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A guide to Wrath of the Snowager

by camilamundim


In this guide I am going to teach you how to play and give tips for Wrath of the Snowager hoping that it helps you beat AAA (or Abigail if you are having serious problems with the game) and maybe get one of those shiny Snowager trophies for your lookup.

The game

The game is a classic “snake” where the little snake is the Snowager (Rawr!) and the apples are Snowager related items or items typically from the Snowager's pile (key rings, neggs, etc). But... the items don't appear randomly on the screen. They are dropped by a Chia who stole them from the Snowager's pile, but luckily there is a hole in his bag and the items will be dropping from it.

So the game in a nutshell is the following: you are the Snowager and you are chasing a thief Chia for your items... Yeah, this game is FUN!!


You control the Snowager. The controls are very simple: you can turn the Snowager right and left with the respective arrows of your keyboard (up to here the controls are like Meerca Chase in freestyle) and with your key bar you can launch an icy blast (which I will explain further how to use in the game).

Overall game instructions

You start the game with 3 lives. And you lose a life for hitting an obstacle or sidewalls. After hitting it, you will have to restart the level.

Finishing the level quickly will give you precious time bonus points.

When you get a power-up while still having one active, it will be canceled (explanation of power-ups further in the guide).

As the Snowager gets his items back, he will become longer (just like in a “snake” or Meerca Chase game).

The game has 12 levels in three different locations in Terror Mountain (4 levels for each location) which are: the Ice Caves, the Happy Valley and the Top of the Mountain.

In each location there will be a different map with different obstacles, so it is good that you master the controls.

If an item stays for too much time in the map and you or the Chia don't collect it (again, further explanation below ), it will simply disappear.

The Chia

In the game the blue Chia will be randomly walking around the level (with you behind) with his bag that contains your stolen items. From time to time he will use a “power” that attracts back to him the items in the map that you haven't collected yet.

No more to say, AFTER HIM!!!

Picking up items

Picking up items is your main task in the game; you have to pick up all the items to go to the next level. It is easy to pick an item. You just have to pass over it (DUHH!), but... there are three ways to make the Chia drop them that I'll tell you:

The boring way: This is for lazy people; you just go following the Chia until he decides to drop ONE item, an action that he doesn't do every so often...

The “fun” way: This is fun watching, you simple run over the Chia pushing his face in the snow and making him drop three items. Oh... don’t feel sorry for him; he is a thief, remember?

The “RAWR!!” way: This is my favorite. You first hit the space bar (you have to be in a short distance, but long enough to pass over him after it), you launch your massive destructive icy blast at the poor Chia (Yeah, now you can feel sorry for him), transforming him in an ice cube, and then you run over the ice to make it crash and take out five items from the thief Chia. But don't waste your precious blasts; you just get two per level.


During the game, while the Chia is dropping the items, he can also drop power-ups. These can be good (green power-ups) or bad (red power-ups).

Bad power-ups:

There are two types of bad power-ups:

Item losing power-up: This, in my opinion is the worst power-up; if you run over it, you will drop your collected items like our good friend Chia after one of our visits. The difference is the number of items that you lose, which you can find out by the display that appears: minus(-)(number of items that you will lose).

Slow down power-up: I really am in doubt if you can consider this a bad-power... A slowed-down Snowager is much easier to control. You won't go very far chasing that bad Chia, though.

Good power-ups:

Speed Boost power-up: This is exactly the opposite of the slow down power-up, so you have more trouble controlling the Snowager, but you will get to that Chia in no time.

Extra blast power-up: It gives you one more icy blast to use on the Chia. *shifty eyes*

Attract Loot power-up: This will attract to the Snowager the items that are spread all over the map.

Freeze Chia power-up: This power-up will instantly freeze the thief Chia.

More loot power-up: This will make the thief drop all the remaining items in his bag.

Score Multiplies: Those power-ups will multiply your points according to the display shown (the number after the “x” mark).

Extra lives: This power-up will give you an extra life.

I recommend you read the instructions of the game to see what each power up looks like and memorize them so you don't mess up in the game.

Beating those scores

If you are really going to play to beat AAA or get a trophy, I highly recommend that you play hard mode. I know, it's hard but worth it. Just one comparison: by ending the first level hard mode you can get over 150,000 points, a score that you would only get in easy mode by the sixth level. And in hard mode by the middle of the Happy Valley you will have already a high enough score to beat AAA, avoiding the Mountain Top, which is a relief, but I will get there. So... playing in hard mode isn't as hard as it seems; basically you just have to get a couple more items and there will be a minus four power-up in the level all the time with you.

So, going to beat AAA? As I said before, playing until the middle of Happy Valley is enough to get you that score of 650,000. Going for the trophy? That's a bit harder. And time bonus points will be as important as ever and you will have to face the Mountain Top *horror music*, just kidding XD... When playing Mountain Top, keep in mind going forward. I will explain: in Mountain Top the obstacles are so close to each other that if you try to make a 180º turn you won't be able to pass in the space of Snowager tail and the obstacle and you will end hitting one of them. So, like a shark keep forward or you lose a life 0_0 (and for a shark it's fatal D:).

Overall game tips

Never give up a game if you have already a lot of points. If you're running out of lives, you will be impressed how easy it is for a life power-up to appear.

Never risk losing one life to get an item near a wall or obstacle; just go for it if you are sure you can get it. You can always wait for the Chia to use his “power” to get it back or just disappear.

To get an item near a wall or obstacle, go in that direction and before you get to the item start turning. This way, when you complete the turn you will be in the item space. Otherwise, if you start turning after getting the item you won't be able to complete the 90º turn before you get off the wall direction.

If you are going to get a high score, bonus points are really important, so master this game to finish levels as fast as possible.

Patience is the key for this game. I know... I have just said to go fast, but you can't do things without thinking on the consequences. If you didn't get the item, don't lose a life in a turn; just circle the obstacle again. So knowing what's possible and what's not is another important key.

If you are having this impression that a -4 power-up is chasing you in hard mode... You know... it's just an impression. *shifty eyes*


I, myself, had a high score of 1 million points; it isn't enough for the trophy, but this game is one of control and practice, and these are qualities that you only improve training, so go play often and I am sure that you can go far with those points. I will be more than happy to receive neomails in case of any doubts so that I can help you. Don't hesitate. :D

That's all, RAWR!!!

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