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How To Celebrate Jhudora Day the Jhudora Way!

by sychologist


Perhaps one of the greatest holidays following Sloth Appreciation Day is upon us once again, Neopia! No, no, I'm not talking about February 3rd's Kacheek Day, I'm talking about the grandest holiday of all. To be more specific, I am speaking of the one and only February 4th, better known throughout Neopia as Jhudora Day. How can you live this holiday up to its fullest potential, you may be wondering? Well, fret no longer. In this article I have provided you with the best possible day planning tips to live your Jhudora Day to the fullest, in such a way that even Jhudora herself will gladly approve of! And best of all, it's in five easy to complete steps.

1. Decorate yourself, Jhudora style!

Nothing says "happy Jhudora Day" like going around all day with one of these fabulous avatars and a font to match it. The first avatar, called "Evil Jhudora", can only be gotten on Jhudora Day (February 4th). Once you've done so, you can pride yourself with this new avatar as a true supporter of Jhudora and her dedicated holiday! The second avatar is called "Jhudora's Cloud". Give yourself a fancy font, perhaps with one of Jhudora's most famous quotes in your signature, "You are out of time!!! Grr... it's back to the easy quests for you!" and spread the Jhudora Day celebration throughout Neopia everywhere you go.

2. Show off your Jhudora pride by dressing your pets!

Once you've set yourself up to show Neopia your Jhudora pride, it's only in the spirit of the holiday that you dress your pet up as well! I highly suggest you use a Darigan pet for any of this "Jhudora-fied" customization. Whatever you do, don't use a goody two shoes faerie or woodland pet! Not only will the customization clash, but if Jhudora happens to see your woodland/faerie pet sporting her gear, she might jump to conclusions and think that you're trying to mock her and... well... you do not want to get on Jhudora's bad side. Bad things have happened to those who do. The four customization ideas I have listed here are the Dark Faerie Wings (priced at 140,000 neopoints), Jhudoras Bluff Background (priced at 104,000 neopoints), and two NC Mall customization items: the Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll and the Disembodied Cackling Jhudora. Combine these with a Darigan paint color (Darigan paint brushes are priced at 1,400,400 neopoints) and your pet will be a true Jhudora supporter!

3. Visit Jhudora and offer to do one (or two) of her quests!

If you haven't been paying very much attention to poor Jhudora lately, Jhudora Day is a perfect time to catch up on what you've missed. You can visit her Bluff in Faerieland and (so long as you haven't betrayed her for that pesky Illusen) complete a quest for her. Remember, you can complete a quest every twelve hours so you can technically complete two quests for her on her special day! If you're lucky, you might just also get a prize. I have included pictures of some of the prizes given by Jhudora for completing her quests: the Poisonous Lollypop (given after completing Quest One), Jhudoras Brush (given after completing Quest Five), and the elusive book Dark Faerie Magic (given after completing Quest Twenty along with the avatar). She'll appreciate the company (even if she doesn't outwardly show it) and the help getting her plans underway! What plans? Well, she doesn't tell those plans to anyone. It's a big part of Jhudora's ever mysterious charm.

4. Eat the finest Jhudora-inspired foods!

Food modeled after Jhudora may be a bit intimidating for both you and your pet, but I am here to assure you that eating Jhudora-inspired foods on Jhudora Day is just a way to celebrate the holiday! It will do no harm to you or your pet (just don't eat anything with the word "poisonous" in it's name). There are plenty of Jhudora-themed foods to choose from, but here I have provided a full three course meal option for you and your Neopet to enjoy on this holiday. You both can first enjoy some Jhudora Day Soup (1,000 neopoints), followed by a Jhudora Day Burger (999 neopoints), completed by a fine dessert of refreshing Jhudora Day Ice Cream (950 neopoints). For our lactose intolerant pets and users, you can also substitute the ice cream for a different option, a slice of the delicious and specially baked Jhudora Day Cake (14,000 neopoints). There are many variations to this menu, so stop by your local Neopia food shops and see what you can find! Jhudora appreciates uniqueness.

5. Most importantly, ask yourself "what would Jhudora do?" and do just that. Deface everything of Illusen that you come in contact with to show Jhudora that you are giving her your full and undivided allegiance.

It is no secret that the only person Jhudora hates more than anything in this world is that pesky Illusen. Have an Illusen Plushie (150,000 neopoints) kicking around? An Illusen Poster (2,5000)? How about an Illusen Kite (93 neopoints)? Whatever "Illusen" item that you happen to have, feel free to demean it in all of the worst (or as Jhudora would say, "best") possible ways! Today is the day for Jhudora support and Illusen discouragement. Grab your finest markers and sit down with your pets, defacing those ever annoying Illusen themed items in Jhudora's honor. You could even get creative and write little messages such as "Jhudora rules, Illusen drools!" to really show your support. If you happen to have a hungry Skeith or Grarrl who happens to be a Jhudora fan, you can even feed them your Illusen-themed items as a snack on Jhudora Day and allow them to have their way with your plushies / posters / kites / anything Illusen. Jhudora will appreciate it and who knows? She might just visit you one of these days in a random event. You could always even take the easy way out and buy an already Defaced Portrait of Illusen (1,500 neopoints) and deliver it to Illusen herself. Illusen's confusion and potential embarrassment would be the best possible gift to deliver to Jhudora on her special day.

There you have it, Neopia, celebrating Jhudora Day in the very best possible Jhudora Way that you can in five simple easy steps. Don't forget while you're celebrating, dressing up, and appreciating Jhudora in every way physically possible to inform your pets of Jhudora's legacy. Feel free to stop by the Gallery of Evil and show them everything about Jhudora that there is to know. If the Gallery of Evil isn't an option for one reason or another, don't worry, there are many well written high quality Jhudora books that you can read to your pets on this day. Some of these books to choose from include Jhudora and the Evil Eyes (3,000 neopoints), Fantastic Jhudora Stories (3,000 neopoints), and Jhudora: Terms of Service (2,000 neopoints).

Whatever you do, make sure you live up Jhudora Day to the fullest! Until next year...


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