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Celebrating Gelert Day Together

by stararan


"It's today! It's today! It's today! It's today!" Tienee, The Baby Chomby, shouted as he jumped excitedly onto the bed of his friend, Enargee the Baby Gelert, waking him up in the process. The two had arranged two sleep-over parties, one on the occasion of Gelert Day, the second on Chomby Day. Today was the former. The two of them would spend all day celebrating all things Gelert.

     "I hereby declare you an honorary Gelert today - so let's go celebrate together!" Enargee stated as he bounced out of his bed. "First things first! Breakfast!!!" They each ate a bowl of Gelert Day Cereal and drank a Pitcher of Water Gelert-style. (Which was easier for the Gelert and wetter for the Chomby, but Tienee was a good sport about these things.) Afterwards, Tienee decided to wear the Baby Zomutt Costume he had brought along and Enargee decided to wear his Baby Judge Hog Costume because he loved super-heroes and he planned on growing up to be one when he was older.

     "Last year," Enargee explained, "the War of the Obelisk was going on and I had to stay home. So we get to have two times the fun together! So what do we do first? See what's new? Go shopping? Visit all the sights run by Gelerts to tell them happy Gelert day?"

     "We can't visit all the sights... I'm not allowed into the Haunted Woods without permission - or at the very least somebody who can frighten those scary monsters away... maybe we should just write to Bruno and the operator of the Wheel of Misfortune, they'd probably appreciate a note or NeoGreeting!" Tienee suggested thoughtfully.

     "I have the best idea ever!" Enargee exclaimed as he ran toward the cabinet. He brought back a brand new package of Hot Dog Stationery. "We can use this! I think it's scratch-n-sniff and if anybody would appreciate the scent of a hot dog, it's them!"

     This was Tienee's note: To the Operator of the Wheel of Misfortune, Happy Gelert Day!

     Enargee wrote: Hey, Bruno! Happy Gelert Day!

     Tienee's second note said: Hello Bruno! I hope you have a wonderful Gelert Day today!

     And Enargee's last message was: Dear Operator of the Wheel of Misfortune, today is your lucky day! It's Gelert Day! Have a great time!

     "Hm. Something's missing," Tienee stated after carefully studying the four messages.

     "You're right! We need something colorful... like stickers!" Enargee agreed. "All I have are Spooky Stickers... do you think they would be all-right?"

     Tienee thought for a second and answered, "They would probably think of them as normal as a Chomby Sticker is to me. I think they will be happy to get our messages."

     When they finally finished, they hurried to the Post Office to send them right away. When that was over with, they decided to explore the shops, which were bustling with activity. Just outside of Uni's Clothing, a Blue Gelert in a fashionable black tuxedo was announcing all the brand new Gelert clothing available. While Tienee and Enargee agreed that they were all great, there were far more interesting items available for Baby pets. They wondered what it would be like if clothing were made for Baby Gelerts or Baby Chombies specifically - perhaps they'd have a Baby fashion contest!

     The Blue Gelert had just finished going over the list of new Gelert clothing and was just saying, "Guildeford and I will be bringing back the..." but the rest of the sentence was drowned out by the sudden scream of a crowd of adoring fans as Tandrak Shaye suddenly exited Unis Clothing wearing a brand new outfit.

     "That's Tandrak Shaye!" Enargee excitedly exclaimed. "Gelerts make the best Altador Cup players! I just hope that he stays injury-free this year so he takes our team to the top!"

     They watched as Tandrak was so enthralled by the crowd's attention that he did not notice the Wind Up Gelert toy that was crossing his path directly ahead of him... and he tripped over it. The whole crowd gasped and grew silent... hoping upon hope that Tandrak was uninjured. To their delight, he was just fine. They cheered as he got up and followed him wherever he went.

     "I've had enough of that," Tienee said. "So, what now? How about a bite to eat?"

     "I thought you'd never ask!" Enargee told him. "I just remembered that there's a special tent today over by the Bakery! We have to go check it out!"

     So the two of them made their way towards the Bakery, they went the long way to admire the new Gelert colors at the Rainbow Pool. Just outside of the tent they could smell the wonderful scent of freshly baked cake. They both rushed inside to see an unexpected marvel. Both Chef Julien and the Birthday Celebration Chef were working together to make as many Gelert Cakes and Cupcakes as they could: there were Gelert Cupcakes and Strawberry Gelert Cupcakes as well as Blurf, Mint Chocolate, Raspberry, and Tagobo Gelert Cakes.

     "Hello and welcome young Gelerts!" Chef Julien began. "I'm sorry, but we've just run out of the free Fiery, Rainbow, Spotted, and Striped Gelert Day Pancakes - a ravenous crowd of Tandrak's fans were just here... but I can give you these two Gelert Cupcakes!" And the Birthday Celebration Chef, not to be outdone, gave them some of his Mint Chocolate Gelert Cakes that he was working on.

     They ate their cakes just outside of the baking tent, while watching the crowd of Gelerts go about their business. They could hear a nearby Yellow Gelert discussing the virtues of the Pie-in-the-face as a Classic Prank. He had set his brief-case down to demonstrate proper pie-throwing technique. Silently, a Blue Gelert in a big cloak slipped behind him and picked up the briefcase and walked away.

     "Was that Kanrik?" Tienee asked incredulously.

     "And Morton G. Firefly - but I wouldn't expect you to know him... they have this friendly rivalry. Last year Kanrik was too busy with the War of the Obelisk, but the year before Morton had sent him a special Gelert Day gift - a Pie in the Box with a spring-loaded pie in it... as soon as Kanrik opened it... he got more than he bargained for. Or so I hear," Enargee said.

     When Morton finished his conversation and realized his beloved briefcase was missing, he pulled out a red button from his pocket and pushed it in. He looked all around him, and almost in no time, he found what he was looking for - the whistle of a loud fire-cracker and colorful streamers sent flying in all directions just a few feet away from him. Kanrik had dropped the briefcase in surprise - he was not used to such obnoxious anti-theft devices. Without so much as a word, Morton picked up his briefcase, opened it, removed the pie that was in it, and threw it in Kanrik's face. Everybody had a good laugh, even Kanrik - who was already plotting some devious scheme for revenge.

     "Do you think that Kanrik's fame works against him as a thief?" Tienee asked his friend.

     "A little - an anonymous thief could probably get away with anything if he or she was good, but being famous - it puts you at the top of the list of potential suspects when something goes missing," Enargee answered.

     "Unless you take it as a badge of honor to have something stolen from you by a famous thief," Tienee added.

     Enargee yawned loudly. "What an exciting Gelert Day! New clothes, new colors, new item, lots of Gelert-day foods, getting to see Tandrak Shaye, Chef Julien, Kanrik, and Morton G. Firefly... but best of all spending my special day with my best friend!"

     Tienee agreed, "And just think... Chomby Day is coming up! We'll get to do it all over again!"

     "Sounds like fun!" they said at the same time as they began heading back for home. The excitement of Gelert Day had thoroughly tired them out.

The End

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