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Petpet Appreciation – but which petpet is for you?

by lostcontrol92


Every year the 8th of June brings around an opportunity for both us and our neopets to truly display our appreciation for our petpets. Petpets have become a significant member to many Neopian families, and with numerous colours and species there are endless opportunities for us to choose the perfect petpet. This choice of neopet is often heavily influenced by our neopet, whereby we choose our petpet based on colourations and design and how similar they are to that of our neopets. Yet for many fellow Neopians, the decision on which petpet should be given to their beloved neopet is somewhat hindered by a limited budget. In light of this, this article reveals some of the cheapest petpets available today, with each petpet costing no more than 1000 neopoints. It will also advise you in deciding which of these petpets are most appropriate for your neopet based on colour palettes, temperament and design.


Resembling a bird of prey, this petpet is known for its ability to glide through the air. Its strong claws are able to grasp the trickiest of items whereby they become very independent. You will often find this petpet soaring through the sky alongside or above their owner.

Price: 150-500 NP

Most appropriate for: Tyrannian and Brown pets.


Although the price range here may leap outside of the budget, its angelic and peaceful temperament will soon make up for it. Their characteristics somewhat resemble those of a cat, becoming both highly devoted and dependable on their neopet, but also offering support and tranquillity to them.

Price: 900-1000+ NP

Most appropriate for: Snow, White, Yellow, Custard and Gold pets.


This petpet is known to become very shy, scared and worried in strange and new environments. Thus the owner of this petpet will need to be soothing, comforting and loving before this beloved Altachuck will become comfortable in their company. This love will then be reciprocated alongside loyalty and dependability for life.

Price: 60-110 NP

Most appropriate for: Checkered, Grey, Skunk, White, Shadow pets.


The Bluna is recognized for its frosty exterior and those who pet one without loving care are often left with severe frost bite. Yet this petpet is known to be very loving and loyal to those who care for it, offering both defence and reliability in the strangest of situations.

Price: 600-900 NP

Most appropriate for: Blue, Invisible, Ice and pets.


This regal looking neopet can often be found darting through the water in order to be in close proximity to its owner. Its small, smooth and strong tail is highly useful in battle, allowing it to move quickly through both shallow and deep water and allowing it to defend its owner very well.

Price: 700-1000 NP

Most appropriate for: Gold, Yellow, Blue, Cloud, Maraquan and some Royal pets.


The Cobrall appears to be a very vicious creature, yet behind this rough exterior the Cobrall is a highly trustworthy petpet to have by your neopet’s side. It comforts, defends and supports your neopet in ways you couldn’t, allowing it to become a highly reliable member of your family.

Price: 300-500 NP

Most appropriate for: Green, Yellow, Island and Desert pets.


This mechanical petpet has been developed into a creature that is pre-programmed to please its neopet. It is able to listen to the commands given to it and put itself to work in order to complete the task. They become very useful in stressful and complicated situations.

Price: 750-900 NP

Most appropriate for: Alien, Purple, Yellow and Robot pets.


This strange looking creature does not express any emotion except happiness; this is only portrayed through loving dribble. They are fonder of tasty looking pets due to it generating this wave of happiness over them. (Please note: This creature will not eat your neopet!)

Price: 800-1000 NP

Most appropriate for: All edible pets (such as Jelly, Strawberry etc.)


Some may look at this petpet and disregard it due to its somewhat goofy look. But this goofy look reflects its personality. It's full of fun, love and excitability, offering a cause to smile in the most unhappiest situations. You are most to likely to find them pulling funny faces next to your neopet in hopes of grasping any spare attention.

Price: 360-700 NP

Most appropriate for: Blue, Electric and Cloud pets.


The Floud may be regarded as the Floater of Neopia. It’s very low maintenance due to it doing nothing more than floating alongside your neopet until it eventually bumps into something or someone. Despite this, Flouds are highly intellectual and very comforting in your neopet’s time of need.

Price: 350-600 NP

Most appropriate for: Pink, Blue and most Faerie pets.


This petpet is also regarded as very low maintenance, simply requiring little attention but lots of love. Many know that snowflakes often gather and stick together; this is somewhat similar to how your Kelpflake will behave around your neopet, and as time passes they will become excessively attached.

Price: 650-900 NP

Most appropriate for; Green, Snot and Snow pets.


When you place it alongside your stuffed toys, often enough you will lose your Magaral. There are many words to describe a Magaral, such as happy, fun, huggable and fluffy, and this is exactly what your neopet will love.

Price: 300-500 NP

Most appropriate for: Disco, Purple, Pink, some Faerie pets.


The earthy tones of this petpet is perfect for your neopet to take into the woodlands with you. They are known to curl up in a ball as a form of hiding and therefore are very useful for woodland battles, offering defence for your neopets but also offering comfort once safe at home.

Price: 250-600 NP

Most appropriate for: Camouflage, Green, Brown, Christmas, Speckled and Woodland Pets.


Often mistaken for a rock, this little petpet can easily be carried almost anywhere by its owner. Because the Mibblie is so small, it becomes very useful for your neopet, offering simple solutions to some tricky situations.

Price: 30-150 NP

Most appropriate for: Relic, Darigan and Shadow Pets.


This skeletal petpet is often mistaken for a pile of bones, but despite its spooky appearance, it offers a huge amount of affection for its owner. You will often find your Skelly bobbing along in the water in close proximity to either you or your neopet, with a yearning for comfort.

Price: 750-900 NP

Most appropriate for: Halloween, Mutant, Tyrannian, White, Island, Zombie and Desert pets.

So there you have it, 15 petpets that are both affordable and appropriate for you and your neopet. So get going, and don’t forget a petpet isn’t just for Petpet Day – It’s For Life!!

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