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Keeping Your Guild Active

by muffinhead777


So you’ve made your guild and now you have plenty of nice, friendly, active members. But the problem is you’re all bored. It’s not easy to come up with new activities to do each week. You’ve used all of your council’s best ideas, and you want a little change. It’s time to give your members something new and exciting to do; after all, they deserve it!

1. Set up your own guild plot.

It doesn’t have to be as elaborate or difficult as the Altador Plot. Find a nice layout for your pet page, and simply write a paragraph about a neopet and their adventure each week. Just lay out a story line for everyone to follow. Ask them to get a certain score in a game that’s related to your plot. Or tell them to put up certain items up for trade (just to show that they found them) such as things your character will need in the future. Maybe they can dress up their pet to match your character--or do their own version of an adventurer. This will be just as fun to make as it will be for your members to follow.

2. Beauty Contest

Have everyone pick their favorite pet and dress them up. Whoever wants to enter the beauty contest can neomail you when they have their pet just right. Each council member can pick their favorite contestant to be in the final judging. Or, if they want to enter, you can pick the top five. Put the five finalists’ names on the poll and let everyone vote for their favorite. This gets everyone involved--even those who do not want to customize their pets. The only thing to remember is to not award a prize to the winner. It is against the rules so don’t even think about it. You can, however, give them a trophy or cool graphic to put on their pet’s description, to show how wonderful they are. It is not hard to make a trophy, just give them the code and you are good to go.

3. Back to School

Just because you might not be thrilled to go to school does not mean your neopets won’t be. Come up with several different activities they can do at different levels. The first could be finding school supplies, or have them dress up their pet to look extra smart. They can play games such as imperial exam or typing terror until they reach a certain score. Maybe even complete the faerieland crossword puzzle. Or make up your own puzzles. Get creative and make sure it is more fun than regular school.

4. Something new every day

Every day of the week can be a different activity. It would be hard to do all of them by yourself, so get the rest of the council involved. Together come up with a list of activities and put someone in charge of each one. Five days, five council members. Unless you or someone else wants to take on an extra day, take the weekends off. Here are some ideas to get you started...


1 NP auctions: You know what to do, simply put up a few items for 1 NP and make sure it is neofriends only. This will reward your active members, and put a few neopoints in your guild till.


Game Time: Pick a game that is not insanely hard and announce it on the message board. See who can get the highest score--they have all day. Either have someone comb through the message board Wednesday morning, or have everyone neomail their highest score to whoever is in charge of this day. Announce the winner and their score as soon as you figure out who it is.


Riddle Day: Have someone post a riddle on the message board, and let your members neomail them their answer (or guess). If they can make it relevant to Neopets, that would be awesome. Do not forget to post the answer on Thursday as well as everyone who got it right.


Seeing Double: Pick an avatar and encourage everyone to use it for that day. Be sure to say how you can get it so anyone who does not have it can give it a try. Mix it up some weeks with an easy clickable one (don’t forget a link) so everyone can participate. This will make your message board more active because everyone will want to show that they have the avatar.


Donation Day: Build up the guild till for the 1 NP auctions on Monday. Encourage members to play as many games as they can in ten minutes. Or they can see how many neopoints they can earn after playing ten different games three times each. If they are feeling generous, they can donate their earnings to the guild till. Even if they only play Fashion Fever and Kass Basher, it will still help a lot. Announce the total donations for that day and maybe seeing the benefits will motivate more people to participate next week. Don’t forget to do this yourself too; and always make it optional to donate.

5. Yearbook

Set up a page with info on all your members. Their favorite games, dream pet, or the trophy or avatar they are most proud of. Make a form for each member to fill out, maybe use their favorite avatar in place of a picture. As long as it does not include any personal information, you are good to go. This will be very helpful for new member who want to get to know everyone and what your guild is like. You can even include things like the winners of game challenges or the most popular activities. Get creative and make sure you have a yearbook worthy layout to go with it.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your activities follow all of TNT’s rules, and are fun to do. If no one is doing them, ask for suggestions on how you can improve. Don’t be afraid to try new things; that’s what makes it fun!

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