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*delivers two plates of fresh-baked, double chocolate pecan brownies* Is redeeming a Key Quest plushie code on a side account to get the token there permitted if the item is transferred to the main account? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Codes from purchases may be redeemed on any account, and you're welcome to keep the item in the account. If you'd like to sell the item, though, we suggest moving it to your main account. :)

I was just wondering: who is the one that comes up with Lenny Conundrums and other puzzles? Do you hire a professional nerd? ~dolphinnightmare
We have a lot of professional nerds here. We just torment and harass the ones that are best at math until they submit and give us a Lenny Conundrum each week.

*hands dusty book of rules* If a person isn't sure whether something's against the rules, is it better for them to report it or leave it alone? The Help Chat has a hard time with this. ~squirt5dad
Just report it with as much information as you can and move on. :) You can also contact the Support Department if you need clarification on a particular rule.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering something. Yooyus are described as being Petpets, yet I have never seen an actual Yooyu Petpet, and they are not listed in the dropdown menu at the Petpet Puddle. Why is this? ~kitavery
Yooyu Petpets (in their various colours) are exclusive rewards from the Altador Cup. They cannot be painted at the Rainbow Pool; that's why they don't show up there.

Hi, TNT! ^_^ I was wondering if we're allowed to use the word "badkass" on the boards. There are many plot characters who are badkass (plus Dasher Soley and Snarkie XP). I was wondering: could I get in trouble for saying this? Thanks for your time! ~kaguyahime212
While we appreciate your exuberance, that would fall under trying to work your way around the filters. If you have to intentionally misspell an inappropriate word to get it past the filters, then you shouldn't be posting it.

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering if the staff members like to browse around the site, looking at random User Lookups and Petpages that spark their interest? *shivers* o.O Please remove my username, by the way. Thank you! ~username removed
Yep, we often link each other to exceptionally well-customised Neopets, User Lookups, and that sort of thing. You might not see us, but we're here in Neopia right next to you. :)


Would it be considered harassment to make a Petpage listing the names of people who raid Habitariums even though their friends tell them not to? I, along with many other people, have had this happen. You become friends with someone for "help" on Habi, but then they raid you, even though you tell them not to. I find that it really isn't fair for those who work really hard on their Habitariums, and I would love to help people be aware of this. Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
Yes, this would be considered harassment. Raiding is part of the Habitarium game. If it bothers you greatly, you can remove the friend from your Neofriends list or block them so that it won't happen again.

Hiya! I was trying to decorate my new Neohome and, while in the middle of decorating the kitchen, I discovered that there were NO fridges or ovens made to fit 2.0 Neohomes! Could you please fix this? Thanks! P.S.: I love this site and your randomness. ;) ~unfeasible
It seems you're quite right. That won't do. We'll put it on our content to-do list for the upcoming months. :)

On January 16th, 2009, you released the Elephante Pencil (or, at least, that's the name it was given). This item hasn't restocked a single time since it was added to the site. Is it possible the rarity is mixed up? ~juney4
It looks like it wasn't assigned a rarity. It should be restocking now as an r97. :) We're also looking into the other items you reported.

Hey, TNT! Do you plan on giving royal Petpets genders? ~angelfishey
No. Each royal Petpet will only have one gender, which we'll select when we give art direction for the Petpet.

Hello, TNT. I was just curious as to why, for Pet Days and even for themed days, you aren't making backgrounds anymore? For graphic designers like myself, those backgrounds were lovely to use. Just wondering if you guys are ever planning on making any more again? Thanks! *gives a cookie* ~peacebuggiee
The last time we released one, players seemed disappointed that it wasn't wearable. Maybe we should try to make a Desktop Background with a matching wearable background next time? :)

Dear TNT,
Does the staff always get along? X3 ~dawlly

Ever since the great pizza incident of 2005, we do our best to behave ourselves, but we do have our days...

That's what leftover ketchup packets and Nerf weaponry are for.

Hi, TNT. So, um, let's say (hypothetically, of course) that we participated in the last Altador Cup, but lost track of time and haven't yet redeemed our points for prizes. Are those points now lost forever with the start of this year's tournament, or do we have till the end of the season to use them? ;^; Please and thank you! ~ntkgwgoty
Hypothetically, we would regret to inform you that we posted reminders in New Features to exchange any points left over from last year for prizes before the new Altador Cup began. Any points you had from last year are gone. :(

Say it ain't so!

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