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Celebrating Fyora Day! (Everything's So Purple...)

by amitybelle


The day we dedicate to our Faerie Queen is here, and Neopians of all ages and species are celebrating. Faerie Bubbles is being played, pieces of the intricately decorated Deluxe Fyora Day Cake are being shared and purple decorations can be seen throughout Neopia. However, some are sure to be overwhelmed by the festivities, so if you're stuck for ideas on what to do on this special day, I've listed a few things you might like to try.

To the Games Room!

You can find Fyora in a few games around Neopia. A personal favourite game of mine, she's a tough opponent to end a round of Faerie Cloud Racers, if you can get past the other Faeries, that is. This game isn't for everyone (AAA loves to hear you complain during the Daily Dare), so give Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest a try instead if you're having trouble. Quaglor the Intrepid needs your help to solve what Fyora describes as "excruciatingly hard" puzzles in this game which gives you more time to think and plan your next move.

Other games you can find in Faerieland include Maths Nightmare, a game for the mathematicians of Neopia (who doesn't love math?!), and the Wheel of Excitement. If you're feeling lucky, give it a spin and see what happens!

Who would enjoy this? Dark Faeries, Hissis, Xweetoks and Kacheeks. If you're raising your eyebrow at my mention of Dark Faeries playing games, I will note that Dark Faeries ask for toys when you get a quest from one. Even evil has to take time off!

Make Something Delicious

Fyoras Favourite Foods is a wonderful book containing Fyora's favourite recipes. It includes secrets and tips such as how to perfectly shape a Faerie Fried Egg and what makes a Fancy Faerie Float actually float. Nothing in this book is very difficult to make so can be enjoyed by both experts and novices. (These are Faerie recipes, after all; there's bound to be magic involved somehow).

From sweet treats like Fyora Tarts and Faerie Apple Pie to healthier options including Fyora Day Sandwiches and Faerie Asparagus (yes, Fyora's magic is so powerful that even asparagus will taste good), this book covers all kinds of yummy foods; there is something to suit everyone. Oh, be sure to stock up on plenty of purple food colouring!

Who would enjoy this? Earth Faeries, Yurbles and Skeiths. I should mention that Skeiths may not be best at helping to bake or cook, but will certainly "help" when it's time to eat...

To the Battledome!

The Faeries' Ruin taught us that it's important to be ready for anything, for even the most magical of Faeries can be caught off guard by the evil creatures that lurk in Neopia's darkest corners. The Faeries are aware of this; if you have ever been lucky enough to receive a quest from one of them, you will know many of them reward your efforts by increasing the stats of your Neopet. Fyora even sells powerful Battledome equipment in her Hidden Tower... if you can find it, that is.

Who would enjoy this? Battle Faeries, Grarrls and Tonus.

Pamper Yourself

Keeping an impeccable appearance is important when you're a Faerie, even more so when you're the Faerie Queen. Start the day by washing your hair using a bottle of Fyora Shampoo. You can style it to look as good as hers with a splash of Fyoras Magic Hairspray; note the word "magic" in here - a very useful item to have on hand if you're having a bad hair day! Speaking of bad hair days, if you struggle with knots and tangles, a Fyora Hair Brush will rid them for you, completely pain free! From hair/mane/fur care to nail/claw/hoof care, Fyora and the Faeries have a wide range of grooming items for you to use.

Who would enjoy this? Air Faeries, Peophins and Unis.

Dress like Fyora

Really, anything purple in colour will be approved of by Fyora, and luckily there are plenty of purple clothes to be found in shops around Neopia! There are even a few items around which emulate her, such as Faerie Queen Wings. They may not enable you to fly, but your Neopet will look stunning in a pair of these. Considering their somewhat expensive price, not many Neopians own a pair, so you can be sure your Neopet will stand out from the crowd. If you still have Neopoints to spare, an adorable Valentine Fyora is the perfect addition to any outfit worn by fans of the Faerie Queen.

If, like me, you're a fan of Neocash, you may have a Fyora Wig or Fyora Collectors Staff stashed away in your closet. They both look fantastic and are perfect to complete your Fyora ensemble.

Who would enjoy this? Fire Faeries, Crafting Faeries, Usuls and Bruces. Both Neopets enjoy dressing up especially if there are bows or ribbons involved.

Read and Learn

Fyora isn't just a pretty face; she's very intelligent as well. If you have read this far into my article, I will assume you enjoy reading, good! Reading is a fantastic hobby and one of the best ways to learn about absolutely anything and everything you can imagine. You can find Faerieland Bookshop in Faerie City, where you can buy books covering a wide variety of subjects, including everything I have listed above. The Faerie Queen, as well as many other Faeries, have written these books themselves on what they know and are passionate about.

Some titles include Fyoras Hair Care, a reasonably priced book which would be a good read for those of you opting to pamper yourself. Flight of the Battle Faerie is full of stories to entertain Neopians who enjoy spending their time in the Battledome. If you hate all of my ideas, Faerie Activities Book may provide you with something better to suit your interests.

Who would enjoy this? Library Faeries, Water Faeries, Lennies and Korbats.

I'm sure Fyora would approve of anything you wanted to do to celebrate her day, unless you were hoping to relive the Faeries' Ruin... I don't think she would be very interested in that. Let's try to keep any Faeries turning to stone to a minimum. Err, other than that, I hope you have a wonderful day with plenty of purple and an abundance of scrumptious Fyora Cookies!

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