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Foreseeing Kaia’s Future

by suixx


      What’s more magical than a faerie that can see the future? The answer is a faerie whose story has only just begun! While we aren’t blessed with Kaia’s gift, we can speculate at her future in Neopia, and all that she will do by Fyora’s side. This article will examine some of the possible ways the newest faerie will make her mark on Neopia, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. The future isn’t written in stone, after all!

      Kaia’s first impact on Neopia came with her new daily, Wing It! We’ve already seen this game in action, wherein the player has to pin the wings on the faerie, all while blindfolded. This game may award Neopoints or items, or, if you miss the faerie, nothing at all. The game ran for about a week during the Y19 Faerie Festival and earned itself quite a few fans. It was so popular that in week 803 of the editorial, it was requested that Wing It become a permanent site feature, which received a firm, “We’ll see!” Thus making it Kaia’s most likely new venture.

      In addition to Wing It, Kaia could also open up other dailies. In the same vein as the Library Faerie’s daily crossword puzzles, Kaia could have a daily which would involve solving one of her murmurs for Neopoints or items as prizes. She could also set out on a venture to map out the Wild Woods, to make it safer after the incident with Fyora, which would structurally be similar to Faerie Caverns where we must try to navigate the woods, all the while contributing to her growing map.

      Another option is introducing Kaia to the wonderful world of Faerie Quests. There are three different ways (that we can foresee) for Kaia to make her mark in this lucrative market:



  1. A questing structure similar to those presented by Jhudora or Illusen. With a whole new set of petpets, items, and, if you can reach level 50, a crowning battledome weapon, it would be a great new way to encourage some friendly competition.


  2. A quest system like Taelia or Kitchen Quest, wherein Kaia will ask for 2-4 specific items for her studies, and return the favour with stats, valuable Shenkuu items, and maybe a rare chance at something a little more expensive, similar to Taelia sometimes giving out ice cream coupons. Another option for quest rewards is foresight into the Faerie Caverns, dropping hints about which way to go upon correctly completing her quests.


  3. Joining the other faeries in Faerie Quests obtained through either Random Events or Faerie Quest Cookies. Given that Kaia is a student, it makes sense for her to ask for school items, and she could reward 2 defense and 2 speed stats, reflective of her ability to see the future and quickly defend herself. It would also make sense for her to reward intelligence, but that stat would have to be coupled with some battledome stats as well, since many players buy and use FQCs for battledome stats alone and might not appreciate pure intelligence rewards.


      One of the favourite parts of TWR plot was Fiendish Formations, which would be a great game to permanently include in the Games Room. The game required you to organize Faerieland’s troops to defend against the wraiths by strategically placing the canons, all the while avoiding bombs. It was a fun and challenging game with increasing skill levels and would be a great new game to compete for a high score, as well as adding a shiny new trophy to your trophy cabinet, by placing canons as quickly and accurately as you can under Kaia’s leadership.

      Kaia could also have other games, potentially involving the Wild Woods or her Murmurs, or a whole new concept like helping her with school work or navigating her mind to predict the future. The possibilities are endless!

      Another possibility for Kaia would be something similar to the Coconut Shy game, but instead of attempting to knock over coconuts, players would attempt to pick up stones. These would be very similar to the ones found in the Forgotten Graveyard, except these new stones would be extra heavy. Players would attempt to pick up stones of varying shapes, sizes, and colors, and if they succeed, they earn a Neopoint reward and a stone fragment to take home and put into a new stamp album page, dedicated just to these fragments! This could also lead into a new stamp avatar for filling the page with stone fragments, or for succeeding in picking up a stone, or both!

      A very fun aspect of Neopets has always been Random Events. There is nothing quite like seeing the large banner pop up at the top of your screen, not knowing how lucky (or unlucky) you just were. There are many ways Kaia could potentially be involved in Random Events:



  1. Kaia can give advice on the stock market, urging you to buy: “I see good things in store for TNPT, maybe you should invest!”, or sell: “The future for DROO doesn’t look so good, maybe you should sell.”


  2. A rare event could be Kaia murmuring something and increasing your pet’s intelligence: “Kaia floats up to you and starts murmuring something. As you try to work out what she’s saying, you feel different. And, what’s this?! You finally understand integral calculus!”


  3. Items can be awarded through random events: “‘Here, take this Blueberry Jelly Sword! I think it might come in handy for your today!’”


  4. Neopoints can also be awarded: “‘Oh, thank goodness I found you! Here’s 10,000 Neopoints, it should help you in your travels today!’”


  5. There could also be a ‘useless’ random event that does not award anything: “You pass by Kaia, who seems to be murmuring something to herself, but you can’t quite make it out…”


      Perhaps Kaia could decide to venture into the small business world and open up a new shop in Shenkuu. The types items she could potentially sell range from battledome weapons and scrolls, to books teaching Neopians about her ability of Sight. The shop could follow the same format as the rest of the restocking shops, or Kaia could choose to make hers a little bit different, and instead opt for another restocking format, such as only selling certain items on certain days, or selling certain items depending on what her Sight shows her that day. A new shop that runs a little differently, along the lines of Hidden Tower, Smugglers Cove, the Almost Abandoned Attic, or Igloo Garage Sale, would be an engaging and exciting new activity.

      It is also possible that Kaia could take on a job in an already-existing place in Faerieland, acting as an intern of sorts while she gets to learn more about her fellow faeries. Kaia could step in to help run and maintain the Wheel of Excitement, help the Poogles get ready for their races, assist Neopians in finding a job they would like at the Faerieland Employment Agency, or work in one of the many shops to be found in Faerie City.

      Don’t worry, though, we saved the best for last--avatars! With all the hubbub around the recent stamp avatars, it would be a great time for Kaia to release some avatars of her own. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s been suggested that Wing It should come with its own avatar, as well as any other daily she might run, including the collectable item avatar after collecting magical artifacts from her new daily.

      There’s also the possibility of receiving her avatar automatically as a new default avatar for everyone to have, similar to the default Lutari avatar that was added after the species was released. Or it could be more like the Illusen/Jhudora Day avatars where you had to complete one of her quests for it. Really, the avatar could have anything to do with her and any activities we mentioned, including a game or restocking avatar, or something completely new.

      As one of the newest additions to the world of Neopia, Kaia has many paths she can take. She could also decide to take on more than one task as an effort to branch out even further into the Neopian community. Maybe Kaia will choose not to take on any responsibilities for the time being and will instead spend more time exploring Faerieland. Whatever Kaia decides to do, we know she will shine greatly.

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