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Hey, TNT. I was just wondering: if you win a contest multiple times, will you get another trophy to display on your User Lookup? =] ~ephemeral_love
Nope, but you will get credit. Rather than having the same trophy appear multiple times on your User Lookup, however, the trophy you have will get a x2 or x3 (or more) added to the trophy's description, indicating your multiple wins. :)

Well, I was browsing the help boards and I came across somebody asking if it was against the rules for you and your friends' Neopets to marry. I know the rules say that this is not a dating website for you or your Neopets, but is it okay to say on a Neopet's Petpage something along the lines of, "My Neopet XXXX is happily married to the Neopet XXXX"? Thank you for doing such a great job and taking the time to read this. ~mscatperson
Sorry... dating, marriage, or divorce between Neopets is not allowed on Neopets at all. It just opens up a huge can of worms and we don't welcome it. Yes, we know that Neopets in our plots occasionally marry, but these are controlled stories by staff. Basically, it's the difference between the fantasy world that is Neopets and the website players interact with. On the website, Neopets cannot have romantic relationships.

I recently discovered someone trying to trade Pokemon for Neopets and Neopoints. They claimed that, while the person who gives them the Neopet could be frozen, they (as the person on the receiving end) would not, as technically they had not broken any rules, and that it was not a "service." So could you please, for the love of Sloth, put it in writing that those on the receiving end are also breaking the rules, and that NOTHING (aside from another single Neopet) may be traded for a Neopet? Thanks, and please remove my username. P.S.: I'm sorry I couldn't report them; I could not get ahold of their username. ~[username removed]
Heh, it always amuses us how players make up rules to support the questionable actions they take. We assure everyone that anyone trading a Neopet for anything other than another single Neopet will have their account frozen, both for being on the giving and receiving end. This goes for selling / buying Neopoints or items as well. Both parties involved will likely have all of their accounts iced for cheating.

Heya, TNT! =D I've been a Neopets user for a looong time, and I've gotta say, I like the new changes you're making to the site nowadays. The one thing that always bugs me, however, is when the news page is updated. For example: the news for June 3rd was already up while it was still June 2nd. This is really messing with my brain, considering I can barely get the date right to begin with. 0_o Why do you do this, and is there any possible way you could make it less confusing? ~unicorngirl383
Sorry, but since Neopets is used internationally, we do try our best to make sure that the news goes up on the right day -- even for those on the other side of the planet. Trust us, this is a lot better than back in the old days when the news for June 3rd would go up at 4:00 PM on June 3rd. We think things work a lot better this way. :)

Hey TNT, I recently found my very first Neopet. I lost him three years ago when my first account was frozen because of my being naive about the rules. I really want him back, as he is very special to me and I'm very excited that I found him. The only trouble is that he is stuck on an account that is no longer accessed (i.e. last seen "a long, long time ago"). When that account is deleted because of inactivity, will my beloved Neopet be deleted with it, or will he be put in The Pound? Please let me know; I'm sure others are in my position and would also want clarification. You rock! ~horsey_luverz1215
If a Neopet is stuck in an inactive account that gets deleted by our system, the Neopet will also lose all stats and colour, and therefore need to be remade anew. Once this happens, the name is freed up and your beloved Neopet can be reborn under your care. :)

Don't worry, it won't look like this.

TNT, I'm currently building a Neohome on my side account, since the account is going to be my main account soon. This is allowed, right? o.o (I'm using Neopoints that I earned on my main account to fund the construction.) I'm asking because, if it's not, then I need to stop all construction going on there. Please remove my username and thank you. n_n ~[username removed]
Yep, that's completely allowed! You're doing it right by funding from your main account. Full steam ahead! :D

Thanks so much for bringing back a slot game! Brucey B was my fav, but the new Black Pawkeet Slots is great! I was just wondering: why is there a daily limit of 250 "spins / plays" on this game? If I recall correctly, the old versions of the slots had no limits, which would make this a great way to take Neopoints out of the economy... wouldn't it? ~daizi_gurl
We put a limit on it, as most Neopets games have limits anyway. Also, it slows down people who attempt to "bot" the game and use the slots in an inappropriate manner.

