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Isca’s and Caylis’s Horoscope for Year 18

by pikachu315111


Amongst the many beliefs about dreams and nightmares the most common is that they are visions of the future. To most this is a myth, but for two Maraquan Aisha this belief is truth. Isca and Caylis, twin Maraquan Aisha sisters, are well known characters for their involvement in the Curse of Maraqua plot which had made them into heroes. Both were born with a special gift (well, for Isca. Caylis would call hers a curse); Isca can see future events in her dreams while Caylis has nightmares about disasters and misfortunes. Isca has used her visions to help bring Maraqua great fortune while Caylis had predicted problems Maraqua had to face (and unfortunately blamed for them leading to her being exiled. She was vindicated after saving Maraqua but felt it was better if she lived by herself, occasionally visited by Isca). So for this issue of dreams and nightmares I thought why not have them write a horoscope for the year! Isca will dream of fortunes while Caylis will have nightmares of challenges. I’ve talked long enough, so let’s get to Isca’s and Caylis’s Horoscope for Year 18:

Isca: Aren’t you excited Caylis? Using our visions to help, together!

Caylis: Greaaat, I can’t wait for them to get angry at me, pfft.

The Sleeper (December 22 to January 19)

Isca’s Fortune: In my dream for the Sleepers I was in a crowded Neopia Central walking around. Huh? I don’t have feet? This is a dream, silly, it doesn’t have to make sense. What’s important is the message from it. So back to it, I was walking around a crowded Neopia Central, except everyone had their eyes closed, as if they were sleepwalking! Then I noticed they were walking into walls, tripping over each other, and one fell down the Wishing Well! Meanwhile the stores were filled with all sorts of rare items and I had a huge bag of seemingly infinite NP! I went on a shopping spring and that’s when I woke up. I guess the fortune is that, though we all need sleep, we must be awake too and if not we’ll miss out on things.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Sleepers I was on one of Shenkuu’s flying ships and it was falling from the sky! I rushed around the ship trying to get the crew’s help but they were all half asleep and useless! So I had to run around the ship and activate its flying mechanism which I somehow knew how to do. I eventually got it flying again just a few feet before hitting the ground. Then all the crew got off acting as if nothing happened. I suppose the challenge you’ll be facing is working with others who don’t pull their weight so you’ll have to do more work to get all of you out of situations. Oh, and you won’t get thanked for it, how’s that for gratitude?

The First to Rise (January 20 to February 18)

Isca’s Fortune: In my dream for the First to Risers I was floating on a cloud rising up into the sky, but only when I was awake, in the dream I mean. I was trying to reach a star but no matter how long I stayed "awake" I couldn’t reach it and had to take a long nap making me fall back down. However I then took a short nap and found I was able to stay up longer! So by taking short naps occasionally I was finally able to "stay awake" long enough to reach the star. I guess the fortune is that you shouldn’t force yourself to stay awake otherwise you’ll need to rest longer and fall behind on what you need to do. But if you take quick breaks when you need to you’ll achieve what you want to do!

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the First to Risers I was on some farm which is under attack by bandits. The bandits left and all the farmers went to sleep with the threat over. Except the next day the bandits attacked again until they left and the farmers went to sleep again. The bandits always attacked in the early morning and one day I was the first to "wake up" so had to get everyone up to prepare for the bandit attack. Repeat until I woke up for real. I suppose the challenge is that you’ll have to be the first to do something before other’s start doing anything. I’d like to think in a real life or death situation that wouldn’t be true but I have firsthand experience knowing otherwise.

The Gladiator (February 19 to March 20)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Gladiators I was in the Battledome facing a whole group of opponent’s! It was a free for all and I fought fairly well with my Maractite sword. But then an announcer yelled "Round 2" where everyone stopped fighting and starting playing musical instruments! I grabbed a nearby flute and played a nice tune I knew. "Round 3" was then announced and everyone began drawing pictures! I found a set of water color paint and drew a beautiful portrait of a coral reef. I ended up in first place, though oddly in third place was Caylis. Either way I guess the fortune is that as long as you have the right skills and tools you can win in any form of competition.

