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Mutant Morphology Vol. 2

by hamster_wolf


Mutants! We're all familiar with them, most Neopians are afraid of them. We all know transmogrification potions have a special effect on each species of Neopet that gives them a certain shape, but did you know they're not all exactly the same? No two mutants of a similar species are identical! In this article, we'll cover the basic, visible mutations, as well as subtle differences that have been observed between different Mutant members of the same species, from Ixi to Nimmo.

     Ixi- At first glance, Mutant Ixis look just like their normal cousins standing on two legs. However, a closer look reveals something much more sinister about them… they have mouths full of sharp teeth! That’s right, unlike your cute little Pink Ixi, the Mutant ones eat mostly meat. They have very strong stomachs and can eat anything from tin cans to paper, but they’ll be the first ones in line to try a new juicy burger from the Food Shop. Mutating turns their fur green, ranging from dark forest green to mint-coloured on their stomachs, with a variety of dark-coloured spots. They also have a shaggy mane down their shoulders and backs, and their tails become long like a Blumaroo’s.

     Jetsam- Jetsams who mutate become underwater nightmare fuel. Instead of a friendly-looking (not that there is such a thing) Jetsam face, their eyes stick out on different sides of their heads like a hammerhead shark. Some of them have not one, not two, but as many as four rows of razor-sharp teeth. Their lower halves turn into a mass of tentacles; usually six, but some have been seen with as many as ten of them. They have a surprising colour scheme, as they turn bright red with some shade of yellow or green for accents. This can be an advantage for camouflage in the brightly coloured coral reefs around Maraqua as they hunt for Flotsams swimming by.

     Jubjub- Jubjubs are a fairly straightforward-looking Mutant. Unlike their cute and fluffy normal counterparts, their bodies are covered in a slimy mass of tentacles and rough fur. They have excellent night vision, with giant yellow eyes. Their colour ranges from pale to deep green, with yellow or orange feet -- which come equipped with giant claws. Mutant Jubjubs are very good at climbing and jumping, as their legs are actually longer than normal. They’re very fast, so you wouldn’t want to have to run from one in the middle of the night!

     Kacheek- The ever-popular Kacheek has a particularly grotesque Mutant version. They look almost completely normal, perhaps a bit bland, compared to other Mutants, but one thing is for sure: That giant, exposed brain is totally unique to them. While owners may be worried about making sure their pet has a helmet or some protective headwear, the brain is incredibly tough. They have bigger, longer teeth than normal Kacheeks, and they pack a nasty bite. Their eyes get bigger and turn shades of yellow, orange, or red with black sclera. Ever seen an angry Mutant Kacheek? The eyes glow! Their fur colour ranges from desaturated light blue to slate grey, and they love to keep their coats soft and clean.

     Kau- If you thought a Mutant Kacheek was boring, you’re in for a shock when you see a Mutant Kau. No other Mutant fits the word “horrifying abomination” quite like these guys. Instead of hind legs, their entire back half consists of a Hissi-like tail, and they grow two extra eyes. But the most distinct, disgusting feature about them is their mouths, which instead of a normal jaw have been replaced by a mass of tentacles surrounding a mouth. These tentacles are very flexible and they use them to break down food as they eat it. Despite this frightening appearance, they’re very laid back Neopets. They come in shades of red and yellow, giving them an oddly bright appearance.

     Kiko- Mutant Kikos are a more traditional-looking Mutant. You can immediately tell they’re Kikos, but they’re covered in lumps and constantly ooze slime from their mouths. Their fingers turn into giant claws, which is helpful for them when they dig for food at the bottom of Kiko Lake. They’re nocturnal, and their giant red and yellow eyes help them see as clear as day in the dark water. Their skin comes in solid shades of grey to blue, with no markings whatsoever. Mutant Kikos also have a huge appetite, so anyone who owns one better be ready to keep a constant supply of food on hand.

     Koi- Mutant Koi absolutely love gross, polluted waters and can be found happily playing around coastal rubbish dumps. They grow an extra eye and their fins become badly decayed, yet somehow this doesn’t affect their strong swimming abilities. Their bodies are well-suited for underwater camouflage, with the top being shades of green or brown, and their underbellies becoming light yellow or white. Their fins turn brown or pale, and their teeth become huge and sharp. Mutant Koi have long purple tongues, which they use to shift through garbage or grab swimming prey right out of the water.

     Korbat- These guys are very, very low-key compared to other Mutants. You’d be easily fooled into thinking they weren’t even Mutants at all, just another colour. The most distinct thing about them is they grow a long claw on the top of their wings, which they use to dig bugs out from inside tree bark. Their tails become thicker, but they still use them to hang off trees with no problem. One big difference between them and normal Korbats is while you can’t hear normal Korbats use echolocation, Mutant Korbats have a very loud, bone-chilling cry when they are on the hunt. Mutating turns their fur light or desaturated green, with a dark green ruff around their necks. Their claws turn either black or dark green, and their tail, wings, and inner ears turn shades or blue or indigo.

