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The Top 9 Questions; Altador Cup IV

by the_academy_awards


June 2nd marks the fourth beginning of Neopia's annual summer event, the Altador Cup. As with each beginning, nobody knows what's in store. Did the roster change? Whose team would be booted? Which team would make an amazing arrival to first place? I asked Neopians nine questions (Yes, including the most infamous question of them all) about their current line of support, playing habits, and even the integrity of past winners.

1.) How did you recruit people to your team? Did you use the standard 'Oh, our members are so nice' method, whip out last year's standings, or something else?

Surprisingly, most people had not recruited a soul, except those who pushed their family members in the direction of their team. Though chances are, the people doing the recruiting are now chatting up their new members on the boards. Many people did not want to take the risk of recruiting a 'freeloader', or person who plays no games to help the team. And of course, some die-hard fans shouted about the awesomeness of their mascot. The words "If you build it, they will come" ring true here; you needn't drag someone to the Stadium for them to join your team.

2.) Which formation do you use while playing Yooyuball?

Every person I interviewed played the 2+2 or 1+3 formation except ONE individual. The 2+2 and 1+3 fans say that it helps their foremost scorer rack up the points, to find a place at the elusive Top Scorer's list. Others sounded off, saying that the 2+2 formation provided a good defense and offense for those wanting to rush the ball. Hey, any method's great if you land it in the net, right?

3.) Does your Neoboard font on Neopets show support for your team?

Nearly everyone did, from the standard 'TEAMNAME for the Cup!', there were interesting slogans, such as 'Brightvale: Forever Toasty!', even when Hagan's scholars decided to sit this round out. Others quietly showed their team colors in a flag, text, even smilies. The Altador Cup avatar from last year was like a rare Petpet--scarcely seen on the boards at all. I even know people with entire account NAMES after Altador Cup teams! But... not me, you know, heh... -shifty eyes-

4.) Do you support your team out of loyalty, or winability?

The score was unanimous--loyalty won hands down! Yes, some of those teams they are loyal to have an awesome chance of winning, but that's just awesome luck! Players this year are truly in it to win or lose. Says a young red Xweetok decked out in Shenkuu garb, "I mean, I totally live there! How would I look, not supporting them?! I'd be asking for a wedgie!”

Last year’s winner, Roo Island, still has an extreme number of supporters, determined to break the ‘Winners Curse’ that plagued the past two that held the golden Cup. Will determination outlast termination, or will we see the Rainbow Island hovering out of the top four?

5.) Do you think the Cup is rigged?

The question heard 'round the world, several times a day!

Responses here were mixed. Plenty of flat out 'No's, a few shouts of 'Yes', and many more people who didn't know which side to take. Silver_angel2290 told me, "I think there's evidence supporting both sides." From second, to first, to seventh, then eighth? Krawk Island placing in the top four each year and the Cup just out of reach? Or perhaps to win, you should face the crowd several times a game, shoot the Yooyuball to your goalie, who then shoots it to the nearest opponent, and does the chicken dance to block the shot? Who knows? As the Altador Cup Committee says, ‘We don’t decide the winners; you guys do!’

6.) Are you glad that last year, we finally had a winner who did not look evil?

I played on one of the so called 'Evil Teams' during the first three AC tournaments (Go Haunted Woods!), but this question was more of a joke from a RI member. Most people I questioned were not overly concerned about the looks of the winner. A few people from Darigan Citadel said they really thought nothing of it--considering they already have a first place trophy--and just wish they had performed up to their usual standard. Other teams were celebrating, sulking, or screaming, “We’ll be back!”

7.) Which game do you play most often?

“Right now, I'd have to say both Yooyuball and the new game, Shootout Showdown.”Shenkuu supporter giskid tells me, “I play Yooyuball often, because it's the most important in the AC, but I play Shootout Showdown, because I think it's the most fun game.”

He’s not alone; Yooyuball commands the attention of everyone interviewed. In second place is the new kid on the block, Shootout Showdown. It’s easy and quick to play, say people from all teams. People would say the same about Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger, but those are likely to give someone Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which would certainly hinder your ability to play!

Many people also noted that the addition of a fourth Altador Cup game means it’s harder to sweep and be swept, but don’t tell that to some teams, like Kreludor, who have swept where others have managed to run into a dust pile! Wait...

8.) Do you visit team Chatboards/Scoreboards on the AC IV board?

An obvious question, I hear you, but many of the interviewees shied away from the team-exclusive boards. Some were not for the huge groups, others lurked, one person found that many of them were flaming other teams to an extent. Plenty visit neutral boards, such as the Shenkuu Teahouse, or all-player scoreboards, or boards that invite everyone to just take a load off and partake in a good conversation (which provides a clever distraction to your opponent for the day—chat up a few players, then they won’t play the games! Brilliant!)

9.) What glitches have you encountered while playing?

Glitches? What glitches? You mean those times when players feel the need to NOT face the middle of the court? Or the times when the Snow Yooyu says, ‘I wanna move fast for once!’ and zips by faster than his brother, the Fire Yooyu? Those aren’t a glitch; that’s called free will. Although the Yooyus are highly discouraged from using free will. And if your scores aren’t counted, well, that’s just the scoring committee on their break. They take lots of breaks.

Of course, as the Cup continues, more questions will arise. Who are the most notable team rivalries? Why do small teams always get the shaft? Why hasn’t the Slushie serving Tuskaninny put wastebaskets on the ends of the counter already?

And I’ll be around to ask!

Go Lost Desert!


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