Hey TNT! O: I was wondering if I'd be able to get the Meowclops avvie with a Slorgclops? ~prinsess_owl
Sorry, you have to have a genuine Meowclops to get the avatar.

Hi there, TNT! Because the Neoadventure Spotlight is closing, will we still be able to make and play adventures? If not, why? Thanks. ~meow_kitty100
Our submissions for the Neoadventure Spotlight have been very low for quite some time now, so we decided to close the competition. You are still more than welcome to make and play Neoadventures; there just won't be a spotlight competition for it.

Hi, TNT. I am planning on writing something for The Neopian Times in the future, and I know that electronics are not allowed. I have seen Neovision and I know that MP3 players of any kind probably are not allowed, but are things like radios, DVD, and things like a walkman allowed? ~peaceprincess10177
While Neovision is permissible, modern electronics don't exist in the world of Neopia and should be avoided in stories (unless it's from more futuristic areas like the Virtupets Space Station).

TNT, why is the item "Altador Indoor Pool" called an indoor pool if you cannot place it indoors? I know it would take up a lot of space, but I'm sure Neopets in Terror Mountain would be overjoyed if they could have a swimming pool. Thanks. You *points* rock. :-) ~potatoes_and_jelly
It's already placed indoors for you. We think it'd be really odd having another building inside your Neohome, don't you?

How would you even get it through the front door?

I've read TNT answer countless times that, if you quote an offensive post on the boards, you will be at fault if someone reports you. However, what happens if you quote the chat rules? For example, the first rule: "Posting any offensive or sexual messages of any kind [is not permitted]." This rule has words such as "sexual," "sexy," "sexual orientation," "hentai," etc. Would we get a warning if we were simply reminding someone of the rules? I worry about paraphrasing, because I might mess up the fine print. What do you think? ~x_myuu_x
Those words would certainly bring a monitor flying to the board lickety-split, so we're going to have to advise against quoting the rules. We have to state these things on our website to make the rules clear, but we don't want to hear you guys repeating them. If you want to help correct someone who seems to have forgotten the rules, just direct them to the rules page, which has conveniently numbered sections you can use to point things out.

A rumor has been going around that there will be an unconverting item as an Altador Cup prize. Is this true? ~numbfant
Sorry, we don't know where this rumour came from, but that's all it is. :(

Dear TNT, the Altador Cup has had many conspiracies. One of them is that many believe the cup might be rigged. What I would like to know is, how come the results come out after a split second when facing that particular team is over? Some think you decide in advance which team is going to place at what rank. I hope you can give an explanation as to why the results come out so fast. It's as if time isn't taken for scores to be reviewed. ~dariganey
Heh, this conspiracy pops up every year. No, we have no clue who will win the Altador Cup each year. Why? Because it's entirely up to you guys and the games you play. The results come out quickly due to a little thing we like to call "math" and an automatic algorithm that determines who won based on your efforts. ;)

Hi, TNT! :] With it being June 1st, the Games Room scores were all reset. I took advantage of this and played Faerie Cloud Racers. I received a score that got me into the 3rd place trophy range. I was wondering: how long do you have to wait for a trophy? Is it only given out at the end of the month? Thanks for answering! ~porrco_rosso
Trophies are given out automatically in the wee hours of the morning. To get a trophy, you must be holding a trophy spot at the time when the script is being run. Just placing on the list and then being bumped off shortly thereafter will not grant you a trophy. :(

Hey there TNT. First off, thank you so much for bringing back the Altador Cup. I'm so excited for it and can't wait for the games to start!!! :D There's one thing that's been bothering a lot of Neopians (including myself) recently. Is Antola Maeir from Team Shenkuu a male or female? @_@ Please answer, or leave us Neopians wondering forever and ever. xD Thanks! ~jrtluver1994
This got asked a ridiculous number of times this week, so we figured we should just answer. Antola Maeir from the Shenkuu team is female. :)

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