Caylis’s Challenge: We must have had a connected dream. In my nightmare for the Gladiators I was also in the Battledome but, as everyone charged at me with swords, I had a paint brush. I did my best to fight back by drawing fake mustaches on their face. But as Isca said, "Round 2" was then announced and as everyone had an instrument to play music I instead had a sword! I picked up a stick and banged on the blade trying to make some kind of rhythm from it. Than in "Round 3", while everyone had a paint brush or pencil, I had a trumpet. I dipped the trumpet’s head into paint and blew into it, splattering paint on the canvas. When it was over, while Isca got first place, I got third. I didn’t even get second, though I guess I should be lucky I positioned on the podium at all. Either way, I suppose the challenge is that sometimes you won’t have the right tools to do what you need but you got to make do. Though don’t expect anyone to give you any slack for it.

The Farmer (March 21 to April 19)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Farmers I’m planting seeds in a big garden when I come across a sickly looking seed. I’m told to just toss it but I decide to plant it anyway. I tend to the garden and everything’s growing except for the sickly seed. I’m told just to forget about it but I don’t give up on it, giving it extra care even though it still doesn’t grow. Then one day I discover it has grown into a giant, gold flower which blooms to reveal a huge gem inside! I guess the fortune is that if you stay dedicated and don’t lose hope you’ll get rewarded for your accomplishment.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Famers I too have a garden but it got infested by a plague of Petpetpets which destroys it. I try growing the same kind of plant again but this time there’s a drought which burns them up. I try one more time with the same plant but this time a space ship flies down and vaporizes them. Finally I decide to grow a lesser plant but its Petpetpet resistant and can survive in extreme weather; no defense against space ships though. Anyway, I suppose the challenge is knowing when to give up and go with a backup plan.

The Hunter (April 20 to May 20)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Hunters I’m deep in the jungles of Mystery Island chasing after a Pterodactyl, like the ones from Tyrannia. I quietly sneak up on the beast, but it still hears me and takes off. I take out a bow and shoot, but instead of an arrow it’s a cage which grows big enough to surround the Pterodactyl. However, it still keeps flying so I need to make my way through acres of jungle until finally getting to it. However, the cage had shrunk and the Pterodactyl is now an Airax Petpet. I guess the fortune is that with careful planning and diligence you’ll eventually get the prize you’re seeking.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Hunters I’m in Tyrannia and being hunted by a tribe of Coconut Natives, like the ones from Mystery Island. I think somewhere my and Isca’s dreams had their wires cross. Going on, I go back and forth from jungle to plateau as I hide behind plants and rocks, avoiding thrown spears and traps. Eventually I get to where I’ve been trying to get to: Plesio who’s running a Tombola game. I suppose the challenge is that they’re going to be those who will try to stop you from doing things, though probably something more important than doing a mixed up daily.

The Dreamer (May 21 to June 20)

Isca’s Fortune: In my dream for the Dreamers, that sounded a bit poetic, I had dreams within dreams! Actually I’m hoping I’m awake right now, I mean I pinched myself to make sure but my dreams always feel like they’re real. Anyway, in every dream but the last I was a ruler of a land. First I was the queen of Meridell, than the empress of Shenkuu, than mayor of Moltara, governor of Krawk Island, and you get the point. And for each one I was just standing on a balcony while my loyal subjects cheered my name. But then in the last one I "woke up" as a poor street urchin who wanted to gather the people to overthrow a tyrant. I guess the fortune is that it's not enough to be king in one's dreams; one must seek to be king while awake. Hm, I think I heard that somewhere before.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Dreamers I felt like I was never going to wake up. Usually in my nightmares I don’t know I’m dreaming, but this one I did. I was in a dark cave and felt very afraid. I felt like I’ve been trapped there for hours. I stumbled around though I don’t know if I was swimming, walking, floating, or whatever way I was moving forward. Every pathway I took lead to a dead end and it seemed they changed as I went back through them. I don’t think anything was chasing me, but it felt like I was surrounded by a presence which was slowly crushing me. I don’t know when I exactly woke up but I’m still shaking the feeling off. I suppose the challenge is that there will be times where you’ll feel dread and hopelessness but you just need to keep moving if you want to get pass them.

