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A Short Usuki Tale

by 1cecubeh



Male "Usuki Musketeer" Usul.

Never removed from box. (NRFB)


          If a NRFB tag was attached to one of the oldest "Usuki Musketeer" toys around, I'm sure you'd pay through the nose to get it too.

     Kahuli was a doll collector. When I say "doll collector" I mean obsessively fawning over the commercials you see on the Neovision- the ones that say they have a fresh stock of Magical Hair Usukis at the Toy Store. The sort of collector that’s been to all of the Usukicons. In an Usuki costume. This Kacheek was a freak show to say the very least. As soon as the new Usuki Musketeer was released on August 20, 2003, you can bet your bottom Neopoint that that Kacheek was first in line. First in line and threatening the Aisha behind him for getting too close to the merchandise.

     He spent seven hundred thousand Neopoints and bought them all.

     Not a single Usuki Musketeer was left in that store, regardless of how many heartbroken pets sent in complaints to the company to ship more. Not a single one left, and this was the release date. How unfortunate for them, eh?

     What does Kahuli do with these dolls?

     Display them.

     Display them proudly. More proudly than people that own Draiks for trophy pets; man, this Robot was intent on showing his love for all things Usuki.

     If you ever asked him to touch one, or even take one out of the box so you could see the paint job on the Alien Usuki's antennas, he'd probably kick you out of his house.

     All seventy three Usuki Musketeers sat on the shelf, in their boxes, not moving, not ever going to experience the joy a toy feels when they are loved and played with. Nothing. Their destinies were set in stone when Kahuli the Robot Kacheek bought them.

     To collect dust.

     Now this Usuki Musketeer was a unique Usuki.

     Alright, a bit of an oxymoron. "Unique Usuki." Despite all of them being created from the same mould, in the same place, in the same factory, some Usukis develop a bit of a taste for specific things. Not all Pretty Pink Usukis like to have tea parties and stroll around on their (sold separately) White Uni Stallions. Not all Magical Hair Usukis like to brush their hair and wear makeup.

     In the same way, not all Usuki Musketeers want to go out and save Pretty Princess Usukis. Perhaps some don't even want to obey the ancient code of chivalry at all.

     Maybe some want to break the mould.

     This wasn't him, though.

     He liked the idea of saving Pretty Pink Usukis and going on adventures just like in old stories of the past. He was an Usuki like many others - just waiting to be played with in the fashion the testers tested the prototypes back in the house of the grinding metal monster where they were born.

     The thing that set him apart from the other Usukis was that he grew to like where he was over time. The isolation inside of the stunning pink Usuki box became his home. A home where he liked to be.

     On the shelf. Inside crazy old Kahuli's house. Never removed from the box.

     Years went by. Eventually Kahuli learned that Usukis longed to be played with by real paws, not just set on a shelf for years and year, and his collection gradually shrank. He gave away his most prized Usukis - Everything from the rarity 99s to the common rarity 80s.

     He kept only three Usukis.

     A Magical Hair Usuki, a Lilian Fairweather Usuki Doll and a Usuki Musketeer.

     All NRFB.


      The day Caisou came to Kahuli's house would be a day the Usuki Musketeer never forgot. He was beginning to feed proud of his mint status. Four years and r180 (retired) and he was still perfect in every way. Never been touched by the poisons in the air. Never smudged with finger and pawprints. Never removed from box.

     Caisou was a playful Plushie Aisha. Being stitched together with love and animated by a faerie, she has always taken fascination with all things toy related. Related to Sukajie only by owners, Caisou was brought to Sukajie's little collection when Sukajie told her to dust. The three little boxes perched on the shelf, none of them moving, simply watching the animated plushie pick up a feather duster.

     "Hello there," she whispered to the Usukis, carefully moving the duster across the stunning pink boxes that were kept in such beautiful condition. "I'm Caisou."

     The Usukis didn't move, nor did they reply. They stood proud, being the last three Usukis of their kind in mint condition. Caisou's nose twitched and she got a gleam in the buttons used for her eyes.

     "I think I want to play with you."

     The Usuki Musketeer and the Magical Hair Usuki watched in horror as the soft paw delicately opened Lilian Fairweather Usuki's box and took her out of it.

     "Aww, aren’t you just a sweetie," Caisou cooed brushing Lilian's hair. "It's such a shame that you've been cooped up in this room all of these years. No one's played with you since you were released."

     The Aisha set the doll down back on the shelf where her box once sat. A strange look reflected in the Usuki's eyes as she watched the Plushie Aisha grab the Magical Hair Usuki's box. A quick flip of her paw and the box top was open.

     I'm next, the Usuki Musketeer realized at last, watching in horror as Caisou giggled and pretended Lilian Fairweather and Magical Hair Usuki were going on an adventure.

     "Your name is Lily!" Caisou held up the Lilian Fairweather Usuki and spoke for her. "Hello, I'm Lily!"

     "Your name is Selena!" She then held up the Magical Hair Usuki. "Nice to meet you, Lily, I'm Selena."

     The Usuki Musketeer averted his eyes when Caisou picked up his box. She looked at him with expectation and untold glee.

     "Don't you want to be played with too?"

     He said nothing with his own eyes. Simply waited for his fate of un-minting. Waiting for his perfect world of uniform and routine dustings to end. Suddenly, the Usuki Musketeer wondered if there would be any life worth living. All Usukis that were played with were eventually discarded... Present came back to the Usuki as Caisou’s nose prodded the plastic on the Musketeer’s box.

     "You're called Lucas, and you're very brave," she simply whispered to him as if she could read the fear in his eyes as she slowly peeled back the tape that kept the top of the box he called home sealed.


     Afterthought from Lucas the Usuki Musketeer -

     Despite the fact I may not be considered NFRB anymore, I can say I'm the last Usuki Musketeer around that was never touched by living paws. Being handled by a Plushie is fine! I'm still mint. I’ve found out that I love to play! I am a brave Musketeer and I enjoy nothing more than jousting with my friends...

     Alright, I suppose a lot of that is a lie. I like tea parties, reading poetry off of acorns and having paper wings taped to the back of me so I can play magical tree explorer. Don't judge me!

     If it weren't for Caisou, I don't know where I'd be today.

     Just remember this: It's always better to think outside of the box, even if you've been inside of it as long as I have!

The End

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