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In real life I love knitting and crocheting as much as I love Neopets (which is very, very much). I would love to design and crochet / knit some of my very own Neopets plushies and other items. I would also love to display pictures of these items on my User Lookup, Pet Lookup, or Petpages, etc. so that other Neopians may see them. I consider knitting & crochet as much an art form as drawing... would this be copyright infringement, or against any rules? I don't intend to profit from this; it's just for my own satisfaction. Thanks. ~prettycrystabelle
As long as they're for your personal enjoyment, we can give you permission to knit and crochet away. What you may not do is sell them or the patterns, as that would make Lawyerbot start frantically whirring about the office, making us drop all of our coffee... and then nothing would get done!

Hey, TNT! *hands mixed platter of socks* So, I have an idea that I'm sure a lot of people will love. Can we have a training finished / completed alert? Maybe it could work like the "you received an offer on your trade" alert. You could click it, and it would take you to the training area. I'm forever forgetting what time my Neopet's training ends! ~viperlina
This is actually already on our list of Things To Do. However, it's currently less of a priority than Things We're Doing. We do hope to offer this service in the future, though! :)

Hey, TNT! Thanks for updating the Dailies and then adding the Negg Cave. I really enjoy doing the puzzles! It's also nice to see the makeovers and the cool new prizes! ~songof_magick
Yay, we're glad you're enjoying it! We are, too. :) It's always good to exercise your brain a bit!

I'd really like to make a User Lookup and submit it to the spotlight, but I was wondering if my submission would be accepted if it was not Neopets-themed. For example, if I had a well-coded Star Trek-themed lookup, would I still have a chance at winning the spotlight? Thanks! :D ~mariesg1
Nope. Only Neopets-themed content is considered for any of our creative contests, including the User Lookup Spotlight, no matter how well done the submission is.

Would it be at all possible to have a collective item for every single tear TNT sheds when users incorrectly guess the current week's Lenny Conundrum? ~mainman_20
Comastar wrote that. She's an exceptionally nice person. Honestly, all you'd get from the rest of us is a jar of maniacal cackling.

You do realize that you forgot the Mutant Lutari Transmogrification Potion, right? ~tabbycat720
Ha! It actually looks like we just forgot to mention it in the news. Here it is, in all its mutated glory:

Careful. It may bite.

Hey guys! So, you know how it says to only spin the wheels with one account per person? I was wondering: does it have to be the same account for every wheel? For instance, could you spin the Wheel of Excitement with your main account, the Wheel of Monotony with one side account, and the Wheel of Knowledge with a second side account? ~rcticsun
No. Please only do dailies on your main account (unless specifically stated otherwise, such as the Healing Springs exception).

So, TNT, since you've recently brought back the Negg puzzle from this year's Festival of Neggs as a new daily, could this possibly mean that you will be bringing back features from other events as dailies? *coughkrawkislandsudokucough* Excuse me, I have a bit of a cold. ~warrior_cats_freak10
*hands you a handkerchief* Oops, that was actually a Ghostkerchief. Sorry, didn't mean to startle you like that! While we personally would loooove to see the sudoku game become a daily, it's not as easy to convert as the Festival of Neggs puzzle, which already randomised the puzzles. It's still on our "desperately wish to do" list, however; we just haven't been able to set aside enough time to get it done.

The power of voodoo. ~almightyomni
Who do?

There are links to Facebook all over Neopets. Why can't we mention it on the boards? ~_pinkster_88
You can mention Facebook. What you cannot do is offer or request personal information, which includes your full name or information that would lead to your Facebook profile.

"Hey guys, there's going to be site maintenance tonight. TNT just posted a notice on Facebook."

Not okay:
"You can find me on FB as Frank Sloth."
"Hey, how can I find you on the book of face? ;)"

Hey, TNT! You previously said we were allowed to use The Healing Springs to heal Neopets on our side accounts. I was wondering: with the new update that allows the Healing Springs to give out other items, is this still allowed? Thanks! :D ~cindycb
Yes, we discussed it and we wanted everyone to continue visiting the Springs on side accounts to keep all their Neopets healthy. With that in mind, the main purpose of the Springs is still to heal your Neopets and the added prizes are quite rare to even out the spread. (Their "drop chance" is based on average visits per player, rather than the usual one. Yay, maths!) So, the new ones are much harder to get, but we think you'll be quite pleased if you do happen to get one. And if that does happen on a side account, you can send the item to your main account to sell, just like you would a Random Event item.

Could you end this Editorial with the picture of the royal Kyrii from Kyrii Day, except without the text over it? 8D ~sdspj
Sure! We, too, have always liked this banner. Please enjoy this text-free version!

Ahh, Kyrii. Making sure we end the Editorial with style.

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