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Hello, TNT. I am writing in because I have a serious concern about items not being available in Neopia. It seems every other quest that I attempt to complete for Illusen's Glade or Jhudora's Cloud results in failure. They keep asking me for items like Tyrannia wall paint and basic floor tiles. Obviously there is no way to acquire these items, as they are Rarity 10 a.k.a. No Trade. Could you please fix this so that I do not fail their quests on Quest 1? This is a very common occurrence and is very frustrating. Thank you. Please leave my username out of this. ~username removed
These items can be purchased directly from the Neohomes NP Superstore, in the Neopian Bazaar, and are constantly in stock.

Dear TNT,
The FAQ for the Altador Cup VIP Passes say that you can use them on your sides. In order to use them, however, you need to join a team, which involves getting sellable Neopoint items. Is the FAQ in error? ~pikakeet

We've updated the FAQ to clarify. "You may participate in the Altador Cup VIP Pass NC event on your side accounts. In order to do this, you will need to join a team. Joining a team will automatically give you NP items -- we are aware of this. :) We are willing to make an exception to our normal rules regarding side accounts in this instance. If you do decide to participate on a side account, however, please discard the NP items you receive and do not participate in any of the Altador Cup games. This would still be considered cheating!"

Heeey, TNT! I was just wondering what your policy is on using multiple browsers to surf Neopets. I use Firefox mainly, but sometimes when I'm using my main account, I'll open Chrome to log into a side account and edit a Petpage or something. There are also two computers in my house that I use to browse Neopets, and my siblings use them both to log on to their accounts. I see people with notes to TNT on their User Lookups explaining how many people use their computer / the different places they log on. I was wondering if this is necessary, and if I use multiple browsers for different accounts, whether this looks weird to you? Thanks for answering. :) ~ramseyiscool
Notes on User Lookups are not necessary or regarded by our staff as evidence when looking into accounts. Using multiple browsers is fine, as long as you are not attempting to trick or scam people.

You. TNT. Whomever... I've got a problem. So, somewhere in the mess of stuff that's in my Closet is my favorite Shenkuu Apprentice Tunic. Since I only have one, and I found that it also goes nicely on another Neopet, I searched for another one to buy. I can't find it anywhere, though: the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, Auction House... you name it, I can't find it there. It's not a spelling error on my part, as I've copied and pasted in the name, and it's not that no one seems to have it for sale. The search engines don't seem to think that it's an actual item at all. My question: is this a glitch? Did the name change and mine not update (making it still a glitch, derp), or what? ~inuyashacat
That item is an NC Mall item, and therefore it is unlike standard items. It cannot be bought or sold like Neopoint items, and it will not show up at the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or Auction House. If you'd like another, this particular item is still available in the NC Mall for 150 NC.

Is there a reason why sanity is forbidden? At least, so states the top of The Neopian Times. ~josephsemm
It is forbidden because the muffins are cactus after the cake strikes midnight.


HOW are Super Splime Shakes and The Neopian Times in the same business?!? o_O *comfuzed* ~lil_jen_aside
Please see the above question and response.

What is the Lawyerbot?!? I have been seeing references to him everywhere, and it is really confusing me. What is his use? Does he give away stuff? Anything else I should know about him? Thank you for answering! Username removed, please. ~username removed
Lawyerbot is our resident robotic lawyer. He writes long emails with a lot of jargon and typos. He also adores Usukis and plays with them in his office when he thinks we're not looking. He does not give away stuff. In fact, it's best to avoid him, lest he seek a reason to proceed with a frivolous lawsuit against you.

Hello, The Neopets Team. I was wondering: which popular science fiction entertainment series does the team prefer, Star Trek or Star Wars? ~jazycat_12
Please do not ask such questions. In a room filled with this many geeks, it can cause havoc, broken bones, and minor fires. We STILL have Dragona locked in a closet, as she won't stop chanting, "What about Babylon 5?!?"

Now that we have new smilies, I have a great suggestion: A KADOATIE SMILEY! They are just the cutest things. *kadoatie* ~umwhoa
Oh, that is a nice suggestion. We're sure the players who run the Kadoatery boards will appreciate that one. :) /pencils it in

Okay, so last week in the Editorial, you gave someone a high-five and missed. Did you know that, if you look at that person's elbow and they look at yours, you will not miss? Now you don't have to worry about having awkward high-fives! :) ~kawaiu
This may perhaps be the greatest and most beneficial piece of information ever published in the Neopian Times Editorial. We thank you, kind lady. Never again will any of us be the victims of awkward high-fives! We are in your debt.

I have always wondered: if a person were to spot a spelling error or any other sort of mistake on the site, how would they go about informing someone so that it can be corrected? I have always thought to submit it here, to the Editorial, though those types of problems aren't questions... please clear this up. :)
To report stuff like that, please go ahead and submit a ticket (with the issue type as Ideas and Comments), and our Support Department will get it to the proper people to handle it. :)

I think Altachucks are great! Therefore, when they were released in a faerie version, I wanted to go and paint one of mine to be faerie. I went to the Petpet Puddle (with a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush in my Inventory) and, to my horror, found that I wasn't able to paint an Altachuck to be faerie, nor was it listed as a colour for them in their colour list. Could you please fix this? Thanks!
We've found the issue and have fixed it. The Faerie Altachuck is now properly available. *mutters something about dropdown menus*

Seeing as the Editorial staff is now busy staring at each others' elbows
and flailing their arms around, I guess it falls to me to close this
week's Editorial. Please enjoy these fine quality statements below.


Hey TNT, I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you guys do. From the items to the games to the sometimes silly news, it has made the last ten years easier and better. Yup, ten years, TNT... and hopefully another ten. Anyway, I really love some of the games you've created. Neopets has taught me everything from responsiblity to how to spell to multiplying -- even things like economics and how they work. So, I just wanted to say thanks. You can never hear it too much. :) *gives you favourite Rainbow Aisha Plushie* ~ponygirl1116

*throws wishes of many happy days to you*

Dear TNT,
Merely saying "thank you" does not come close to expressing my appreciation for this site. I joined several years ago to learn what my kids were into and, even though they've since left, I've stayed. I can honestly say that Neopets helps me keep my sanity. :) I find it's a wonderful way to relax and "de-stress." It continues to hold my interest with all of the new items and games you guys come up with, plus I don't ever worry about seeing or reading anything inappropriate (which is very nice, by the way). You all contribute so much to such a fantastic site and it's obvious you like what you do. Thank you, and know that your hard work is enjoyed and appreciated by us older (though not necessarily more mature) Neopians.


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