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Three Tomes to Tame Your Dreams

Admittedly, a dream is an unavoidable component of sleep, so it would be beneficial to better understand it. And as always, I rely upon the multitudes of fine bookshops in Neopia to aid in the mastery of this mystifying subject. After scouring many of these literary establishments, I found a selection of excellent volumes that I would like to share with you, dear reader, with the hope that these books will shed light on the mysterious nature of your sleep and dreams.

by binky1260
Neopian Nightmares

Everyone is afraid of something. What is your worst nightmare? What is the worst thing you can imagine happening to the Neopets site, or the world of Neopia?

by aleu1986
Behind the Crimes: An Interview With Hubrid Nox

Matilda Crabapple from the Poison Pen coming to you live from a desolate mountaintop in the Haunted Woods. We're here today in search of the notoriously evil, and scheming Hubrid Nox to find out what devilish plans he has in store for us next.

Also by dark_angel_ds

by the_lady_j

The Dreamer

The one thing that holds true is that everyone seems to have them and oftentimes, they struggle to explain what they mean. Neopians that struggle to interpret their own dreams often seek the counsel of The Dreamer.

by black_skull725
Isca’s and Caylis’s Horoscope for Year 18

Amongst the many beliefs about dreams and nightmares the most common is that they are visions of the future. To most this is a myth, but for two Maraquan Aisha this belief is truth.

by pikachu315111
Achieving Your Dreams

Achieving your dreams and goals can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Some take months or years, while others take a few weeks. Regardless of how large your dreams might be; this article can provide you with tips and tricks to help your dream become complete.

by gattacaa
All The Items We're Dreaming For!

Inspired by this idea, I thought it would be interesting to canvass the Neoboards and ask the people there what items THEY would like to own. What items are clearly desired, but also nonexistent and overdue? I got many interesting replies!

by indulgences
Labor Laws of Altador: Are Workers Protected?

The Altador Cup. What many consider a summertime staple, a wholesome event for the entire family to enjoy, actually harbor’s a dark secret few care to acknowledge. It happens in the open, where any can witness it. It may have happened while you were present in the room, right under your nose. It is a crime unparalleled in abhorrence and negligence.

by ironmermaidens
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"Dreaming" by reiqua
"Ooh - Shiny!” Alisia pounced excitedly on the glinting object beside the footpath that had caught her eye. When she straightened up she was holding a bottle of blue sand. “Look at how the light reflects off the glass!” she enthused, “it’s so pretty - I'm gonna add it to my collection!” Darza, her brother, was somewhat less than enthusiastic about this prospect. In fact, the vast majority of people failed to quite share Alisia’s fascination with her collection of shinies. Even her best friend Bela had been known to complain about sitting and looking at shinies for hours on end. Darza pointed this out to his sister. “Seriously,” Alisia complained, “I don't know what Bela’s problem is! It’s not like my shinies smell that bad!” Darza grinned at her. “Ahh, but we can fix that!” Alisia rolled her eyes at him and gave him a playful shove that set him off balance. The red Kau lost his footing and began to stagger around in an overly dramatic fashion, apparently trying to regain his balance. Alisia smiled as she watched his antics. Her brother could be such a clown! But then, something bright caught her eye. And it was hurtling right towards her brother at breakneck speed. “Darza!” she screamed in fear, and dove forwards to pull him out of the way. And not a moment too soon.

Other Stories


A Bright Moon, Some Rolling Hills, And Infinity
The sky was dark, but distant stars twinkled alongside a full and bright Kreludor moon, giving a pretty sight for two blithe Neopets to gaze at while they lay side by side among rolling grassy hills. They claimed these benevolent hills as their own as they often came to them to gaze at stars, watch a sunrise, or to pick flowers.

by the_gecko_dude_ii


“Ooh - Shiny!” Alisia pounced excitedly on the glinting object beside the footpath that had caught her eye. When she straightened up she was holding a bottle of blue sand.

by reiqua


Tribulations of a Quest Sceptic: Part Two
But ultimately, she had no clue why she, the original quest-sceptic, was heading off to Neopia’s most eerie realm in the dead of night, in order to do the bidding of a temperamental Zafara.

by anjie


Desert Requiem: Part Three
Sayidah considered herself well-travelled for her age, but her experiences were but a speck of sand in the desert compared to Khalid's. He and Jazan had spent most of the last two centuries exploring new lands, only returning to Sakhmet every twenty years to ascertain the availability of princesses. Khalid narrated some of the adventures they had gone through, some which sounded so incredible that Sayidah would not have believed them had it been anyone else telling the tale.

by kalnya


#LDN - Invasion
When the Master's away, the Twin will play.

by gorubeza


Dinner Time
You'd never guess...

Also by bha288

by artemislknight

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