nine. He was quiet, and a little skittish. He didn't like living in the orphanage — it was a cold, sad, lonely place. Sure, he was fed, but there were many children there, so food was meagre. And he only had a purple sweater, dark green jacket, tattered trousers and a pair of boots to his name. Not only the lack of adequate nourishment and clothing, but the other kids— “Hey look out, here comes the dumb Ixi!" “What's up, dork, Angelpuss got your tongue or somethin'?" —were not the best. They picked on the boy's refusal the speak — he hadn't spoken since his mother died. The Ixi had been holding a ball in his hand. The three boys that were teasing him...

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