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Altador Cup Dictionary

by fairiesrus5


My first day venturing into the Altador Cup board is one I’ll always remember. I shyly entered the room. The first thing I heard was “SK FTC!” followed by “LD MSN mini marathon!” and various uses of puns. Then I slipped on a slushie, fell down, and as soon as I got up was hit in the face by a Fire Yooyu.

It wasn’t a good first impression.

However, it wasn’t really as insane as it seemed. I learned what they were talking about, bought a helmet, and now I’m just as obsessed with the Cup as everyone. (Go Lost Desert! *cough, cough*) Anyway, here’s a guide to all the super fans’ lingo, including team placing info. That way you know where all those predictions are coming from and why some teams seem to have ten times as many supporters as others. That way your brain doesn’t explode. Trust me, it’s a mess in here already, what with the slushies and sweat and flying Yooyus, and... *ahem* Never mind. Let’s start!

AC - Altador Cup. Should be self-explanatory.

ACIV or AC4 - Altador Cup 4 - this year’s AC. Replace Roman numeral with whichever year you’re talking about.

AL - Altador. Got 14th place ACI, 13th place ACII, and 13th place again last year.

All-Star - The highest rank you can get in the AC - 2000 YYB games needed. Also someone who reached all-star rank.

BV - Brightvale. Got 8th place ACI, 12th place ACII, and 16th place last year.

DC - Darigan Citadel. Also “darigan”. Got 2nd place ACI, 1st place ACII, and 7th place last year.

FL - Faerieland. Got last place in the ACI, and 15th place in both the ACII and the ACIII.

Freeloader - Someone who joins a team just to get a trophy; someone who doesn’t play much. Not being able to play for one day does NOT make you a freeloader.

FTC - For the Cup. Basically means, we will win. :P

HW - Haunted Woods. Won the ACI, got 7th place ACII, and 8th place last year.

KD - Kreludor. Got 9th place ACI, 0th place (didn’t participate) ACII, and 6th place last year.

KI - Krawk Island. Got 3rd place ACI, 4th place ACII, and 2nd place last year.

KL - Kiko Lake. Got 13th place ACI, 14th place ACII, and didn’t participate last year, which is why you don’t remember them.

LD - Lost Desert. Got 5th place in both the ACI and ACII, but got 3rd place last year! *waves flag and screams wildly* (No, I’m not obsessed with them. Why do you ask? *shifty eyes and hides flag*)

Marathon - A board and/or event where players from a certain team play one of the games and try to reach a certain goal.

MD - Meridell. Got 7th place ACI, 8th place ACII, and 5th place last year.

MI - Mystery Island. Got 6th place in the ACI and ACII, and got 9th place last year.

MQ - Maraqua. Got 10th place ACI, 9th place ACII, and 10th place last year.

MSN - Make Some Noise. A side game played by tapping two keys over and over like a maniac. Stars a crazy Techo that somehow no one knows the name of.

Off-season - The time between the end of the AC and the beginning of the next one when you can’t play YYB. Generally when the fans go crazy and then get excited over the next Cup three months early.

Powerhouse - 1: A gigantic team with lots of players (and some freeloaders); 2: one of the teams expected to be in the top 4.

Prize Shop - 1: Where you get rewarded for the efforts you put in and how many games you played when it’s all over; 2: Where people endlessly complain and rant about how they liked it better when TNT waited before releasing prizes.

RI - Roo Island. Got 4th place ACI, 2nd place ACII, and won last year!

SK - Shenkuu. Got 0th place (didn’t participate/wasn’t discovered) ACI, 3rd place ACII, and 4th place last year.

Souvenir Shop - A TNT-created shop (made by The Neopets Team, not made by explosions) that restocks, you guessed it, souvenirs for all the teams. There wasn’t one last year.

SS - Slushie Slinger. A side game played by serving slushies to crazed AC fans, and apparently one I can’t explain as well as MSN. Read the instructions. Stars said crazed AC fans and a red Tuskaninny waitress.

TM - Terror Mountain. Got 15th place ACI, 10th place ACII, and 12th place last year.

TY - Tyrannia. Got 11th place all three years!

VP - Virtupets. Got 12th place ACI, got last in ACII, and 14th place ACIII.

Yooyu - A petpet that rolls up into a ball so you can throw it at a team’s goal. There are seven types: Fire, Snow, Faerie, Mutant, Normal, Darigan, and Clockwork. Each acts differently in YYB.

YYB - Yooyuball. This is what you’ve been waiting to learn about, but sadly it comes last in alphabetical order. The main game in the Altador Cup. It’s played by shooting Yooyus into the opposing team’s net. It’s also, in my opinion, more important for your team to play than the side games.

15-0 (#-#) - A score in YYB. The 15 is what you scored, and the 0 is what the other team scored.

So, there you go - you have a basic dictionary of what everything in the Altador Cup (or ACIV, as you can now call it) means! This isn’t complete, especially in the game descriptions, so go find some guides out there before you get thwacked in the forehead with a fire Yooyu, which isn’t fun. Now you can proudly say “LD YYB 1-hour mini-marathon - LD FTC!” I’m so proud of you! *grin*

Disclaimer: *talks really quickly* The maker of this guide is not responsible for injuries to the keyboard, brain, or eyes, or sudden symptoms of obsession with the Altador Cup. Results may vary. Playing YYB without protective gear can be hazardous to your health. The PPL approves of -

...*crazy Techo fan runs past, screaming in the background*

What the-? Anyway, where was I?

...the PPL approves of YYB.

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