     Kougra- Continuing in the trend of Mutant Neopets having very green colour schemes, Mutant Kougras are very similar to their unmutated counterparts. The most distinct physical difference is the fact that their ears are larger and pointed instead of round, though when you look closer you see what really sets them apart: Their stripes aren’t just markings, they’re entirely hairless, fleshy parts of their body. Mutant Kougras also have much, much larger claws that stick out from their toes permanently, so owners will want to make sure they’re alright with furniture and toys getting accidentally mangled. Their coats give them excellent camouflage in the jungles of Mystery Island, though sometimes their bright red eyes can be a giveaway.

     Krawk- Talk about freaky! Mutant Krawks have four arms, making them excellent swimmers. They grow an extra eye, giving them an advantage for seeing underwater. The odd thing about their eyes is they have three pupils in each eye, giving them an almost insect-like look, though they don’t seem to have drastically different vision than normal Krawks. Their colours are all shades of green and brown, perfect for hiding in fungus caves. Some individuals are covered head to toe in spots, but usually, they seem to only have them on their arms and legs. Their scales are actually much smoother than typical Krawk scales, but their mane is long and coarse.

     Kyrii- Mutant Kyrii are certainly a drastic change from normal Kyrii. While their apple-hating cousins are known for being small, sneaky, and able to outrun Sakhmet guards with no problem, Mutant ones are huge and imposing. Like Mutant Grundos, they’re full of muscle -- not all of that bulk is just fur. They have the classic Kyrii mane, of course, but it’s electric blue with dark stripes going through it. They’re exclusively bright blue, with an underbelly ranging from dark to light cream. Rounding them out are giant claws on their hands and feet, making them even more of a threat in a fight.

     Lenny- Mutant Lennies are not quite as horrible or grotesque as other Mutants. While they’re certainly a different shape than other Lennies, they’re otherwise very “normal” looking. What makes these guys gross is they love to eat rotten food, and they have the stomachs to back that up. Instead of the two-pointed hairdo other Lennies have, these guys have a single big swoop of feathers on their heads, giving them a suave appearance. Their feathers are usually brown, but occasionally they can look almost purple or red on some individuals. They also enjoy eating bones, so if your Gelert isn’t having any, give them to a Mutant Lenny!

     Lupe- Hear a chilling howl in the mountains at night? Mutant Lupes like to make themselves known. When Lupes mutate, their fur turns various shades of indigo or purple, though some have been seen with blue shades. Their bellies and the tips of their tails turn darker than the rest of their fur, and like a lot of other Mutants, they can have a variety of spots. Mutant Lupes grow a metallic exoskeleton on parts of their bodies, most notably their skulls, with some “ribs” around their arms, shoulders and backs. This makes them liable to charge intruders and hit them with a good headbutt before doing any actual biting. They grow spikes along their backs, and their claws become enormous -- great for digging! Oddly enough, they have an affinity for garlic.

     Lutari- With powerful limbs, flipper-like feet, and two giant tails, Mutant Lutaris are incredible swimmers! These guys are almost twice as big as other Lutaris, but that doesn’t make them any less graceful in the water. When they mutate, their fur turns almost entirely blue, letting them blend into the water seamlessly, though for whatever reason their eyebrows become orange. Their giant claws let them dig up and open clams and oysters with ease.

     Meerca- Another contender for “almost normal”, the most striking thing about the Mutant Meerca is the single, angry eye. Yes, they have the typical Mutant “big teeth and claws” going, but if you saw a Mutant Meerca from the back, you probably wouldn’t think twice until it turned around. Then you’d probably turn the other way and run. Like normal Meercas, these guys have constantly growing teeth that they need to wear down by gnawing on things like wood. It’s a bit more drastic for the Mutants, and they can chew things up twice as fast, so if you own one you’d better be prepared for toothmarks on your walls. They come in shades of blue or grey, with a green or yellow underbelly

     Moehog- Notable for being the pet with the cheapest Transmogrification Potion, Mutant Moehogs are… not very cool. Their hooves are replaced by paws, and these guys are not fond of moving around much. The only fur they have is the signature Moehog mohawk and some strands of hair on their tails; they’re otherwise completely covered in skin like the Mutant Blumaroo. They turn green, of course, with a peach-coloured snout and belly. Watch out for those tusks, though.

     Mynci- Big and fearsome, Myncis are another entry in “big and strong Mutants”. They can be three or four times larger than normal Myncis, and have quite a temper. They have a pair of horns above their ears, but a typical Mutant Mynci would much rather deal with a foe using its fists than these horns. Their feet turn into big claws, letting them climb up trees more easily with their added bulk. Dark green fur helps them hide in treetops, and they have been known to use those bright red spots to intimidate opponents. Of course, who wouldn’t already be frightened by a giant hulking Mynci with arms like Krell Vitor?

     Nimmo- One of the newer Mutants spotted around Neopia, Mutant Nimmos are almost cute. The most notable thing about them is their bulk compared to the average Nimmo, and they like to throw their weight around and crush others if they’re ever in a fight. Their colours are shades of light blue or aqua, with a nice yellow or accent on their hands, feet, and the spikes on their backs. Mutant Nimmo can puff themselves up to look especially large, and their spikes all over do a good job of making this look more serious than silly. They do grow fangs, and have been known to hunt fish, but they still seem to prefer flies.

     That's all for today! Tune in next time when we cover species O - Z in volume 3 (the finale)!


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