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by allielle


The only thing better than doughnutfruits is a game BASED on doughnutfruits. And let’s face it, Hasee Bounce is arguably one of the most addictive games on Neopets. However, looks are deceiving. As cute and whimsical as this game is, there is also strategy involved. And sacrifice.

And your appetite. Are you sure you’ll still be hungry after trying to feed these perpetually hungry Hasees?

Perhaps you are reading this article because you want to procure a trophy. Maybe you just want to obtain a better sense of how the game works, or want to finally score over a hundred points. Whatever the reason, I am here to help you..

Before endeavoring into this jocular game, you should always be prepared. What should you be looking for and what should be avoided? Well, that’s the point of this article. :) Hopefully you will obtain a better sense of how the game works and to hone your game playing skills.

Bon appétit!

1. d o u g h n u t f r u i . . .

Unless you’re excellent at typing, and I’m referring to all you Typing Terror masters out there, be sure to type doughnutfrui as soon as the game begins. The reason this technique is used is because typing “T” to finish the word will fully reset the timer. This way, you have another chance to obtain all those coloured letters to reset your timer another twenty seconds again.

This trick can only be used once per game, so make sure you are not wasting it. I highly recommend using it only when there are only a few seconds left on the timer and when it’s implausible that you will be able to spell out H-A-S-E-E with the coloured letters. I will elaborate on this later.

2. Know What You’re Looking For

There are several different types of doughnutfruits:

Yellow (1 point)

Blue (3 points)

Green (4 points)

Silver (5 points)

Gold (10 points)

Checkered (12 points)

Sponge (15 points)

Flaming (18 points)

Icy (20 points)

Rainbow (40 points)

Fish (50 points)

Weird Phantom Bonus Guy (? points)

While it is true that Icy, Rainbow, and Fish doughnuts are the most desirable, it is still always important to also remember that less is more! Yellow doughnutfruits make up the majority of your points and will ALWAYS add up in the end. Don’t skimp and sit around wasting time waiting for a fish doughnutfruit.

Also, picking up two doughnutfruits at once will greatly increase your number of points. For example, let’s say that you simultaneously pick up both a rainbow doughnutfruit and a yellow doughnutfruit. Since a yellow doughnutfruit is equal to one point and a rainbow is worth forty points, this will happen: 40 x 2 = 80. Isn’t the power of multiplication great?

This can also happen if both Woogy and Jimmi pick up a doughnutfruit alone. This obviously takes a lot of practice, but it can be done.

Regarding the Weird Phantom Bonus Guy: I have only seen him once the many times I have played this game. I received about 85 points for grabbing him; I’m not entirely sure if the number of points he gives is random or set.


See those coloured letters flying across the screen? GRAB THOSE. Each letter will add two additional seconds to the timer. As soon as you manage to spell out H-A-S-E-E, you will be awarded an additional twenty seconds. :) Nifty, right? Just remember that the colour of the letter does matter! Woogy can’t pick up an orange letter and Jimmi can’t pick up a purple letter. The colours of the letters are completely random, so don’t waste your time trying to pilfer a certain one. Just take whatever comes first.

Also, if you manage to completely spell out H-A-S-E-E with the same color, you will obtain forty extra seconds to your timer.

There are many instances when you will see both a letter and doughnutfruit fly across the screen. You can ask yourself this question now:

Which one do I pick?

The choice is entirely up to you. However, I do recommend going for a fish doughnutfruit rather than a letter, unless that letter is the last one you’re missing to add twenty more seconds to your timer.

Another tip: Don’t waste your breath with the last letter of the time bonus if the timer is nearly full. Save it for when you REALLY need it.

3. Never Panic!

The worst feeling in the world is when you miss a fish doughnutfruit for a yellow one. Honestly, this happens to even the best of us. Just remember that there is always the next game.. assuming you aren’t too frustrated to continue.

You could also eat a doughnut in real life to make yourself feel better.

4. Sacrifice

I hate the dung and the noise the Hasees make when they accidentally eat one as much as the next person. But sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Maybe Woogy had to jump at that exact moment to catch that coloured letter or Jimmi that icy doughnutfruit. All action games are all about strategy and sacrifice, and Hasee Bounce is no exception.

5. Keep Moving Around

In this game, the mouse or arrow keys can be used to move Woogy and Jimmi around. Try playing around with both methods to see which one feels more comfortable. Don’t forget that you CAN move the Hasees around in midair. Yes, these Hasees can defy physics. Physics aside, this method is very useful when trying to avoid dung or to reach that elusive coloured letter or fish doughnutfruit.

I guarantee that by constantly moving around, you are more likely to obtain more points. You are also more likely to have fun this way, as bouncing straight up and down the entire game is bound to get boring fast.


Thanks again for reading my article! I really hope this article helps you out and gives more attention to such a great game. Just don’t forget about feeding those precocious Kadoaties at the Kadoatery too. They need love as well.

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