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Interview With The Stars: Cog's Togs

by sadinei


Hello and welcome to this edition of the Interview With The Stars! I’m Raejun the starry Skeith, reporting here today on what most Neopians are excited to call their favourite new place! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Moltara, the newest land within Neopia, was once a small hive of activity, now it’s a bustling hub for tourists and Moltarans alike. With its newly discovered status still attracting many different visitors from varying parts of the globe, demand for Moltara’s unique metal items is on the rise. In fact, stores such as Molten Morsels, Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic and Cog’s Togs are receiving so much patronage of late that their respective owners are fast joining the ranks of Neopia’s richest and most famous.

Here with us today we have Cog, owner and creator of popular Moltara clothing store, Cog’s Togs. Thanks for joining us, Cog.

Cog: My pleasure.

Raejun: So, Cog, how does it feel knowing that so many people love your outfits?

Cog: It’s simply an amazing feeling. I could never imagine the popularity of my creations, and it gives me the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it! Before Moltara was open to the rest of Neopia, my outfits were primarily for the workers of Moltara and such. Now, I’m so happy to say that they are classed as ‘fashion’! I love it.

Raejun: That’s great! What first made you want to get into the clothing industry?

Cog: When I was a young Shoyru, I would roam the city, picking up pieces of scrap metal and any gears left lying around. There used to be quite a lot, and I’d use them to make small gifts for my family and friends. Mostly it was jewellery; bracelets, necklaces and rings. As I grew older, I became more interested in fashion like most girls, and that lead to me turning my hobby into a career. My father worked at the Obsidian Quarry, and when I was younger he’d bring me home scraps to work with too. When I started making clothing with it though, he fast realised its potential as uniforms for workers, and that’s when others first started buying my creations off me.

Raejun: That’s a nice story. Tell us more about your family; were they supportive in your choice of profession?

Cog: Sure they were! Most parents are, I’m sure. My mother was immensely happy that I would finally be moving out, while my father was proud to wear my clothes. The quarry workers still wear my original design for their helmets now, but I don’t make all of them anymore. The Quarry bought my design, and now they have their own workers that make them for them.

Raejun: I love those helmets. Anyway, many a Neopian is now calling you their favourite designer and you’re fast becoming rich and famous too! What’s it like?

Cog: (laughs) I wouldn’t say too much about being famous, but the extra money is sure nice! I’ve been able to buy better and better materials for my designs, leading to new experiments like my recent creation the Elegant Punk Guitar. It’s nice to try something new, and it’s even better when people like them! It’s weird being recognised by others I don’t even know though, before Moltara was open to everyone I knew everyone in Moltara. Now, as some other Neopians start moving in and with the constant flood of tourists it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes I’ll be called by name, and I’ll have to stop and think whether I know them or not. Another weird thing is the fanmail; that’s definitely not something I’m used to.

Raejun: Recently you helped out famous explorer Roxton Colchester III when Moltara was in trouble. Care to shed a little light on that?

Cog: Well, when he came, I didn’t know he was famous; no-one in Moltara did. The only reason we considered him important was because he said he could help Moltara, and also because before that we didn’t receive many visitors from the surface. He sure was a nice guy, though, even if he was a little sure of himself. I enjoyed going to the Caves too; that was something I’d never done before. Yeah, I know I’ve lived there my whole life but never gone outside the City. I never really wanted to, before that. I’d heard some pretty scary stories about the lava monsters that dwell deeper into the Caves. We got to see one, though, which was pretty cool. Meeting Igneot was nice too; he turned out to be a really nice Gnorbu, and helpful too!

Raejun: That sounds like fun! I wish I could have been there. This is my first time in Moltara; what would you recommend as the must-dos while anyone is visiting?

Cog: Well, you could visit my shop! (laughs) If you do visit, though, go and see Tangor. He’s a kind older Mynci, and he makes some great things too. I’ve heard he’s been making mostly petpets lately, but I haven’t been to see him in a while. Visiting Igneot is another thing I heartily recommend; he’s really knowledgeable and it’s really worth paying him a visit if you have questions about, well, anything! If you’re into artwork, the Gilded Page down in the Caves is great; they have some nice artwork of Moltara you can admire there. If you’re more into hanging around the City, though, the Obsidian Quarry is worth a visit. It might not be very exciting to most pets, but I’ve heard you can get some free obsidian if you visit at the right time.

Raejun: I visited the Obsidian Quarry this morning, and I agree that it can be worth a look, especially if you like seeing the sights. So, Cog, what are your plans for the future of Cog’s Togs?

Cog: I’d really love to expand, but at the moment that’s not really possible. We put out new stock from the back room about every five to ten minutes, but I’ve been finding that it sells out within a minute! It’s amazing, really, but I think expansion is out of the question until I can manage to stock a bit more. It’s slow work, making all the pieces of my own, but it’s worthwhile to see the smile on my customer’s faces. I’ve thought about taking on some staff, too, but I’m not sure I’m ready to take on underlings yet. After all, I’m still young too! It’s a definite possibility for the future, though.

Raejun: It’s been great talking to you today, Cog! Thank you so much for giving me your time. Now, for a closing question, do you have any advice for pets wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Cog: Sure, get in there and have a go! It’s impossible to get anywhere if you don’t try at all. Also, try something different or unique that’s bound to make you stand out more. Three pets all designing really similar clothes don’t really stand out. One last thing; never give up. Even if you fail several times, if you keep trying, you’re bound to achieve your dreams in the end! The pleasure’s been all mine, Raejun, thanks for letting me have my say!

Raejun: So there you have it, folks, the story behind Moltara’s most popular shop! Next time you’re in Moltara, don’t forget to drop in and try some of Cog’s great designs!

That’s all we have time for tonight, thanks for joining us on Interview With The Stars!

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