The Wave (June 21 to July 22)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Wavers I was swimming through the clouds in old Faerieland, when it was back in the sky. I was participating in a race but when it started I couldn’t run because it was one of my rare dreams where having no feet mattered. I tried hopping but was being left behind when I slipped through a soft cloud. It felt like I was falling but when I flicked my tail I realized I was actually swimming in the cloud. I then used this to swiftly swim past my opponent’s and cross the finish line first! I guess the fortune is that you should always try using your natural talents whenever possible to get ahead of the competition.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Wavers I was also swimming, but it was through sand in the Lost Desert. And no, it wasn’t pleasant. The sand was rough, course, and got everywhere. And worst in the nightmare it felt like I was dehydrated and the sun was cooking me. If I was to "survive" I had to swim through the sand until I could get to an oasis I saw in the distance, though if it was like anything in real life it would have probably been a mirage. I suppose the challenge is that you’ll sometimes have to go through tough resistance in order to get out of a bad situation.

The Thief (July 23 to August 22)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Thieves I was chasing after a thief. We were in Neovia and we were jumping roof from roof. The thief kept trying to lose me by hopping down into an alley or throwing behind traps like chattering teeth toys, spider webs, and balloons. Finally I was able to catch up to the thief, pulled back their hood, and discovered it was Caylis! She looked filthy and skinny, and her thief bag was filled with soap and candy. I told her she shouldn’t steal but then let her go since I owned a shop filled with soap and candy and could spare what he took. I guess the fortune is that you should be considerate to those who are less fortunate. Err, not that I’m saying you’re less fortunate Caylis, it’s just that in the dream...

Caylis’s Challenge: Yes, yes, I know. In my nightmare for the Thieves I was indeed a thief being chased down by Isca so it was a shared dream. I had stolen soap and candy from Isca’s store which was only stocked with soap and candy. Convenient since I felt hungry and dirty. Then we get to the chase but I’ll skip right to when she caught me. As she said, she talked down to me for stealing but let me go. I suppose the challenge is that sometimes you need to do something you don’t like in order to get by and don’t be hesitant to accept charity when given it.

The Gatherer (August 23 to September 22)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Gatherers I was a globetrotting treasure hunter! I and some other adventurers were on a scavenger hunt, following a map to ancient ruins to find a certain item. All the other adventurers chose the most expensive items but I instead looked around and eventually found a weird item that matched a marking on the map. I’d found stuff like a lamp, dresser, sofa, bed, toilet and bath tub, bean bag chair, and even a toaster. When I brought the items to the hunt organizer he awarded me the winner for finding the items he wanted to redecorate his Neohome with. I guess the fortune is that you shouldn’t overlook the small details. Also that it’s easier to just go to your local Neohome store if you decide to redecorate.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Gatherers I was put in charge to look after a museum. I was given a list of instructions by the curator which were simple at first, like admire the pictures and say "hello" to the statues, but as it went on it became more and more ridiculous like whistle Moltara’s anthem in front of a clock at a certain time. I mindlessly said "okay" to each one and finally was left alone to follow the instructions. I was able to do so at first but as I got into the more convoluted ones I started forgetting to do other ones. As I did pictures started to melt, statues came to life and ran around crying, small artifacts grew in size while big ones shrunk, items in the gift shop began floating around; it was pure madness. By the time the curator came back the museum was in ruins and I was let go. I suppose the challenge is that you shouldn’t try to take on more than you can handle, though I’d imagine if something like that were to happen for real you’d be in much deeper trouble.

The Collector (September 23 to October 22)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Collectors I had the largest Usuki Collection in all of Neopia. I had them all neatly stacked on large shelves, all still in their packaging, it looked like a museum exhibit. Then as I was standing in front of them, they all started to cry! I went out and got more clothes and play sets to calm them down, but no matter what I got it didn’t make them stop. I eventually opened one up to see what’s the matter and it stopped crying. That’s when I realized they were crying because, as toys, they wanted to be played with. So I opened up a playhouse where all the kids could come and play with the Usuki. I guess the fortune is that you should enjoy playing and sharing your collection, though I don’t think many dedicated collectors would agree with the former part. *gives a nervous but happy smile*

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Collectors I too had a collection, an imaginary collection. No, it wasn’t invisible stuff, at least that’s tangible. I had, of all things, a Jelly World collection. And I just don’t mean stuff made out of jelly or the fake items depicting a Jelly World, I mean items from Jelly World. There was even a Jelly Paint Brush and it was the only thing my collection was missing. However, tried as I might, I couldn’t find one anywhere. I asked Jelly Neopets how they got painted Jelly and they said from the Lab Ray or the Rainbow Fountain. That’s when I remembered Jelly was a Colour that didn’t have a Paint Brush and with that realization my entire collection vanished. I suppose the challenge is that sometimes you’ll have to accept there are just some things you’ll never get, though probably something that actually exists.

