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Grave Danger: How to Train Your Petpet

Note: The author is not a licensed petpet trainer and any advice taken is at the reader's own risk.

by aliceinwonderland18
Which Neopian Omelette Are You Most Like?

After years of exhausting research, taste tests, group studies, graphs, and charts, I have come up with the perfect personality quiz to determine which eggy, delicious breakfast treat you are most like!

by skittlesrock10292
They do what!? Hobbies of our Yooyuball stars

Get up close and personal with your favourite Yooyuball stars!

by roxi2rox
How to Win the Poetry Competition

The ultimate guide to the poetry contest!

by catfan131
The Neopian Times Series Spotlight — Quarry Life

Welcome once again to the Neopian Times Series Spotlight! This week we will be discussing Quarry Life with blueys45.

by the__reporter
An Inside Look At Meridell's ACXV Campaign

The dust has now officially settled on Altador Cup XV! For the 2nd time in the past 3 seasons, the Knights of Meridell have earned a podium spot with a narrow second-place finish.

by michaelruss
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"New Beginnings" by nick_and_nickette
Many years ago... Close your eyes, baby mine, May your dreams give you joy One day, you shall shine And I'll be proud of you, my boy... It had been almost two tears since that melody last reached his ears. Two years since he last saw his mother. Two years since he last hugged her, last played with her. Two years since he had been in this dreadful place. The young blue Ixi was not older than nine. He was quiet, and a little skittish. He didn't like living in the orphanage — it was a cold, sad, lonely place. Sure, he was fed, but there were many children there, so food was meagre. And he only had a purple sweater, dark green jacket, tattered trousers and a pair of boots to his name. Not only the lack of adequate nourishment and clothing, but the other kids— “Hey look out, here comes the dumb Ixi!" “What's up, dork, Angelpuss got your tongue or somethin'?" —were not the best. They picked on the boy's refusal the speak — he hadn't spoken since his mother died. The Ixi had been holding a ball in his hand. The three boys that were teasing him...

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Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library
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