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Something Fishy (And it's not Maraqua!)

by faeriegurl4lyfe


NEOPIA - Has anyone else ever noticed the fact that quite a lot of games in Neopia slowly seem to have more and more related fish things along their way? What is the meaning of this sudden outburst? Are fish taking over Neopia?! Will we need to get our Wockies and Kougras to charge over those blue water creatures? Before you start to panic and scream around your neighborhood ‘The Fish are coming! The Fish are coming!’ listen to what this article has to say, and then you can decide which side you are taking.

The Items:

Fish Negg

Has anyone else ever wondered why on earth the Negg Faerie needs a Fish Negg? It's not like there are a lot of fishing spots around Terror Mountain, what with the place being frozen all year long. *shifty eyes*

Fish Negg (TCG)

Quoted from the FN (TCG) description:

To play this in a contest, you need a Water Neopet. When you bank this card with a Water Neopet or Hero, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a Negg, you may bank it.

If this doesn’t say to you ‘World Domination’ I don’t know what does.

Not to mention, its not enough that there is a Fish Negg, now there is a Trading Card featuring one too! What else can it say than ‘I want to take over the world!’ Those Fish Neggs are more devious than the mighty Dr. Frank Sloth himself, I tell you!

Fish Doughnutfruit

As hard as it is for me to talk badly about Fish Doughnutfruits, wouldn’t you say it’s a bit of a weird combination? A Juicy, tasteful, mouthwatering Doughnutfruit… tasting like fish? What on earth would possess TNT to create such a thing other than a fish itself? Plus, have you ever encountered something good that grew on trees and smelled like fish?

Fish Negg Plushie

What better way of getting to our hearts than with a Fish Negg Plushie? Plushies are known for their cuteness and fluffiness, and this should be no different, shouldn’t it?

Only, IT SHOULD! Don’t you see? Inside those Plushies hides a micro-transmitter that affects our pets' behavior every passing day! How else would you explain it?

Also, notice that all Fish related items above cost quite a few. And to whom do all the profits go but to them? So while you spend your precious NP on fish food, remember: The Fish Squad is spending your NP on taking over the world, one Neopian at a time!

The Games:

Meerca Chase (I+II)

Ahh yes, the Neggiest game around. When it comes to MC there is no doubt about it – it is a great game for all family members whether it’s the square style, freestyle, or bump-into-a-green-wall style. And then – there is the Fish Negg. Giving you the minimum of 150 points and up to 500+, it's always joyful getting him in a game. However, how can we be sure it is not a way to brain wash us to think Fish Neggs are good? Then their master plan to take over Neopia will be completed with a twitch! Before you know it, the poor nameless Meerca will find himself tossed in a dark room being interrogated by a bunch of masked Fish Neggs!

Hasee Bounce

Bounce… Bounce… Bounce… Bounce… Oh I’m sorry you said something? Right, well other than Hasee Bounce being the best game around Neopia without any arguments, it also has – you guessed it – Fish Doughnutfruits! With a lucky sum of 50 points or more if you play your jumps right, you can get from 0 to 200 points in a jiffy. Who wouldn’t love a Doughnutfruit like that? But… is it really all just an innocent bonus? A coincidence and nothing more? I must say I’m starting to wander… Woogy and Jimmi are of course oblivious to the fact their innocent Petpet minds are being brainwashed as we speak, poor, poor creatures :‘(

Ice Cream Machine

And of course, last but defiantly not least on the game section, the latest game in Neopia – starring Adee the ice cream junkie (Adee, very popular Chia name isn’t it?). Now, if you notice, between all the ice cream scoops flying around the screen, from time to time there is also a Fish scoop popping up on occasion giving you a nice and dandy 250 points bonus. Is it another part of their master plan? Taking over Neopia starting with the food industry? And besides, whoever heard of a fish flavored ice cream? Who in his right mind would even consider eating fish flavored ice cream if they weren’t influenced at fish point to do this? And who do you think stood at the end of that fish? None other then the infamous Fish Squad!

The Explorer Map:

Didn’t TNT say something to us about rebuilding Maraqua? Why now after all of these years? And not having a war plot connected to it? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s those fish again, persuading TNT in disguise to create their new home. Where their entire evil plan begins to unfold. Oh, the watery horror!

Of course, this can just as easily be a mere coincidence and nothing more. I mean, aside from Fish Neggs, Fish Doughnutfruits and Fish Scoops tasting bad and having the same first word in their name – they have nothing in common. Or do they?

Just remember my fellow readers, if in a week from now I will be nowhere to be found, and there will be a huge pile of Fish slime in our NeoHome – you will know what to do! Be careful though, you can never know who was taken by the FS before it is too late.

This is FG, signing out (perhaps for the last time *tear*).


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to ramble on about fish for 1000 characters?! From this day forward, I am going on a fish diet – and I advise you to do the same. We shall not be ruled by smelly sea beasts! Viva la revolution!

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