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Neggery Neggs

Here are some useful neggs that, if affordable, will give your negg point balance a boost.

by emmabat_3
Original Origami

The ancient art of folding paper into intricate shapes has been entertaining Neopets for ages, and it's time for origami to make a comeback in pets' lives.

by semicutie3
A Guide to Illusen and Jhudora's Quests

Think about it for a while before you start going on these quests.

by rider_galbatorix
Deciphering the Dome

Project Bootcamp, a guild for Battledome help.

by destroyalotreformed
All About Neopia Test!

How much do you know about Neopia?

by rainpool10
Ode to the Coconut Shy

Who are you to wave that mocking finger at me? Who are you to say HEE HEE HEE with that annoying laugh?

by 9shorerd
Neopian Riddles

My first is in Meepit but not in Feepit...

by daughters_ofthe_moon
The Snowager

The Snowager lives deep within the Ice Caves, where it patiently awaits the arrival of unfortunate little Neopets...

by modestmousketeer
What Sea Shell Are You?

Have you ever wondered what you would be as a sea shell?

by pink_pony13
The Merry Go Round Revealed

What is it about the ride that brings such wide smiles on Neopets' faces?

by simplesmile
Eleven Sweetest Items In Neopia

We have compiled a list of the Sweetest Items in Neopia so that your neopet can indulge no matter which planet they call home.

Also by punk_rocker_pip

by khanhm666

The Latest Craze in Neopia: Top Chop Belts!

The best part about Top Chop is not only winning Neopoints, but more importantly also winning fashionable karate gear!

by hufflepuff
Lost City Lanes: A Place Where Striking Out is Good!

In order to get the ball rolling (heehee), you left click your mouse to pick it up. Then, while still holding the left click button on your mouse, you swiftly and quickly glide your mouse forward...

by facetiousmind
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"The Werelupe" by micrody
He stared up at the witch's snickering face, then down at the fluid in the vial. He reached out again, wrapped his claws around the cork and pulled as hard as he could. The cork popped out and the potion sloshed around inside. He inverted the vial, but the potion refused to flow past the vial's mouth and pooled there as if the cork still restrained it...

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The name is Felix, FelixMoon, and I'm a private detective.

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Maraqua seems like a million miles away from here.

by chat_adik


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"It had to rain on my first trip to Mystery Island," Dellayn said miserably.

by majikel


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"Why Kayla?" I asked again, more pleading this time. "Why not me?"

by fallingrain05


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The Monocerous roars!

by grunolana


Freedom to the Funny Pages - Say Something to Sunny
You haven't talked to me in five months, and this is what i get?

by nickulla

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