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The Undecided Faerie

by boscoemax


School was out for a week for the Academy of Young Faeries in Faerie City. The week was annual, not for Spring Break, but for faeries who were in their last year of the school and at the end of the year had to pick what element they would be- earth, dark, light, water, fire, or air. Many of them already had an idea of what they wanted to be, but for the others, it was a time to go out and explore possibilities related to each element.

     Natalie was one of these faeries with pale, translucent wings lacking color that had to pick. She felt as if she was the only one in her school who hadn't had a clue what she wanted to be. All the faeries in the agriculture and petpet care programs in the school wanted to be earth faeries without a doubt; the faeries who had enjoyed flying programs all desired to be air faeries. The ones who enjoyed playing tricks on other students and igniting homework papers when they got them back and they were already graded with spells learned in class wanted to be fire faeries. Members of the swimming team and those learning to become doctors, nurses, and more wanted to be water faeries. Those who were afraid of the dark and enjoyed playing in the sun with friends and being generally kind wanted to be light faeries. And the ones who enjoyed the night and darkness and hated waking up early for school wanted to be Dark faeries.

     However, Natalie was none of these. She was just herself. She enjoyed attributes of each faerie- her case wasn't helped when she enrolled into various day trips (or night trips, in the case of the dark faeries) with each faerie type over the break. She had fun with each.

     On the last day of the break, she found herself wandering about Faerieland, trying to discover her element. Eventually she found herself outside of Jhudora's Bluff. She took a quest and completed it, but even upon receiving her reward, she couldn't help but feel a tad irritated by Jhudora's unnecessary grumpiness- and found herself even more baffled in the end when Jhudora suddenly told her that she should become a dark faerie.

     "But why?" she asked. Jhudora smirked.

     "I was testing you, my dear. I have heard you are unsure of what faerie type to become. So of course when you came here, I gave you a quest to see how fit you were to be a dark faerie. Take it from the greatest dark faerie of all. Now go on, look around a bit more. You'll see how right I am. We always need more, worthy dark faeries."

     Natalie was unsure how to feel when she left. She had no grudge against dark faeries; while many Neopians were under the assumption they were all evil, Natalie had friends who had graduated from the school who ended up being dark faeries- very kind ones to boot. She couldn't say Jhudora was rightly evil, as no one could really prove she had ever done everything bad, but it was highly questionable as to what she did that made Illusen so infuriated with her that she moved all the way to Meridell.

     Next she ventured to the Healing Faerie's springs and exchanged a few words with the Healing Faerie about her plight. The water faerie was about to give her a suggestion when a Bruce with a rather bad bruise on his knee came staggering up to the fountain. She was about to cast a spell to heal it, when Natalie cut in. "I studied healing spells at school; might if I give it a try? If it fails, nothing will happen."

     The Bruce had no objections, and the Healing Faerie allowed her. With some concentration, Natalie healed up the bruise on the Bruce, who quickly thanked her and ran off to play. The Healing Faerie smiled. "You ought to become a water faerie!"

     Natalie blushed. "Why's that?"

     "Well, that was a darn good healing spell for a student. I daresay you'd make a fine faerie to work with me here," she said. Natalie thanked her modestly and ran off. Her next stop was at the Faerieland Petpet Shop, where she explained her plight to the shopkeeper, an earth faerie. When a young Shoyru came in looking to buy a petpet, the Shoyru said they wanted a beginner petpet that was cuddly and cute. Natalie immediately told him to try a Pikis, explaining she had one herself and that they were easy to care for and enjoyed just being loved. The Shoyru thanked her, found a Pikis that wanted to go home with him, paid for the petpet, and left.

     It was then that the shopkeeper told her she should be an earth faerie.

     "Oh? What makes you say that?" Natalie asked the shopkeeper.

     "Because it seems you have a liking for petpets and a decent knowledge of them. You could work with them if you wanted."

     Natalie left, feeling even more undecided than she did in the morning. So she went to an air faerie she was friends with who was taking a break from her job of working with other air faeries to manipulate Faerieland's weather. In the middle of their chat, a stray cloud came flying towards them that was being chased by a frantic air faerie trying to get it back. Natalie quickly managed to capture it and return it, cloud unharmed or dispersed. The faerie thanked her, commended her on her quick flying skills, and went back to work.

     Her friend then told her she should be an air faerie. "You have fast flying skills, and got the cloud safely! How'd you like to be an air faerie?" At this, Natalie awkwardly told her that she'd think about it and moved on. She went to talk to a friend who was a fire faerie, but upon almost getting her wing singed by a stray fireball from one of her friends, she decided that maybe being a fire faerie wasn't for her and left.

     She gave up on the idea of talking to a light faerie, decided it wasn't going to be of any help- the faerie would just suggest to her to be a light faerie. Natalie moaned tiredly and collapsed on a bench right outside of the Faerieland Quest Center. She was at her wit's end. The young faerie only got as far as to know that being a fire faerie was out of the question, still leaving her with five elements she could pick from.


     Said faerie looked up to see Delina, the crafting dark faerie, standing over her. "Are you alright?" she asked. Natalie frowned.

