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Species Guide to Shoyrus

by saphireblue3


Shoyrus are known for being extremely cute, friendly and sometimes mischievous. They have the prestigious title of the most popular pets in Neopia. If you have ever had any questions about these adorable little dragons, or if you have any questions as a prospective or new Shoyru owner, this article will be your guide! :)


Shoyrus first appeared in Neopia on the 20th day of the Month of Eating, Year 2. Since that time, their species have not gone through any major changes or evolutions. Despite their initial appearance on the 20th of April, Shoyru Day is celebrated across Neopia on the 2nd of April. They do not hail from any certain world within Neopia; instead they seem to have appeared in large numbers from the sky itself. It is not uncommon to encounter Shoyrus in Faerieland because they enjoy heights.

Shoyrus have the proud title of the most popular species of Neopet, with over sixteen million created since their arrival in Neopia. This is most likely due to their friendly personality and incredibly cute appearance.

Physical Traits

The Shoyru's most noticeable trait is its large, cute face. Their expression has enchanted many and they are often said to be one of the cutest Neopets. Shoyrus have very large bright eyes, which help them to see long distances while flying, and to see the ground clearly while coming in for a landing. They also have excellent night vision, and for this reason do not have any problems navigating the skies at night. Although Shoyrus are a Dragon-type Neopet, they do not have the ability to breathe fire like other Dragon-type Neopets such as Draiks and Scorchios.

Their bodies are relatively small, and covered in a layer of smooth skin-like scales. They do not have any fur. In colder climates, most Shoyrus prefer to wear clothing as they do not have any natural protection against harsh weather. Shoyru hands are also small and dainty, lending to their cute appearance. They do not have fingers, instead they have a small thumb on each paw. Despite this they can still perform quite complicated tasks using their hands.

Shoyrus have relatively large (in comparison to their overall body size) and powerful wings. Their wings are connected to their body by a wing arm. On the crook of the wing there is a small thumb spike. Two elongated fingers protrude off of this wing hand. Shoyrus can soar in the open sky as well as navigate tight spaces during flight. While their wings may appear delicate, they are actually quite sturdy.

Nearly every Shoyru in Neopia has the ability to fly and they do so very well. Many are more agile and at home in the air while flying than they are walking on the ground. Their medium-length tails are used to help Shoyrus balance, especially while landing, and control their direction during flight. Although they are not very lengthy, they are quite strong.

Shoyrus have a single horn on the back of their head. Rather than a keratin-based solid horn, this horn is a hollow protrusion from the skull. It is not in a very advantageous position for fighting, therefore it is speculated that this helps allow them to speak, as well as call out very loudly and still be heard from great heights.

Behaviour and Personality

Shoyrus are, in general, recognized as friendly. However, they do still have a dragon-like fiery personality, being intensely loyal to those who treat them kindly. Shoyrus do not forgive others easily; if you betray a Shoyru, it can take years to regain their trust and redeem yourself in their eyes.

They enjoy being cared for by their owners and are, in general, very sociable and will show affection in return. Any Shoyru owner will notice this very quickly upon adopting or creating their Shoyru. In addition, they often have a carefree personality. However, they are still very intelligent and often very adept and talented.

The most noteworthy behaviour of the Shoyru is their love of soaring and flying. Shoyrus can be seen at all times of day and all areas of Neopia soaring through the sky. Shoyrus do have a mischievous side which is often seen during the time of the full moon; they often fly at night and are therefore sensitive to the cycles of the moon. Shoyrus are also closely associated with the element of Air and will be happiest when surrounded by items and environments resonating with this element.


Shoyrus are extremely abundant in Neopia. They are not limited edition, and do not require a special creation process. They can be either created by their owners or morphed using a transmogrification potion or morphing potion. However, there is a downside to so many Shoyrus being created in Neopia. Because of the surplus, there are many abandoned Shoyrus in the pound without a caring home. If you are interested in caring for a Shoyru, then please consider adoption first!

General Care & Grooming

Shoyrus are extremely loyal and friendly Neopets and desire attention and care from their owners. They are very active pets, and require frequent exercise and an opportunity to be let out to fly. A Shoyru who is prohibited from flying will quickly become sad and listless. Shoyrus are also very creative and intelligent, and will enjoy playing with toys, painting and especially reading books. There are many Shoyru-themed books in Neopia.

Shoyrus do not have a very specific diet. They enjoy sweets, but will eat most food put in front of them. (Like most pets they do not particularly enjoy gross or scary foods.) Shoyru-themed foods range from ice cream, to meatballs, to fizzy drinks.

Because of their smooth scales and little to no fur, Shoyrus do not require complicated or frequent grooming. The best way to pamper a Shoyru through grooming is to give it a bubble bath. It may also be beneficial to apply moisturizer to your Shoyru's wings, as they can become sore in cold weather and flying at great heights. Shoyru teeth are rather small and dainty and do require to be brushed twice a day. While they are not known to be very vain, some do enjoy wearing jewellery and dressing up using wearables, especially if it is weather-appropriate.


Shoyrus are recognized as fierce and acrobatic fighters, and enjoy training long hours in The Battledome. With proper training and guidance they have the potential to become very formidable warriors. Despite their smaller size, they are quite fierce and can use their agility to outwit their enemies and avoid taking damage. As mentioned above, it is very rare for a Shoyru to possess any type of breath weapon; instead they prefer to use their agility and power of flight to their advantage in the Battledome. Some Shoyrus also use their fiery gaze to strike fear into their enemies. Shoyrus deal attacks using air, physical and fire icons.


Most Shoyrus will do best with a petpet companion that is friendly. However, they do not often have trouble taming slightly mischievous or feral petpets. This next point is strongly advised: It is almost essential for the petpet to be able to fly or float (or perhaps be very easily carried and not afraid of heights); otherwise your Shoyru and its petpet will not be able to bond very well.

Famous Shoyrus

Torshac the Shoyru Scout: Torshac is a mercenary that flies through the night skies of Meridell. He is also known as The Shoyru Scout. His specialized equipment helps him to foil thieves and sneak about on spy missions.

Cog: Cog runs the clothes shop in Moltara City which specializes in steampunk and heavy-duty worker's clothing. Cog is also known for her skills building and repairing machinery in Moltara.

Kentari: The weapons keeper aboard the Cyodrake's Gaze. During the Cyodrake's Gaze plot, Kentari helped search for Hoban. After returning to Shenkuu, Kentari is now the shopkeeper for the Wondrous Weaponry shop.

Yes Boy Ice Cream: A futuristic pop group that frequently has concerts in the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Their music is almost as obscure as their band name and dance moves.

Antikia Lighten: In the Faerie Queen's private forest garden, Antikia is the guardian of all things relating to nature. She is very in tune with nature and Faeries, and has been entrusted with the task of growing and caring for magical plants, notably health shrooms.

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