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Eleven Sweetest Items In Neopia

by khanhm666


Also by punk_rocker_pip

Does your neopet make a funny face every time you try to feed him or her broccoli? Is your neopet begging for a cookie before they even finish eating their Cheeseburger? If so, it sounds like they're suffering from a horrible sweet tooth. But don't worry, there is a cure. We have compiled a list of the Sweetest Items in Neopia so that your neopet can indulge no matter which planet they call home.

1. Peachpa and Stramberry Shell

Approximate cost: 90,000 Neopoints

Peachpa and Stamberry Shell is from Maraqua and for your water-loving pets. It will be like you're swimming in the deep blue sea of Maraqua yourself with this yummy food! The inside of the seashell is filled with incredibly sweet Peachpa and Stramberry sorbet. The taste is very soft but mesmerizing. Like eating ice cream only tastier! This snazzy food can be found at Kelp, the famous but yikes, very expensive restaurant in Maraqua. Come and have a taste; this food will have you coming (swiming) back for more!

2. Chokato Crepe

Approximate cost: 110,000 Neopoints

The Chokato Crepe is a fancy delicious dessert that is only made on Mystery Island. Many pets eat it while vacationing there. It is also the perfect energy-boosting snack to enjoy after a strenuous course with the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training school, although, because it is very high in sugar, make sure the master does not see you eating it! It consists of Chokato pie filling wrapped inside a piece of fried dough. Because of this dish's richness, it is usually garnished with a dollop of freshly made chokato whipped cream.

3.Fyora Apple

Approximate cost: 8,000,000 Neopoints

Lift your taste buds off the ground to Faerieland with this sweet food! Not only is it delicious, but it is also very special and can only be found in Fyora's special garden. The Faerie Queen grows this fruit herself. It is a perfect treat for someone who is in need of a fresh but delicious fruit. This apple has tiny wings on its sides, so be careful it does not try to fly away before your pet can eat it.

4. Magic Ghost Marshmallows

Approximate cost: 8,000 Neopoints

Magic Ghost Marshmallows hail from the Haunted Woods. Although it does not look interesting, this food is very magical and has a sweet flavor. Its scent is spooky like one of those Halloween nights in the Haunted Woods. You can often find this food in one of the spooky shops, or it can be earned as a reward from Edna's quests. The marshmallows are easy to eat; you can swallow two in just one bite. It is very sticky, though, so be sure to wash your fingers and paws afterwards!

5. Grundo Smore

Approximate cost: 2,000 Neopoints

Whenever you're visiting the land of Kreludor, shopping and exploring can make you very hungry. Whenever a Kreludan Fruit Salad is not appetizing, a Grundo Smore can do the trick. After all, sometimes your neopet deserves a special treat. The two cute, crispy Grundo crackers are perfect for keeping all the gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate inside. After eating one, your pet will be begging for Smore!

6. Anubis Cherry Sundae

Approximate cost: 17,000

Anubis Cherry Sundae comes from the Lost Desert, so be careful it doesn't melt! For those who loves snack in the afternoon. This sundae is full of sweet cherry flavor. The best time to eat this is on a hot, sunny day. Remember to eat it with a spoon because it can make a very sticky mess and your pet can spill ice cream all over your shirt without one. Even though this delicious sundae is from the Lost Desert, it definitely does not have the texture or flavor of this land's sand. You can also use this sundae to bribe your pets while you plead, "pretty please with a cherry on top!"

7. Hot Crossed Buns

Approximate cost: 100 Neopoints

Hot Crossed Buns are a method to deal with your neopet's sweets cravings while not wrecking your budget. These sweet rolls are baked fresh daily in Meridell. They are best eaten fresh out of the oven. This ensures the outside is light and crispy while the inside is still chewy. Also they are available with or without currants. Because they are so inexpensive, your neopets can eat them by the dozen. (LawyerBot says: We are not responsible for neopets who are unable to stop bouncing off the walls.)

8. Chocolate Omelette

Approximate cost: 2,900 neopoints

This tasty omelette comes from the land of Tyrannia. It is perfect for every pet's breakfast. It is sweeter than any omelette you can find at the Giant Omelette! It is covered with chocolate from the top to the bottom with some eggs mixed in! Plus, instead of one bite, you get three bites! Your pet couldn't have a sweeter time eating this amazing food. You can try and get this omelette from Free Omelette, but I doubt that you will receive one because it is very rare and obviously everyone wants one. My advice would be to be there early in the morning and snatch it before any other neopet can get it!

9. Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Approximate cost: 10,000 Neopoints

What is more delicious than a chocolate ice cream cone? Why, a Double Chocolate Ice Cream cone, of course! Because this ice cream comes from Terror Mountain, it does not even have to stay in the freezer to be kept from melting. Every inch of this delectable dessert is chocolate. It consists of rich, cold chocolate ice cream inside a chocolate cone. Then it is then covered in melted chocolate.

10. Fruit Cake

Approximate cost: 10,000 Neopoints

The Fruit Cake is a sweet treat native to Altador. It has lime topping, and the bottom is made out of chocolate. The inside is full of different fruit flavors with some mistletoe on the top. I wonder how they fit all of those fruits in such a tiny cake! Who knew a cake can both be delicious and healthy at the same time? This cake is often served as a dessert on many special occasions in Altador! You can finish this cake in around two to three bites. Be careful not to eat the mistletoe; it is just there as a decoration.

11. Galaxy Cupcake

Approximate cost: 85,000 Neopoints

While most of the food that comes from the Virtupets Space Station is freeze dried and tasteless, the Galaxy Cupcake is completely the opposite. Rumor has that this is one of Dr. Frank Sloth's favorite desserts to enjoy after a meal. It is no wonder, because the cupcake batter is super moist. Then the whole thing is covered in blue icing. (Warning- May stain teeth and tongue; be sure to brush your pet's teeth after it eats it!). Then it is decorated with pure sugar silver sprinkles.

These are only a few of the sweet items that are contained in Neopia. Remember, it's important to balance your desserts with nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Now that we have enlightened you, go out explore and enjoy all the sweet treats Neopia has to offer.

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