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Hello, TNT. How come neither the Pant Devil nor Jelly World have a Neopedia entry? ~luke_is_cool44
Because the Pant Devil is in the Gallery of Evil, and Jelly World doesn't exist?

Is there some reason that Neovia is not listed on the map legend? Is it considered to be part of the Haunted Woods like the Deserted Fairgrounds? Just wondering. ~bcroth1
Yes, it's considered a sub-map of the Haunted Woods and therefore doesn't have its own listing.

Hello, TNT. I'm a longtime Neopian on various accounts. I just won a Petpetpet from the Games Master Challenge and have been refreshing for hours now, yet I still haven't been able to get it to attach to my sweet little plushy Slorg. I was wondering: have you ever considered just making them attachable via clicking (like a Petpet) instead of all the trouble and time it takes now? Thanks for your time. ~dreamen_sweet
Eww, why would you WANT a little pest living on your poor Petpet? Just thinking about it makes our skin crawl. Sorry, we're not planning on enabling people to do this. That little fella is just gonna have to hop on of his own volition, it seems.

I just have to ask: why is the Golden Key Cookie green? Is it all moldy? Was it Meuka? Does Sloth have something to do with it, or maybe it was... *gasp* Meepits? ~eilu1183
The key seems to be a bit tarnished. We'll take a closer look and see if we can shine it up or just change the name.

Hi, TNT! The Games Master Challenge was great, but now I have about twenty Dr. Sloth Collectables books and Anti-Sea Sick Pills. :\ What are we supposed to do with all the duplicates, discard them or just leave them there? If this is put up please remove my username. :) Thanks. ~username removed
Sorry about that funky glitch! D: We will be removing those items for everyone during the next few days, but you can also discard the items yourself (please discard, don't donate).

Feel free to help us make this a more limited edition. :) We won't complain.

Dear TNT, *throws cookies at you* is the Games Master's name supposed to be pronounced "A-A-A" or "Triple-A"? Or is it some other pronunciation of the letters AAA? ~jess_special_account
At the office we call him "A-A-A," though recently we've just thudded our heads on our desks three times in succession due to the glitches. People seem to understand what we're saying.

So, say that after a trade someone Neomails you and says that the Neopet you traded for had been scammed off of them. They then tell you that they have a space on a side account. You refuse since you made a legitimate trade, but then they tell you to expect a lot of Neomails about this. Is this against the rules? I think it is, since they are basically threatening you with harassment. Where can you report such people? Please remove my username. ~username removed
If someone is threatening you or harassing you over a Neopet you adopted fairly, then by all means please report the behaviour. A monitor can look into the situation and decide the appropriate course of action (along with also being able to tell if that player is just trying to pull a fast one on you, as well).

There's a shopkeeper called Nimmo - Green With Faellie. That Nimmo is obviously a tad confused, since that's a Feepit he's carrying. xD ~candyplague
Egads! Guess he didn't read up on the subject before adopting a Petpet. We've gently corrected the confused Nimmo.

Hey, TNT! I have a Xweetok and was so excited that Xweetok Day was coming on the 29th, but then I checked out the latest news and saw that Xweetok Day was a late pet day. Why do some Neopet days end up being late? ~iemii_x3
We're not in the office on the weekend, so we can't put up news on those days. Therefore, we need to choose the closest possible day to celebrate pet days. Sometimes we also need to space them out a bit to make sure our artists have time to draw everything. Basically, it's a constant balancing act that we just try to do our best with. :)

Some things are worth waiting for!

Hi, TNT! *insert compliments & cookies here* I love Moltara, but will there be any other items you can receive from the Obsidian Quarry other than Shiny Obsidian? *crosses fingers and hopes this gets in* ~rurugirl168
Well, it IS an obsidian quarry. What else would they have there? Luckily, you can find other useful stuff just laying around Moltara from time to time. I bet someone could make something real cool out of all that junk!

Hey TNT, um... is it me, or can I feed Vampire Wax Lips to my Neopet? Is this a glitch or what? Oh, sorry... *throws homemade cookies* P.S. You guys are awesome! ~keyial
Nope. They are a food item that also happens to be wearable, which is good we suppose. If your Neopet ever gets lost in the Haunted Woods while wearing them they can have something to snack on.

Hi there, dearest TNT! I was wondering... I won Site Spotlight a few months ago, but due to a little glitch I still haven't gotten the trophy. Will I still be able to get the trophy if I transfer the Neopet that won to another account? Thanks! ~catgirl1615
Woops! Sorry about that! You've been credited your well-deserved trophy. As a general message to everyone, if we've accidentally forgotten to grant you a trophy for a creative competition (not Flash games) and it's been over a month, please by all means contact support to let us know that we owe you a shiny trophy. It's extraordinarily helpful if you can supply a direct link or tell us the round number where you won so we can verify your claim quickly and get that trophy to you faster. :)

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