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A Tale of Two Worlds

by carrotbreath


The faeries are working hard to rebuild Faerieland and by the looks of it they are doing a more than spectacular job. Does anyone remember Faerieland crashing? It seems to be just yesterday Xandra went on a mad rampage with talks of symbols and blah blah blah and crashed Faerieland (extremely glad she's gone by the way!) But the Faeries sure know how to handle a bad situation and make it all better. I have to admit, I was a little distraught when I clicked explore and saw that pile of purple rubble instead of the reassuring paradise on that similar floating cloud. Curiosity compelled me to click it and to my surprise it was not a pile of rubble after all. It's paradise. Lush green vegetation surrounds those games, shops and places we know so well (which are up and running!) And as Faerieland undergoes this transition from a heavenly paradise to earthly one, we watch with wide eyes and admiration. Many questions do arise, however. After I force myself to stop gushing over Faerieland's new appearance, I start to wonder... did Illusen have something to do with this? And what's it going to be like now that Faerieland is in such close proximity to the Haunted Woods? Well, my curiosity hasn't been sufficed, but I do have opinions and observations about the latter until then!

1. I can tell you the Esophagor will be particularly happy about this accidental coincidence. His love of food and indulging in delectable treats is no secret, and now he has hit the jackpot when it comes to delicious food! Along with excellent construction skills the faeries also have excellent cooking skills! With Faerieland so close, I'm sure one of the many minions he sends on quests won't be reluctant to travel just a few steps to get to Faerieland and back! Soon, sure enough even in Kreludor you'll be hearing, "YUUUMMMMMMMMM." Then things will probably work out like this: the better the food, the happier the Esophagor will be, the the happier he is, the better the prizes will get, and therefore the happier you'll be. Turning this tragedy into a spread of happiness and joy throughout Neopia. Well, one can hope.

2. Offer a helping hand maybe? The Haunted Woods sure does live up to its name. If you've been there then you know how spooky it can seem! Maybe the faeries might be kind enough to offer some decorating tips, and maybe the residents of the Haunted Woods might accept? Perhaps the former has a greater chance of happening. And who doesn't remember when the faeries put a spell on Balthazar and the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House came into existence in Neoquest 2? Okay, I agree; that was creepy. Maybe not such a big change is needed.

3. With Xandra gone and the faeries no longer petrified, maybe a new witch can take her place. I'm thinking of the Haunted Woods' one and only Edna. She's already powerful (if you don't believe me, just try leaving one of her quests uncompleted!) But who said she should stop learning new spells! The faeries can teach her more than she probably knows, and show her how to handle it. I know you must think she's evil, especially when she cackles, but you should probably know Xandra wasn't evil... she was downright crazy.

4. The Brain Tree can now exercise its knowledge! Faerie Crossword puzzles are notorious for stumping you and me both and although knowledgeable there's a reason the Brain Tree sends us on quests. I've deduced that... he doesn't know everything! I shouldn't be uttering such dangerous things, but it's time for us to finally know. But surely with a daily crossword to test his knowledge, he'll become a walking... er rooted? Neopedia! And not to worry, I'm sure his quests won't become obsolete; as much as he loves knowledge, he loves to toy with us, so just the satisfaction of watching us scatter through books to complete a quest will keep his quests up and running.

5. Perhaps the Deserted Fairground might not stay deserted? After facing petrification and Xandra, the faeries are sure to be fearless! Thus whatever drove everyone from the soon-not-to-be Deserted Fairground won't scare them a bit. Soon lights will shine and the sound of games will be heard because everyone knows faeries know how to have fun! And sure enough their bravery will show other Neopians there's nothing to fear and the Deserted Fairground will be as fun and lively as it once used to be, I just hope the current residents of the Haunted Woods won't be bothered by all the noise.

6. With Hubrid Nox gone, there's no reason for Illusen and Fyora not to enter the Haunted Woods. I don't really like to gossip, but did you know Hubrid Nox, may his spirit rest in peace, stole Illusen and Fyora's trading cards along with those of other heroes so the villains can have a chance to reek havoc and conquer Neopia! Fyora may be all forgiving, but everyone knows Illusen can hold a grudge; just ask Jhudora. Although she may be far away back in Meridell fixing her Glade, she can be very persuasive and convince her fellow faeries not to give the Haunted Woods a chance! But as I said, Hubrid Nox is gone now and there's no reason for any animosity between the faeries and the residents of the Haunted Woods.

And there you have it! SIX predictions, because five is too common and seven is too lucky! I hope you enjoyed this seeing as I'm taking a big risk. I've basically called the Esophagor overweight, said the Haunted Woods needs to be decorated, Edna needs magic lessons, the Brain Tree doesn't know everything, requested the reopening of the Deserted Fairground (probably annoying those who like quiet), and insulted Illusen. Hopefully they're all very forgiving, but just in case I'm going to sleep with one eye open! But all jokes aside, I hope you enjoy the new Faerieland; it truly is a sight to behold!

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