     "Well... you better sit down if you want to hear the whole story, Delina," she said. Delina sat down next to her and listened as Natalie unraveled her day's story. At the end, the listening faerie was silent for a few minutes before she spoke up.

     "You know, I wasn't sure what element I wanted to be on my week off when I was your age," she said. Natalie looked up.

     "Really?" she asked, surprised. Delina nodded.

     "Of course! I felt a lot like you did. Whenever I talked to a faerie, more often than not would they suggest I be their element. It felt like nothing suited me. I liked flying, I liked healing, all the above. But what I really wanted to do was craft imaginative clothing items, and there is no 'Imaginative Clothing Items' element for the faeries. I tried to then rely on my personality- I'm kind of a prankster, I have trouble waking up in the morning, and I like the night. That's how I became a dark faerie. Mind you, I enjoy being a dark faerie, but still, I ended up doing what I wanted to do."

     "What do you think I should be?" Natalie asked, expecting Delina to just say 'be a dark faerie'. Instead, the faerie thought for a few minutes, then spoke.

     "I think you'd make a delightful Light Faerie," she said. Natalie stared at her. Here it was, coming from a dark faerie that she should be a light faerie! Then she thought about it for a moment. She was always the first to rise in the morning in her family, enjoyed sunbathing, and liked to be helpful to those in need. Delina smiled at her.

     "If you're unsure, why don't you try the Faerie Personality Test? It helped me a bit," she suggested. Natalie grinned.

     "Thank you, Delina!" she said, then rushed off to the test, wondering why she had never thought of this before. When she got to the test, she vowed to be honest and think of every question seriously. When she got the test, she turned to the first question.

     When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

  • Water your plants
  • Stretch and take a deep breath
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Open the drapes to let in some light
  • Shut your eyes and go back to sleep
  • Light a candle

     After a moment of thought, she circled 'Open the drapes to let in some light'. She went to the next.

     Where would you go to relax?

  • To the lake to go swimming
  • My backyard at night to stargaze
  • To the beach to lie in the sun
  • Out of the city to get some fresh air
  • To my garden to plant flowers
  • Camping, so I could sit around the campfire

     This one was obvious; she quickly circled 'To the beach to lie in the sun'.

     Which of these words appeals to you most?

  • Land
  • Darkness
  • Waves
  • Flame
  • Wind
  • Sunlight

     She circled 'Sunlight'. Can't have sunbathing without sunlight, she decided.

     What ability would you teach your Neopet?

  • Drain Life
  • Restore
  • Boil
  • Invisibility
  • Regeneration
  • Water of Life

     This one took her some thought, as she didn't have a neopet. She immediately ruled out 'Drain Life', figuring that would be a mean thing to teach a neopet. Next she decided 'Boil' was unkind as well. Eventually she decided upon 'Restore' and moved on.

     Others might describe you as...

  • Carefree
  • Fiery
  • Modest
  • Cheerful
  • Relaxed
  • Clever

     Natalie was too much of a worrywart to be carefree, too calm to be fiery... relaxed she felt didn't fit her, and she ruled out clever, deciding that if she was truly clever, she would've thought of this ages ago, and finally she forgot modest, remembering how sometimes at school whenever she got an 'A' on a test, she tended to be a little... proud. So she marked 'Cheerful'.

     If given the choice, which of the following drinks would you select?

  • Natural fruit juice
  • Something diet
  • Ice water
  • Black coffee
  • Hot chocolate or tea
  • Anything carbonated

     At the thought of black coffee, she gagged. Natural fruit juice, ice water, something diet, and hot chocolate or tea were all good, but she decided that the fact she drank way more Neocola than was healthy made her pick 'Anything carbonated'.

     Where in Neopia would you live?

  • The Lost Desert
  • Maraqua
  • Faerieland
  • Meridell
  • Darigan Citadel
  • Altador

     She almost wrote a 'duh' next to Faerieland when she circled it. She was certain by now not all her answers were light-faerie inspired, but she didn't care. Being honest would lead her to the honest truth.

     When she turned in her answers, she closed her eyes while she was opening the paper that revealed the results, and when it was open she looked and saw it read the following:


     You seem to be attuned to light faeries. You are usually cheerful and full of energy, and love going outside on sunny days.

     At this, she thought about the idea of being a light faerie even more. Finally, upon being decided, she gleefully skipped out.


     A few months later...

     A nervous-looking light faerie flew into the quest center, eager to begin her first day as hired by Queen Fyora to be a quest faerie. She had just graduated from the academy, and by suggestion by Delina, had been hired by Fyora to work as a quest faerie. When entering the center, she was a sleepy-eyed Delina yawning, muttering 'It's too darn early to be here' under her breath. However, when the dark faerie spied her, she smiled.

     "Good morning, Natalie. I wish I could be a cheerful about waking up early for this job as you."

     Natalie smiled and grabbed a cup of tea and sat by her. "All part of being a light faerie, Delina."

The End

This is what happens when I take a random Faerie Personality Test. Though, unlike Natalie, I got earth.

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