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Year 15 Through The Eyes Of Neopians

by rospetta


Another year has gone by in Neopia and it was a memorable, intense one. Looking back as a reporter, I realized that there was so much to capture that I didn't know where to start from. We met many new folks in the past twelve months and experienced some quite extraordinary happenings – a Spooky Food Eating Contest that turned out to be a quest to capture a rampaging monster, a Daily Dare for the most part without AAA and do I need to mention the finding of an Obelisk that led to a War? For most Neopians, these unprecedented series of events were what made the fifteenth year in Neopia a very exciting and busy year. That doesn't mean, however, that other less striking happenings couldn't be more special to some of us and that sometimes what may seem like an insignificant day on Neopia for most could actually be the most important day on the life of someone else.

So I decided that the best way to capture the past year was to ask a bunch of average and not-so-average Neopets to share with me their favourite moment, best or worst memory, or even just their thoughts on the past year in Neopia. Through the lens of these folks, I discovered that this year was nothing short of life-changing for many and that there was way too much that had never crossed my mind or that, simply, I had misconceptions about.

I hope you will find these quotes as revealing as they were for me, but don't be fooled! Some are to be expected, and do not act too surprised if more than once you will identify yourself in them. Enjoy the reading!

"It's been an exhausting year and it doesn't look like it'll get any better. Either the oracle stops giving out boons or I resign. I seriously need a vacation." - Healing Springs Faerie

"I never thought I'd get out of those catacombs. When I saw the light I cried." – Dresdam, Meridell villager

"Ugg ugg gal-aka! Tyrannia ahh tyranu bo ugg na de Obelisk, ugga keh da bo gal!" Translation: "The best year EVER! With the Tyrannia team winning the Altador Cup and the Obelisk war, we have never seen so many tourists and shoppers" - Tyrannian Town Hall employee

"The Sway is no longer as elitist or mysterious as it used to be, I'm thinking of forming a new secret organization, which you will never know about." – Member of the Sway, identity unknown.

"Times are changing in Neopia. Even the new generation of bottle faeries are not as tough as we used to be." - Retired Fading Bottled Dark Faerie

"Fyora day was AWESOME! I think we should have more days like those, even a whole year. Do you know of any other more significant day?" - Queen Fyora

"We thought Neopians would handle fatigue better." - Sarcastic Skeletons

"I thought I was the coolest." - Kanrik

"Giant Space Fungus, you better stop being a hoarder and give me back my nerkmids." - Alien Aisha

"Rumors claiming I didn't know about the obelisk until too late are silly. Why would I bother taking over something less than the whole Neopia". "Ps. I plan to have a lot more stamps for you pitiful Neopets to reinforce adoration of my figure and finally make you my slaves." – Dr. Frank Sloth

"Between you and me, I am still trying to understand how we managed to place second in the Altador Cup." - "Trapper" Ramis, Altador Team captain

"Me bribed? Nonsense! We are a serious institution of Neopia and have nothing to do with secret organizations. Now if you'll excuse me I have an important meeting to attend." - Skeith Bank Manager

"I stopped training, eating, and even sleeping for a few weeks in September. That was when I was hanging around the Smugglers Cove to get the Death Knell. I looked so horrible and greedy I'm not surprised the smugglers thought I was there to get them in trouble." - A Neopian, who wishes to remain anonymous.

"We may be weaker but at least we are still useful." - Weak Bottle Fire Faerie

"Things were getting exciting in the summer when it looked like the fog patches around Lutari Island were dissipating and the water was getting calmer, but it was a false alarm and we were not able to get close to the island. So I guess another boring year for us, but we feel year 16 will be the Lutari Island year, finally." - Lutari Island Explorers Club representative

"I'm reconsidering my career as a mercenary after getting defeated by the Sway in the War of the Obelisk. Seeing so many intellectuals and magicians going at war and then plotters of all managing to win over us, made me realize I may have shot at my real vocation – opening a grooming shop – I am so excited!" - Commander Flint

"We are glad Neovia is getting some food contests going, bring on the competition!" - Gooblah the Grarrl, Food Club Pirate

"I've waited my whole life to become a royal meerca, and now my wish has come true. Best year ever!" – RoyalMeercaWannabe, Proud Neopian

"A great year, but just like any other, really. Spent most of my time signing autographs to fans and giving interviews like this, you know. Oh yeah, the Daily Dare. That was fun, but I had to leave that to my friend AAA – it's way more important to him than it is to me, I don't need to prove anything, you know." - Chadley

"I don't know what's wrong with the oracle, he keeps giving out boons but WE KNOW he has cake! It better be good cake, I never had to fight so hard for one, I usually fight over brains... I don't even remember why I became so obsessed with cake..." Olabet Shuffletoes, member of the Awakened

"The times of the giant green kelp are long gone! Somebody must have dumped a truckload of stuff in this underwater lake, we are catching an unusual amount of books, scrolls and other interesting things." – Krisil the Happy Fishing Usul

"Who needs training in the battledome? I built up way more muscles running all over Neopia in search of Neggs and then going down 120 floors of catacombs! I've never been in such good shape." – Sonorha from Shenkuu

"I am awake, thanks. Now leave me alone." "And one other thing, the threatening letters I've started to receive are not cool." - The Oracle

"Koi Warrior and I are Best Friends Forever!! I was finally able to access the secret ninja training school with all the codestones he has been giving me!" – Blagio, my beloved pet

"I'm seriously worried about my brother. Doing the Daily Dare with Chadley was a BAD idea. He's been literally playing day and night non-stop to prove he's the only game master. Next year Daily Dare will be as tough as never before, that is if he survives of course. At least I've warned you." - Abigail

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