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Gallery of Heroes Candidates

by pie_man_aa


The Gallery of Heroes is a book that lists many Neopians who during difficult times rose up and put on many heroic feats that either saved a few lives or all of Neopia, or sometimes just performed good deeds. It contains such heroes as Jeran, Fyora, Hannah, Judge Hog, and Hanso. While some may not have been as heroic as others *cough cough* Commander Gormos *cough* they all provide a symbol of what they have done to make Neopia a safer place. However, there are others whose praises of heroism remain unsung, and still lack proper acknowledgement of their deeds done for the sake of Neopia. So I will be talking about five very heroic Neopians who deserve their spot in the Gallery of Heroes.

Brucey B:

Brucey B in his time was far more accustomed to playing simple games of Cheat for a living. But when a mysterious Jetsam appeared to him one day he lost his Lucky coin in a bet. So instead of giving up after the loss he and his friends searched all over Neopia to find the coin. When Brucey B discovered that Dr. Sloth was behind stealing his coin he didn't just run away screaming in terror (actually, that is exactly what he did) he gathered up all of the neopets in Sakhmet to fight off Sloth's army and the terrible Rock Beast. In the end Brucey B wrestled with Dr. Sloth one on one and managed to defeat him, ultimately saving all of Neopia from Dr. Sloth's wrath. If that's not deserving of being called a hero I don't know what is.

The Techo Master:

The Techo Master as many of you may know runs the training school on Mystery Island. He is willing to train your pets in strength, defense, agility, endurance, or level. While none of this normally would be considered heroic, since he does charge you in hefty codestones, what the Techo Master is really doing is teaching other neopets how to fight and protect themselves and all of Neopia against evil. Without the Techo Master, most people could only get so far in training their pets. They quite possibly would never be able to defeat those fearsome opponents in the Battledome, Defenders of Neopia, or in any of the Neopian wars. The Techo Master is quite possibly one of Neopia's greatest heroes, even if he never actually defeated Lord Kass or Oblivion. The pets that did were probably trained by him at one point or another. Still he works to this day, training pets on Mystery Island, as Neopia's silent hero. What more proof is needed for the Techo Master's heroics? Well, apparently he helped save Mystery Island from some kind of evil shaman or something, but who even remembers that happening anyway?


Cog may be better known for her shop Cogs Togs, but when disaster arose that threatened to destroy all of Neopia Cog used her vast knowledge in gears and gadgets to fix the problem. In the Atlas of the Ancients plot Cog was actually the one that built the mechanism to fix the core stabilizer. Even after that she continued to help by going with Roxton to seek help from the Moltara mystics when matters became even worse. Without Cog being there, Neopia might as well have exploded from the core meltdown. It may not seem like the most heroic feat since all she did was fix a machine, but at least it's more heroic than Roxton destroying cave stalactites. (Chapter 11 Atlas of the Ancients) Those things take millions of years to grow, for Pete's sake.

Anyone in the Tyrannian Town Hall:

Many years back Neopia found itself in its first full out war in the newly discovered Tyrannia of all places. Many battles and creatures were fought off and leading such fights to protect Tyrannia was the Tyrannian Council. Members like Grarrg, Myncha, Tekel, Kyruggi, Plesio, and Sabre-X. Since that war, however, these brave neopets stay waiting in case another catastrophe should happen. This entry is a little odd on the list since it covers six different neopets, but I made it this way because I feel all of them are deserving of heroics. Besides the war they still play a small part in making Tyrannia what it is today. What would we do without Sabre-X giving out free omelette every day, or Plesio and his mediocre prizes from his wheel, and who could forget Go-go-go? Needless to say, at least one of these neopets deserves a spot amongst Neopia's greatest heroes.


Many of you may not be familiar with this Poogle botanist, so please allow me to tell the tale. Back in Y14 during the Festival of Neggs Zaira, the negg faerie's assistant, found a journal written by a botanist named Rutu telling about some sort of uber-powerful negg(official term). The journal briefly and vaguely describes a team of neopets who found the negg and discovered its powers, so the team decided to hide the negg where no one could find it and have it end up in the wrong hands. Rutu was assigned to carry the uber-powerful negg to Shenkuu, a place Rutu had always dreamed of visiting, while the others took decoy neggs to different locations hoping to confuse any evil doers who might be trying to follow them. Rutu made it safely to Shenkuu and hid the negg and continued to guard it from those who would try to steal it. Now for the Festival of Neggs the activity was that you had to locate where exactly the negg was hidden in hopes to find it and Rutu along with it. When I was doing this activity I assumed upon finding the negg you would meet an old Rutu and then gain her trust until she let you use the negg. I was completely wrong on the matter since apparently Rutu had been protecting the negg for so long that she had turned into a skeleton, meaning that Rutu had made the ultimate sacrifice and guarded the uber-powerful negg all her life to protect it from evil. Unlike some other heroes like Hanso or Jeran where it is believed they are dead but then brought back to life or saved, this was not true for Rutu. I truly feel sorry and proud for Rutu, her actions I believe are heroic in every way. Without her, who knows what could have happened? The Neggbreaker could be ruling alongside the meepits for all I know! So all I really want is for Rutu to be recognized for her heroism and what she did to protect Neopia. That or just make a cute little plushie of her, that would be nice too.

Well, that's the end of the list of the heroes whose praises remain unsung. Even if these neopets never make it into the Gallery of Heroes I hope at least that you the reader will come to respect them more for all of their efforts in making Neopia a better place to live for every neopet... and slorg.

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