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Dressing the Part – Summer in Neopia

by katiecoo802


As the days grow longer and significantly hotter, it's hard to ignore the scent of sunscreen and salt water that permeates the air. Yes, summer is in full swing in Neopia, and from Moltara to Mystery Island, Neopians across the globe are sipping fruity drinks, donning bathing suits, and making the most of their summers. Now that the Altador Cup has ended, many believe the excitement of summer is over, but this could not be farther from the truth! Summertime in Neopia provides a whole host of activities for every Neopian; whether you're spending the Month of Hiding in your Turdle Paddling Pool or catching the next flying ship to Shenkuu, there are endless summer goings-on to make sure you have the best summer ever.

With so much to do and a full month of sunny weather still ahead, how are you going to spend your time? And more importantly, what are you going to wear?! Not to worry, fellow summer lovers, for I've whipped up four sun-drenched, diverse looks to help you with your summer customizations regardless of your plans.

Look 1: Beach Bum

Items Pictured: NC—Beach Fountain Foreground, Summer Beach Bag, Brilliant Altador Sun Sandals, Floral Swim Trunks, Hip White Sunglasses, MME7-S1: Mallard Arm Floaties, Sun Screen Face Paint, Tropical Drinking Hat, Hothouse Flower Garland. NP—Tropical Island Paradise Background (60,000 NP*).

Sandals? Check. Globs of sunscreen? Check. Ridiculous novelty hat which also functions as a beverage dispenser? Check. You're ready to hit the beach! This look captures what for many is the epitome of summer: lounging on the sand and soaking up the sun. What's so great about this look is how versatile it is. Although I went for a traditional Mystery Island beach customization, your pet can relax on the sand in many other coastal locations such as Krawk Island or Tyrannia. There are six different wearable bathing suits and two pairs of trunks for your pet to choose from, not to mention a huge selection of summer shorts! I personally am a great fan of Wheelers Wild Shorts and Nuranna Bite Shorts, both retired NC Mall items but still fairly easy to come by. If the Tropical Drinking Hat is a bit too silly for your tastes, try the Straw Hat (20,000 NP), a classic that looks great on just about every pet regardless of species, color, or gender. If your pet wears a wig instead of a hat, be sure to pack sunglasses to keep them cool! I highly recommend either Hip White Sunglasses, or Heart Shaped Sunglasses (200 NP) for a slightly more feminine beach look.

Look 2: The Globe Trotter

Items Pictured: NC—Darkness Attacks, MiniMME8-B: Holiday Postcard Collection Garland, Rugged Work Boots, Rugged Work Shirt and Vest, Inside the Blimp Background, Super Sleuth Hat and Wig, Adventure Trousers, Bone Necklace. NP—Friendly Glowing Lantern (1,800 NP), Rolled Up Treasure Map (50,000 NP), Explorer Backpack (40,000 NP).

For some Neopians, summer is not simply about swimming and relaxing, but rather the chance to explore all of Neopia! The long days and time off from working give many the chance to go on vacation, but there are some pets who go far beyond typical travel and seek to see as much of Neopia as possible. First things first, though, and before your pet can start travelling the globe they have to secure a mode of transportation. This lovely Kougra soars through the air in her Inside the Blimp Background, but if your pet has a fear of heights the Daring Sea Captain Ship Background or Travelling Wagon Foreground are also wonderful options. Even if your pet is an expert adventurer, be sure to pack a map so they don't lose their way! This could be anything from the Rolled Up Treasure Map to a Spinning Neopian Globe to Adventure Map Wings. If a backpack seems too simple an accessory, equip your pet with a Partially Open Parachute if they're flying through the sky or Deployed Parachute (75 NP) if they're already on the ground. The finishing touch for any explorer look is a great hat. A Daring Adventurer Hat (150,000 NP) or Adventure Helmet are both great for every pet, but if you can't buy NC (or don't want to spend half your savings on a hat) there are many less expensive species-specific alternatives.

Look 3: Campout

Items Pictured: NC—Camping Background, Camping Backpack, Brown Fleece Lined Boots, Net of Fish, Woodland Archer Belt, Puffy Orange Vest, Rainbow Tree of Petpets, Rugged Shirt and Vest. NP—Woollen Cap (1,500 NP), Hardy Blue Trousers (10,000 NP).

Ah, the great outdoors! What better way to spend your summer than in nature? From the Haunted Woods to the forests surrounding Kiko Lake, there are several prime camping spots in Neopia. Keeping it simple is essential for this down to earth customization. A simple Camping Background works wonders, as does its Camping Backpack counterpart, though there are many other packs that will work with this look too such as the Altador Cup Backpack (18,000 NP) or Lulus Adventure Satchel. Marshmallows and freshly caught fish are both camping staples, and can be referenced with many trinkets such as Mini Marshmallows on a Stick (28,000 NP) or Bucket of Fish if you've got some high-value NC items to trade. If a fishy trinket just isn't enough to show off your pet's angling expertise, wear Blue Fishing Hat (80 NP) or Patchwork Striped Hat. It may be summer, but the woods get cold at night, so be sure to wear a snug Woollen Cap and cozy Puffy Orange Vest. Pop on a pair of trusty boots and you're ready to hike, canoe, and marshmallow-toast your way to the perfect summer camping trip!

Look 4: The Hydrophiliac

Items Pictured: NC—Exploring Maraqua Background, Seaweed Bubble Shower, Maraquan Wind Chimes, MME7-S5: Undersea Coral Garden Foreground, Maraqua Team Cuffs, Maraquan Maiden Wig with Flower. NP—Giant Bubble Wand (2,000 NP), Squid Slippers (4,200 NP).

Does your pet love blowing bubbles? Is their favorite part of the day bath time? Do they have an aquatic petpet? If you answered yes to these questions, you have a hydrophilic (water-loving) pet, and summer is the best time to indulge in all things underwater. Your pet doesn't have to be painted Maraquan to reap the benefits of warm summer seas! Several water-based species such as Koi, Kikos, and Flotsam have fins or flippers and are ready for aquatic action from the get go. Others can explore ocean depths with the aid of a Maraquan Exploration Tank, or Mallard Swimming Goggles which come with a snorkel attached. Then again, your pet might not want to be fully submerged, in which case the MME7-S2: Water Rising Foreground or Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background might be a good fit. The Seaweed Bubble Shower is one of my all-time favorite wearable items—not only does it provide a lovely foreground, but it also produces a delightful shower of bubbles! Neopoint water-themed items are slightly hard to come by, but many pets, particularly water-based species, have species-specific wearables with underwater themes. Find some for your pet and enjoy all the marine marvels that summer in Neopia has to offer!

These four looks barely scratch the surface of everything there is to see and do during a Neopian summer, but hopefully they gave you a few good ideas to use as a jumping off point. Summer is all about having fun, and whether you enjoy your time by relaxing or seeking thrills in the Month of Hiding, never stop trying to make this the best summer ever!

*Please note that all Neopoint prices are approximate and reflect Shop Wizard prices at the time of writing.

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