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The Kadoatery - Not So Bad!

by pandacat838


      Why hello there – Pretty Kitty is the name, and let me start by asking you if I’m simply the cutest Kadoatie you’ve ever seen? What do you mean that you’re more of a “Warf” kind of neopian? Nevermind, I’m sure you’re here for a reason and I’d bet my last Happy Anniversary Negg on you wanting to a grand old tour of one of the most feared places in Neopia: the Kadoatery.

      My owners left me here as they decided to take an extended vacation to Maraqua, so here I am to show and tell everything you might want to know about what it feels like to spend a few days at the Kadoatery! What, me, lonely? Not liking it here? No, never – I mean, who would want to go to Maraqua in the first place! Watch your step though, there might be a few Kadoaties who are certainly missing their owners. LOLLERZ’s owner went on a grand tour of Terror Mountain, went exploring in the Ice Caves, skated at the rink, picked out a couple merry outfits, and brought back a literal mountain of Chia Pops! She sure wasn’t happy about missing out on that one --- but trust me, there are quite a few kadoaties here who’d rather be in a warm nest than tagging along on a Maraqua, Kreludor, or worst of all --- the feared Darigan Citadel!

      So tour, anyone? Sure, I know we’re closing in on 11pm NST, and it’s a little loud in here…but hey, things could be worse, right? Better here than the rubbish dump still? If you stick around too long, you might find yourself faced with 20 Kadoaties crying (or should I say screaming at the top of their lungs), but if you try really hard, I promise you can convince yourself that it just sounds like one giant Kadoatie crying. Kind of like a Plumpy, which you know, can be confused for a Kadoatie other than their giant 28lbs stature. (Although, maybe you should consider checking out the Plushie Shop next door or going to the Wishing Well to wish away the noise!)

      So let’s begin with what life is like here when you’re apart from your owner for a couple of days. Firstly, they give you this cage, and while you might be stuck inside it for most of the day, it can slowly grow on you – comfy and spacious, and like I said, better than the rubbish dump any day. If you do find yourself here, you can also be content with having 19 other roommates, most of which get hungry before the hour is up. Random Neopians seem to like to come and check if we want something to eat every 7 minutes or so, but really, we won’t ask for something else if we’ve already eaten in the last 28 minutes, I promise!

      Look, here comes Snotty: a rather unfortunate name since he has the cutest spots. You do have to assume that his Neopet intended to name him Spotty, but must have skipped a Neo-school lesson or two. What’s that? Yeah, I suppose it could be worse if they named him Snobby, because compared to the wailing bunch over there, I’d prefer hanging out with him any day.

      Oh hey Crabby! No, nothing wrong with your name. What do you mean Snotty here put on a pouty face and cried for 2 days straight because he didn’t get the Chokato Toffee Apple he was looking for? It’s not his fault that he prefers those apples alongside his Containers of Purple Liquid.

      While we’re not taking our Kad-naps and secretly wishing that our owners took us on vacation with them, there are a couple toys to play with, all the other Kadoaties to talk to, some Neopians to annoy, but best of all, a chance to request for a very special treat every hour! My favourite is the Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern, but don’t tell Kaylee over there, or I can promise that she’ll start asking for the exact same thing! Some of the other favourites around here are jelly items, chia pops and even Achyfi!

      The latter has a weird taste if you ask me, but to each their own. I suppose Achyfi isn’t so bad compared to what Inara asked for the other day! A Double Dung Hot Dog! Three hours later in the middle of the afternoon, she dared to ask again --- this time for a Dung Pizza! It was a shame it wasn’t 11pm then, because the stench from those treats were enough to make me want to cry at any time of day.

      Speaking of crying, that’s kind of what we do when we’re faced with the unimaginable, when the worst thing that could ever happen, does. When you ask for a treat, something small and simple in your mind, but alas, no neopian out there has one to share, or perhaps has one and won’t share! Now, the wonderful citizens of Neopia are generally very good at providing exactly what we want in a timely fashion, but like Snotty mentioned earlier, sometimes, if you ask for something peculiar, they just won’t share!

      What can a poor helpless Kadoatie do then, other than wait, and wait, and did I say wait?

      Lately, it seems like Containers of Purple Liquid, Happy Anniversary Neggs, Watermelon Jetsams and Chokato Toffee Apples are just in such high demand and low supply to match! It’s okay though, I heard that if you sit around long enough, looking as sad as possible, eventually, someone will come around and feed you! In the meantime, I promise there are lots of other things to do here to keep your mind distracted and your growling stomach at bay.

      Look, they’ve recently restocked this place with new petpet supplies! We each have our own Blue Moon Petpet Bed and even these Kadoatie Food Storage tins for when we don’t quite fill up on the treats we ask for. Toys are down here --- the Lady Blurg Chew Toy isn’t too popular, but this Orange Fungus Petpet Ball sure is! There’s a Squeaky Meepit Toy lying around here somewhere, I think, maybe underneath my bed, but it looks like someone ran off with the Squeaky Moach one. Nevermind, I’ll be happy that it’s being used, unlike the Warf and Spardel Food Bowls, which don’t seem to be touched at all for some odd reason.

      Maybe everyone’s just been scared a little too often by that Mutant Kadoatie, whose incessant mewing has a knack of driving people mad and emptying their pockets, but really, Kadoaties are quite adorable, loving petpets, and we’re not bad company even when our luck takes us to the Kadoatery! Maybe you should stop by next time and considering bringing a treat to share (just none of the Dung stuff, please, you won’t regret it!)

      I suppose that takes us to the end of our tour – I really hope you enjoyed learning more about Kadoatie treats, supplies, bedding, and you even got to meet the lovely Snotty and Crabby! Kadoaties will always be here while their owners are out visiting, or travelling the world, so I hope you consider paying us a visit when our owners can’t!

      Now then, it seems like the Gallion Wall Clock says it’s just a couple seconds past 11pm…

      If you’d just excuse me…


      The End.

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