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A List of Must-Haves Keep To You Zen This Spring!

by shnicky7


     As the temperatures warm up and the Peaceful Tree Garlands in your gardens begin to bloom, you may be wondering how to best embrace spring’s arrival. In anticipation of the most beautiful season of the year (that’s our opinion anyway), we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite spring-related items to help you make the most of the fresh flowers and warmer days.



     Ginseng Popsicle

     Neopets claim to have more energy after enjoying this unique treat.

     Although the taste of this organic treat is questionable, it will definitely keep you cool as you stroll through the gardens of Shenkuu under the sun. Also, Ginseng has been found to strengthen one’s immune system, making you less likely to catch D’achoo or Grumbles. So for those of you who may find yourselves sneezing as you walk through the heavily pollinated air, this popsicle will definitely ease your itchy symptoms and make your spring experience even more enjoyable!


     Relaxation Tea

     Relaaaaaax, everything is going to be just fine. Deep breaths. Inhale. Ahhhhh…

     Forget your Black Tea or any other type of tea. During the summer, the only tea you should be drinking is Relaxation Tea. This tea is seasonal as the wildflowers which are used for the brew only bloom at the beginning of spring and begin to wilt as quickly as they blossomed. This warm drink keeps you feeling positive andclear headed, and is best enjoyed while lying on your Wooden Sun Lounger with your Relaxing Eye Mask.


     Neopian Times Quill

     Why write with a boring pen when you can use a quill!

     They say that some of the best poetry was written during springtime, with books such as Faeries of Spring or A Faerie Beautiful Day being clear examples of this! That’s why we recommend that you get yourself a quill this spring, and allow those creative juices to flow! Perhaps you can draw inspiration from the mysterious Stone Faerie Statue and her pensive expression, or as you wander the freshly mowed grass down by the gardens of Neopia. If you’re looking for a notebook to accompany your new quill, we recommend the Lily Pad Notebook, which is a perfect spring addition to your stationary collection.


     Curved Pond

     Make your neighbours jealous of your garden with this beautiful pond.

     One of the perks of spring is that the frozen ponds are finally beginning to thaw, and you can begin to work on preparing your garden for the new season. As you plant the new bulbs for your Magenta Tulips and White Daffodils, you may also want to consider adding a beautiful new water feature like the Curved Pond to your blossoming garden. This pond will add a zen-like element to your landscape, encouraging tranquility, and will entice more wildlife such as Draphlys and Dragonfly Nymphs to visit your garden.


     Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

      This delicious ice cream was flavoured from the best tasting tea.

     Okay we know we said to forget any other tea, but you’re allowed to ignore our advice for this delicious ice cream infused with Earl Grey! It has a light, leafy-like fragrance to it, and is less sugary than your alternative Chocolate Ice Cream. It is also the perfect accompaniment for any outdoor activity, whether you are enjoying the afternoon view from the Faerieland Gazebo, or wandering the sweltering caves of Moltara.


     Pretty Sleep Mask

     Block out any pesky distractions and get a good nights sleep with this mask.

     Spring symbolises the rejuvenation of life, and what better way to achieve this feeling than with this sleep mask?! This Pretty Sleep Mask will help you to fall asleep quickly and deeply, allowing you to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you really want to get into that spring feeling, then you can pair this sleep mask with a set of Flower Footie Pyjamas! Its floral pattern will make you feel (and look) like a giant flower!


     Cherry Blossom Candle Holder

      The flowers really stand out in the dark when you light a candle in this candle holder.

     For those people who really really really love spring, this candle holder was crafted using actual wood from a Cherry Blossom Garland, and is an elegant way for you to show off the arrival of spring in your home! Additionally, every time you light the candle, your home will radiate with the scent of these beautiful flowers. A must-have for anyone who loves spring! However be careful, as wood is obviously flammable, these candles are notorious for combusting spontaneously so make sure to keep an eye on it at all times when it is lit. Let’s just say that when you’re using this candle, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the cherry blossoms! (or risk having your house burn down when you’re not looking…)


     Spring Bouquet Parasol

     You can only find these lovely colours during the spring season

     One thing about springtime is that the weather can still be temperamental, which is why we recommend that you carry a parasol with you wherever you go to avoid being rained on! They often say that you find beauty in suffering; while the Spring Bouquet Parasol is pretty terrible at its one job to keep the rain away, its floral design is spectacular and will leave its user feeling as if he or she is being surrounded by a hanging garden.


Bonsai Rock Garden

     Sigh, tranquility is something that can be hard to find in a garden..

     But not if you have a Bonsai Rock Garden! This low maintenance rock garden can survive even the harshest of weather. They look great all year round but would look the best in spring, when all the plants and flowers bloom in their full glory. Need ideas on what to plant among those rocks? What about the Illusen Spring Mushroom Plant? Mind you, this plant only pops up during spring so don’t be surprised when you go to sleep to an empty rock garden on the last night of winter and wake up to a blooming lush garden in the morning of spring!

          And these are our recommendations of the things you need this season to keep yourself calm and happy this spring. We hope this article inspires some of you to take advantage of spring’s arrival and that the items we have introduced to you allows you the most of your time smelling the roses!


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