The Protector (October 23 to November 21)

Isca’s Fortune:Hey, Caylis, it’s our sign! In my dream for the Protectors I’m back in the Curse of Maraqua final battle! We’re fighting off Scarblade and his pirate crew and I’m repelling them back with magical barriers. Don’t remember that, I wish I could create magical barriers. *Waves her hands but nothing happens* Oh well, it was worth a shot. But back to my dream, Caylis was in it too and she was in trouble! I rushed over and used a magic barrier to protect her from a pirate. But then a pirate snuck up on me and was readying an attack! That’s when Caylis came to the rescue and uses a ball of water to blast away the attacking pirate. I guess the fortune is you should always try to help others and in return they’ll help you. Oh, and that you shouldn’t mess with the dynamic duo of twin Maraquan Aisha, Isca and Caylis!

Caylis’s Challenge: Oh goodie, our sign. I’m just ecstatic. And even better, it’s another shared dream; Nereid help me. In my nightmare for the Protectors I’m facing a batch of pirates by myself and they don’t look like they’re retreating. I blast them with water balls but each one I take out is replaced by two more. Eventually I get overwhelmed until Isca comes in to save me with a barrier. But as she said she gets attacked so I launch a water ball at the attacking pirate to save her; so in the dreams we’re now even. I suppose the challenge is sometimes you have to work with others to win. For many this doesn’t sound like a challenge but I assure you that it hurts the ego all the same as losing. And if by "dynamic duo" you mean "polar opposites" than yes, we’re the dynamic duo of the beloved Isca and vilified Caylis.

The Dancer (November 22 to December 21)

Isca’s Fortune:In my dream for the Dancers I was on a stage about to dance to an entire audience of me! Yeah, there were dozens of Isca sitting in the audience all waiting for me to dance. You’d think performing in front of yourself would give you a feeling of relief, but I felt even more scared. I stood there stunned, long enough for the audience of me to start getting rowdy. So I did the only thing I could do to calm them down, I started dancing. At first it wasn’t complicated, I even heard some boos, but as I got more into the groove the more the audience began cheering for me. When I was done I turned to a round of applause, and then silence as all the Isca had vanished, except for me of course. I guess the fortune is that you don’t know what you can do until you do, you are you own worst critic after all.

Caylis’s Challenge: In my nightmare for the Dancers I was dancing for my life. I had been captured by The Drenched and they challenged me to a dance off, if I win I leave with my life. The Drenched went first with a synchronized routine, don’t know whether it was good or bad but it was certainly a dance. Then it was my turn and I tried doing a dance I and Isca used to do when we were young. When I was done The Drenched were silent, whispered to each other, and then burst out laughing. They told me my rhythm was off, I had two left tail fins, and it looked like I was being pulled around like a puppet on string. Thinking about it I’m pretty sure those mean the same thing. But back to the nightmare, The Drenched said I was so bad that they’re afraid my bad dancing would rub off on them so they let me go. I suppose the challenge is being able to accept criticism, even though it was my bad dancing that let me get away.

With that we’ve done all 12 constellations! Whether you read the entire article or just your horoscope, I hope you’ve been enlightened to what’s in your foreseeable future for this year. From fortune to challenges, just because you know what’s coming doesn’t mean you aren’t in control of your own future. Will you decide to prepare or let it happen naturally? That is up to you. I’d like to thank Isca and Caylis for lending us their time and visions, and to everyone else I wish you happy days and clear visions!

Isca: Hmm.

Caylis: What is it?

Isca: I don’t know, something doesn’t seem right. My visions usually are very detailed when showing me future events, but all these horoscopes I came up with just seemed like normal dreams with no resemblance to real life.

Caylis: True, and some of the "challenges" I came up with seemed to contradict with the message of your "fortunes".

Isca: Should we tell anyone?

Caylis: Nah, let them figure it out on their own.

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